August 13, 2011

The Unwed Mothers

My mind is vacant now. I'm trying to free it from work stuffs anyway it's weekend and I think I am entitled of enough time without stress.

But I don't know what's wrong with my brain. It seems to work even when I'm at sleep and it doesn't want to stop thinking. This morning, I found myself scanning the web looking for pictures of mother and child. I don't know what's with these kind of artworks but they really fascinates every bones in my body and they unleash the hidden artistic cells in me.

Then suddenly I thought of the unwed mothers and I was thinking if they are suffering the same disgust and insult if they're living on the other side of the world. I know my county is transforming from the contemporary to modern ways of living and there exist today those with open minds who can comprehend a lot and do not judge. However given that we're a transformation from a conservative country doesn't make the unwed mother free from the prying eyes of those who cannot bring their mind to understand.

I have a strong believe and love for our traditions and our beliefs and I do attest that my point of views drastically changed with the changes around me. If I was younger, I might judge them based on the judgement impacted to me by my society. But I feel so privilege that today, I see things differently. They may have been wronged but that doesn't mean they will be mistaken  for the rest of their lives. I cannot imagine the ruthless and unending criticisms they reaped for a mistake they once did but will continue to be endured by their lovely children. How sad but true that for them, the wound may heal but the scar will be visible forever.

I am happy that I can take my stand to let the whole world know that I admire unwed mothers. Taking care of a precious life they choose to live and taking into themselves all the criticisms this world has to offer, yet they can still stand and give a good fight to life.  They are much to be admired than those who are hiding their sh**s pretending to be saints.  Anyway, everyone deserves a second chance after all.


  1. So true! There may be a lot of reasons why they are not married. One of them could be because they realise that a mistake cannot be rectified by another. I have great respect for them - it is not easy to do a 2 man job on your own.
    I believe that our society now is more open, forgiving, mature & non judgemental. But i know that there are still some people who are not - & there's nothing we could do about these people....
    But who said we can please everyone?

  2. Kristeta Exactly my view sis. You're right that we cannot please everyone and who cares about those who only knows how to ridicule others. Have a great weekend!

  3. oh look who's back. Twin sis, I was over excited to see you have something for us today. I missed you. You know that.

    I am with you on this stand. I too, admire the unwed mothers or the single parents in general, unwed or not, a mother or a father. Being a parent with your partner is hard enough how much more if you are going to play the role of a mother and a father at the same time? That is more challenging. Therefore, they deserve praise and not criticism. (especially the unwed.)

  4. Twin sis Mayen OMG, I miss you more. I miss you all guys. Yiieeee, Mayen, I miss you so much. Why aren't you in Google +? hmmm, I'm there with Kristeta. hahaha!

    That's the reason why I admire them. It's hard to do a single role what more if you will perform both a mother and a dad at the same time.

  5. hahhaha, At last, hehehe. magtatagalog nga ako..

    hnd naman natin kelangan mawalan ng respect sa mga unwed na mothers. hindi naman nila kasalan na hidi sila kayang panindigan ng mga mahal nila, nagmahal lang sila. pero what good to them eh kahit ganun, mahal p rin nila mga anak nila. hehe. ^_^

  6. MG at last talaga. at at last din dahil nahanap ko ang english blog mo. Yahooo! Alam mo bang napagkamalan kong ang blog mo eh yung ibang blog sa kakahanap. hmmm.

    1000% agree ako sayo. may mga nagmamahalan talaga na hindi nagtatagal pero ang mahalaga ay mahal nila yung baby. Kaya abot langit taas kamay ang respeto ko sa kanila.

  7. i miss you soooooo much sey, at last nandto ka na ulit sa blog world..

    mag tatagalog din ako ah, hahaha! dapat hangaan ang mga unwed mothers ksi nakayanan nilang mag-isa buhayin ang anak nila na walang tatay sa feeling nila.. God bless to them.. mwah

  8. Mommy Shawie hay MOmmy Razz namiss ko din po kayo ng sobra grabe. nakakamiss ang ating mundo.

    kaya po ako hanga sa kanila. Matibay at puno sila ng lakas ng loob at pagmamahal. Okay lang po magtagalog, no problem. Hehehe! Mwah!

  9. Mistake, no mistake, everyone deserves a second chance. And, yes, it is high time society opens up to changes because they will keep happening.

  10. ay ganun? nasa google+ kayo. wait lang wala pa kasi ako nun. alam mo naman ako sis.. Gosh i'm so behind. May invite kas akin diba? wait nga check ko.. :)

  11. Yehee! yepee! Yahoo! yan ang isinisigaw ko pag natutuwa akong bigla.

    1.Lately gardening ang pinagkakaabalahan ko. pag may nakikita akong sumisibol na halaman nakakaamazed silang pagmasdan. Parang ikaw ngayon parang sumibol lang. in slow motion.
    2.there is nothing wrong with your mind kailangan mo lang itong bawasan at ibahagi kasi umaapaw na.thanks for sharing your thoughts Sey.
    3.The unwed Mothers are precious. you are right at kaisa mo ako sa paghanga sa tibay at lakas ng loob na meron sila para harapin ang hamon ng buhay na magisa.
    4.Tama hindi paghusga ang kailangan nila kundi pagmamahal.Lahat ng tao ay may kanya kanyang hamon sa buhay na kailangan harapin ang mahalaga hinarap natin ng maayos nag aral na bigay nito sa ating buhay at ibinahagi sa iba.

  12. Ratz how are you dear? hope to catch up with you soon, probably tonight. I bet youll agree with me and we're on the same side of the boat.

    Mayen yes, I found you there, just now. Yeheey! nasa google+ na siya. hehehe

    Diamond R 1. i-compare ba ako sa halaman. anong klaseng halaman naman kaya. hahaha! san yung flowering plants or kaya yung fruit bearing trees, wag naman halamang ligaw ah!

    2. paano ko ba babawasan ang iniisip ko? siguro it's time to do some yoga. Wanna join?

    3. good dahil ayoko mag-isa. hahaha

    4. tama ka! kaya't tayo na at mamahagi ng gintong aralin sa buhay! hahaha!

    Namiss ko kayong lahat.!

  13. weeeee.... musta ka na... bakit now ka lang nag update..

    kahanga hanga ang isang inah.... kaya nga sa ISLAM... nangunguna at nangingibabaw dabat ang pagmamahal mo sa iyong inah... kumpara sa iyong amah... dahil napaka busilak at dakila ng pagmamahal nila sa atin... sabihin na nating di natin ito nararamdaman.. pero ang siyam na buwan na dinala nila tayo sa kanilang sinapupunan upang mailuwal sa mundo at masaksihan ang langit at lupa... ay isa ng kalabisan...

  14. This is so true. And I think I love you three million times MORE today for this. I think single moms are the strongest, and should be respected most of all. People who judge doesn't know how they feel. how it feels (not that i know or i am one - no). But I do empathize with them.

    You have a kind heart, dear. Thank you for sharing this.


  15. and p.s! thank you for finding me again :)

  16. It's terribly difficult to be an unwed mother, so they deserve all the praise they get.

  17. It's true. Everyone deserves a second chance. People can't judge others because of one mistake. If they can stand on their own without hurting anyone else, they should get a second chance. No one deserves to be judged and no one has the right to be judged.

  18. Musingan weeee,okay lang. busy eh! saka just get well from that fever.I never know na may ganun sa Islam. Dapat pala mas mahal ang ina kesa sa ama. Dapat lang. hahaha!

    haze Thanks Dear. I love you 4 million time then. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really emphatize with them too. I just wish that the world around would be fair enough for them.

    I'm glad I found you again. If there's a will there's way.and for that, I will always find you no matter what.

    Kitkat thanks Kitkat. I love that Betty Boop picture. Glad you're back.

    Gnetch yes, so true. I hate people who judge others by physical appeareance or on the basis of their past mistakes. People deserves second chance.

  19. I meant *has the right to judge.

    On the last sentence.

    But you got the point, right? Haha.

    (What I get from not previewing before posting.)

  20. Wow, Sey you wrote about this subject well!! Love you even more girl!!

    You have no idea how much this subject touches my heart, with the scars on it to prove it.

    I will email you soon and explain; but for now Thank You, Sey, for writing this and standing up for people who deserve support, instead of being a criticizer!!

    Big Hugh Hug,
    Coreen XOXO

  21. Gnetch Hahahaha, yes I got it. Hey, how are you? Hope to catch up with you soon.

    Velvet Over Steel Oh Coreen, a big thanks for the comment, it touches me even more. You're very much welcome and I'll wait for your email, let me know when you get the chance.

    I will always stand for upright people. I am happy that I was able to touch your heart.

    Thanks for being a good friend. Thanks and hope you had a great weekend!

    Big hugs for you!

  22. I appreciate you for speaking your mind out. I don't want to judge people either. I just know the tip-of-the-iceberg point anyway.

    I have a friend who has this beautiful girl and the father was nowhere near. My friend is beautiful and has a beautiful career ahead of her, but she got pregnant. I know she is still happy now that she has this adorable little kiddo. :) Unwed mothers are strong, I agree.

  23. Big big hug for you sis! Welcome back!

    There are several reasons why some end up being an unwed mother and it's not all the time their fault and of course I am pretty sure that nobody wants to end up as an unwed mother but there are different painful stories for each person. Instead of looking at them with that judgmental kind of look, try to understand and look at what they've gone through and see the good side of what they have become. :)


  24. its nice to know youre back!

    we dont judge people because of the circumstances the're in. we dont know their story. im glad i am living in this world, the way it is now. mas open minded mga tao, and tey dont judge too harshly. yung mga older gens lang naman yung masyadong pa-prim-and-proper. hays, really, i dont see how people who were born decades before the new millenuium could have a say or to offer up advice with an inkling of relevance to life on earth as we know it now.

    nice post!

  25. my salute to them too!!! there are married women who do not want to give birth to maintain their body...who is better??? let the so called society keepers answer these questions

  26. Miss Chievous I admire your freind's courage to stand up for her baby. She made a sacrifice of giving up her career and be a mother. That's priceless.

    ChinaDoll Thanks! Hugs back for you! I agree with you. We should always try to walk on other people's shoes before judging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Kayren Thanks. I am glad too, like what I said, that I am living in this new world where people are open-minded.

    Flying High in the sky I believe that women achieve their full growth and maturity when they decided to bear a child cause having one is a big sacrifice. Thumbs up for all the mothers out there.

  27. Someone once told me that women have the babies because we are the strong ones. Seems the world is not an easy place to be a woman.

  28. I agree. It is a tough job... but someone's gotta do it ;) and I wouldn't change a thing.


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