September 26, 2011

It's Free but Priceless

When was the last time I smiled to strangers? I can't really remember. I am not snobbish, though people told me I am.
I am NOT snobbish

Maybe I am living on a fast pace surrounding which made me forget that there's more to life than office work and stress.

Just want to share a short story which happened in a span of 30 minutes. Last week, I went home late from work. Needless to say I have no more time to cook my meal. There's no other options left for me than to buy my lunch on a fast food chain. So off I go and went directly to the line and ordered my food. The crew asked  for my order and asked me if its for "dine in" or "to go". I opted for the latter. 

While she's preparing for the food, the other crew prepared my drink which she put on a glass intended for dine in meals. When she gets to the counter, I told her it's for take out. I can tell that' she'd done a lot of work though the day just started - I saw it in her face. But she willingly went back to the food section and do the necessary revisions. Though I am really sleepy, I gave her a "HUGE SMILE" and said "THANK YOU". Mind you, I always say thank you but I seldom smile.

Seriously, she put my drink on the counter and went away, but she looked back to me after 3 steps realizing what I said and did...She smiled back. I know she's happy! 

Walking away from the counter I know I made one life happier with a simple gesture. I felt happy too. It's free yet priceless so why not give it away everyday. So from now on, I will always be like this:
it took me like forever to upload the picture
it seems like Google doesn't want to accept it
but in anyways, the upload became successful
maybe that means, I should be ready for shame. LOL.

So SMILE people, it's contagious!


  1. agree!let's share love everyday!


  2. I love the post Sey.. agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo.. at dahil agree talaga ako wala na akong masay talaga..hehee miss you Sey..mwahugs

  3. BIG SMILE for you. :)

    Isa ata ako sa mga taong laging nakasmile...hahaha..sabi nga nila, si akoni laging punit ang bibig...LOL

  4. Yeah Let's SMILE! The world needs to see it!

  5. Smile makes all the worries flew away.

    I think her late reaction made her change what's on her mind, maybe she's thinking that you'll get angry because of her mistake but since you have the compassionate heart (just assuming) with your HUGE SMILE and THANK YOU it made her realize that somehow she's forgiven.


  6. That's a simple, yet meaningful story. I was inspired to do some thing like this too. :) I call them my Charity Avenues. Lol.

  7. "Your smiling in your brother's face is charity; and your exhorting man to virtuous deeds is charity; and your prohibiting the forbidden is charity; and your showing men the road, in the land in which they lose it, is charity; and your assisting the blind is charity."
    - Prophet Muhammad.

    Yes say... giving your smiling to other is some sort of charity already... I believe in that... I always smile to everyone.. and they always smile back at me.. and I always say "Assalamu Alaikum" which means "May Peace be upon you" in which a lot of none-Muslim don't realized that I just prayed for them when I said it.


  8. Yeah!! Let us all smile and make the world a happier place to live in.. hehehe.. cute picture, sey.. :)

  9. I can be the same way Sey. I am not always super friendly when I first meet someone because it takes me awhile to trust. I don't open up easily.

    My best advice is just be yourself! Those who care and love you understand and don't mind. :)

  10. you got a huge and happy smile there Sey! How are you sis? I don't have much time to read blogs lately but I'm doing my best to catch up hahaha! Hope all is well with you, and yes, I will keep it in mind to always smile :) Happy monday dear♥

  11. WOW Sey, you just made my day. It is indeed a beautiful story to share...

  12. One of the nice things about living in a small town is that people almost always smile and say 'Hello' when they meet.

  13. Macy Yes, let's do it!

    Pearl *Apir - buti agree ka attorney :) I miss you too. More hugs for you.

    Akoni Thanks for the big hug. Grabe namiss kita ah! Buti naman you're back dahil miss ko na mga guni-guni mong ligaw. Sige from now on I'll try na lagi ding punit bibig ko. hehe

    Jill Thanks! Imagine, when people are smiling. It makes the world bright.

    dadedidhodong Yes, I was thinking the same too. The moment she looked back, I know she's just amaze and surpirsed at the same time. It's unexpected for hear something like it. That made me happy. In simple ways - I changed something.

    Miss Chievous Charity Avenues!!! Glad you have that. You're really creative even on how you call things. I love the term.

    Musingan Really? Little did I know that what I did was a charity. Thanks for letting me know Al. Glad you're back. "Assalamu Alaikum". Now I know what that means and if someone would say that to me. I know I'm already blessed. "Assalamu Alaikum" Al.

    Leah Thanks. Yup. Let's make heaven on earth. Be nice to everyone - :)

    Rachel Smile is a gesture for me but I am giving it usually to those who are close to me and to people I know. I also seldom talk to strangers. I usually don't trust people I don't know yet. That's why people and even new hires in the office calls me snobbish.

    But when they get to know me, they will receive my generous smile :)

    Chinadoll Happy Monday too. I am doing great. I missed you too. I was kinda busy lately too. No time to read as well. I really miss this world.

    Hoping for a good week for you and hope to read more post soon and about your cakes. Yum-yum!

    Ratz Glad to know that I made your day. LOL! Thanks :)

    George That made me miss our small town. We'd moved to a new place since the volcano destroyed our community and now, I am longing for the place where all people knew each other and their smile are always painted on their face.

  14. I always smile kasi pogi points.
    at di ako masalita sa personal.

    pangiti ngiti lang para di magmukhang suplado.

  15. I'll give my smile today :)

  16. ohh... i was teary .. how cute!! your pictures are lovely!!! beautiful!!! :) ..keep smiling :)

  17. Lovely smile, sis!
    Thanks dito ah, Nung bago ako dito, I used to smile a lot! I mean, a lot. Ganun daw tayong mga pinoy masayahin at palangiti. Kaso ang ibang tao dito super sungit minsan, lalo na pag winter time, kahit ngitian mo at batiin e aastang di ka nakita. In time, dahil dito at sa dami na rin ng trabaho ay di na ako masyadong ngumingiti... but you're right, we all should smile more - it's priceless & good for the soul =)

  18. Damn guilty - I often smile. Well, in my defense, it's not our responsibility as citizens of the Earth to smile to people whom we doesn't even know.

    And yet I believe that smile does make a difference.

    Gonna start smiling more often now :) Look!

  19. so true. kaso hindi talaga ako smiling face. booo! haha!

    and just this weekend, a salesperson told me "may katarayan kayo ma'am noh?" ohnooess. someone needs your contagious smile. :P

  20. So true. A smile is a gift you give to others.

  21. Diamond R naku pareho tayo. Kaya sinasabi nila snobbish daw ako kasi hindi ako masalita. Saka pag naglakad ako derecho lang, dedma sa tao.

    Sige smile din ako palagi para ganda points naman. hahaha

    Harvey Assen Thanks! More smile for you

    Sunny Toast yes, the best gift for everyone.

    Flying High in the Sky Thanks my friend! I'm blushing! :)

    Kristeta Thanks Sis! Siguro kapag ganun mga tao, hindi na din ako ngingiti. Hahaha. Nakakatakot naman sila- pero I'm glad you'll smile more now. Let's make our soul healthy.

    Hoobert the Awesome That's one of my reasons too, however when I saw how I changed one person's mood, I had a change of mind. It's a bliss.

    Apple ako din. pag ako nakita mo parang lahat ng problem sa mundo dinala ng face ko. hahaha!. Sabagay kapag busy at maraming iniisip, mahirap at nakakalimutan nating mag-smile. Buti hindi mo binatukan yung salesperson. Hahahaha.

    Florida Girl Yup, one of the most precious gift indeed.

  22. Love this post! :) ...and the picture. Haha. Keep smiling. It looks good on you.

  23. Hahaha! You know what I look like when I don't smile. :p

  24. Lovely message! i'll definitely try to light up people's worlds more often :)

  25. Hey Sey! I know I've already commented on this post but I wanted to let you know I am starting a new blog. If you are interested in following please email me at and I will send you a link! Of course I will continue to follow you through my new account. :)

  26. Wonderwoman Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm blushing. Geeee!

    Gnetch Hahaha, I know. :)

    Kitkat That's good and I hope more people will light your world too.

    Rachel W. Thanks for keeping in touch Rachel. I am so happy to hear from you. Been on your new blog and I am very happy with the news.

  27. hello sey... love your blog... you look like my sister> LOL.



  28. awww.. smile can really make someone's stress go away. I notice you're post are becoming more and more personal. I love it twin sis. Buti na lang pumayag si google na i-upload yang pic mo. It's cute. It really made me smile! :)

  29. Albert thanks. Will check out your blog. Thanks for following. Really I look like your sister? Hope I could see a picture and if in any case, pang 5 na siya sa mga look alike ko. hahaha.

    Mayen Yup, twin sis, siguro mga 12 times ko siya inaload pero ayaw buti na alng nalagay din. Kilala mo na talaga ako kasi pati yung pagbabago sa mga post ko napansin mo. So happy! Thanks. Something personal naman para maiba. hehehe. Masaya kasing bumalik sa dating way ng pagsusulat. Hehehehe.

  30. haha. yan talagang si google, bad! haha...

    i always smile to strangers. i think it's a good thing about asian people. we're not afraid to smile and smile back, diba?

    cute picture Sey! "tara na!"

  31. haha. yan talagang si google, bad! haha...

    i always smile to strangers. i think it's a good thing about asian people. we're not afraid to smile and smile back, diba?

    cute picture Sey! "tara na!"

  32. Haze How are you? Yes, that's one of our most outstanding traits, I guess. C'mon let's spread smile around the world.

  33. true ate kind to one wherever we go!!

  34. emmanuelmateo apir tayo! hehehe

  35. free but priceless, so true!
    this is a making-me-feel-good post ;)

  36. palagi akong nakaSmile mabait ako eh.. haha!

  37. Hana banana thanks for visiting Hana

    Mommy-Razz how are you po? I miss you!

  38. What a beautiful reminder, Sey! I love to smile at strangers and wait for them to smile back at me.

    This also reminds me of a song I learned as a child called, creatively enough, "The Smile Song." The chorus goes something like,

    A smile, a smile, to make this life worthwhile,
    A smile, precious smile, Jesus gives me!
    And someday, I know, up to heaven I will go,
    Where I'll thank Jesus for the smile He gives me.

    And the second verse:
    After dying on the tree,
    out of love for you and me,
    He rose up, from the grave, as He promised.
    Now He sits in heaven above,
    and because of His great love,
    I am blessed by the smile Jesus gives me!


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