September 23, 2011

Part 2 - An Adventure I won't Forget (Our Camping/Island Hopping)

if you missed part 1 it's here

Day 2 at Puting Buhangin Island ---supposed to be

After breakfast, we went sight seeing, took some pictures and collected shells, while the others are enjoying the cold water on the beach. I didn't tried cause there is no water available for us to rinse our body. We have to buy one container for a price of 35 pesos. But we did of course. We needed clean ourselves before heading to the next island. 

Below are some of the pictures taken before leaving Dampalitan

At around 10:00 p.m. May 29, 2011, Sunday, we loaded our things on the boat and off we go to the second Island - Puting Buhangin. It is the farthest of the 3 islands that's why we opted for it so we could settle and fix our camp there. The sea seems so calm and friendly but not until we're at the middle of our journey. 

The waves started to rise and somewhat ready to devour us in no time. My gal pals were shouting cause they're at the front row where the impact of the waves on the ship was very evident and alarming. I was relaxed until one of the big waves hit our boat sideward and that made me stand in fear. The boatmen shut off the engine so we wouldn't go any further and that's when we decided to go back. The problem was we're already at the middle and going back means risking our lives on the same big waves. I never thought that kind of fear would struck me. The boat was like a surfboard on top of the giant waves. 
to be continued again...the last part with more pictures to come.......


  1. Hay we experienced the same thing when we went to Coron, super kulit lang nung mga kasama namin at panay patawa para di na kami masyadong matakot. Kalerky!
    The island is beautiful sis. Waiting for part 3 =)

  2. OMG twis sis.. that was super scary. Adventure kung adventure talaga ang trip nyo no?..hehe.. :)

  3. i didn't know you're back to blogging, sey. i've been missing in action too. :D

    anyway, your boat story is scary. i can imagine the situation. even without big waves, riding a small boat makes me nervous. you have to continue your story. and post more pictures. ;)

  4. wow. island hopping... sa quezon province ko, sey. sa may alabat island kame :) pero di ko pa napupuntahan yang puting buhangin, pero parang naririnig ko na sya dati... :)

  5. Good thing the waves didn't tip your boat. Pero, parang adventure nga siya talaga. Ang ganda naman ng place. :)

  6. WoW!!! seems like loads of fun!!! good shots!!!

  7. sino ksama mo pmunta jan teh?

    mganda siya hehe

  8. Where is Puting Buhangin located? It looks like a pretty (but sounds dangerous...?) place! :)

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