September 17, 2011

Welcome Back to My Christmas Directory

Hello September! I know it's already half of the month and I barely noticed it, though I am staring at the calendar everyday.

It's Ber months again and that means taking your jackets and sweaters out of your closet because the wind is colder than it was during the rainy season. It's the time for a happy environment, merry makings, delicious food, sparkling lanterns, gigantic Christmas tress, gifts and the time of giving and loving. How could I possibly miss September 1?

But it's better late than never. Today September 16, 2011, (exactly 100 days before Christmas) I will give life to my Christmas Directory page for the second time. It's a page dedicated for Christmas where I put all the things I am planning to do until December 25th, the gifts I already collected and all the plans and preparations for Christmas. 

I hope with this simple manifesto I can continue showing kindness to people everyday eventhough the season ends - in any way the spirit of Christmas should always be present everyday. 

We have different cultures and traditions in celebrating Christmas but what is important is we're celebrating it's real essence - the birth of our savior.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone and I am hoping you could join me in my countdown.


  1. sey!! i've missed u and your posts! September is running along so fast hey.. cnt wait till xmas :)

  2. Hi Kitkat dear! Been busy at work. I missed you too! Yes, the days are so fast and before we knew it, Christmas is here.

  3. Advance Merry Christmas Sey! I pray to you God bless in everything you do! :]

  4. Advanced Merry Christmas, Sey! :) Spread the love. Your list is inspiring.

  5. Merry Christmas Sey!. 100 days wow.

  6. oh... i loved your post!!! what a pleasant and happy post... made me feel so happy...even i love winters.. delhi winters used to be really cold and i loved using my jackets and colored stoles!!! merry christmas in advance!!

  7. # of days before Christmas - 7 days = my birthday! Haha! You better put a mark on that day tOo :D Joke ♥

    I'm so glad to be reading you again, ganda!

  8. i like your idea.. i'll be listing my plans before Christmas too! thanks for sharing!


  9. na inspire naman ako sa christmas directory na yan. We used to decorate at home as early as September and I am usually the one who has a say when comes to that. My mom depends on me when it comes to decorating. But during the past couple years we realized that Christmas decorations (Christmas tree in particular) gets dusty come December so we start decorating mid October or early November. but after reading this it makes me want to start decorating now.

    I also love Christmas season too bad I won't be able to share this Christmas yet again to you know who. sad.. but i still have my family so i'll okay! :)

    I will definitely join you on your count down.:)

  10. xmas directory.. napakaorganized mo naman! (; am lookin forward to xmas din. walang kasing saya pag xmas dito sa pinas!(;

  11. dadedidhodong thanks! God bless you too!

    Miss Chievous Merry Christmas too! Yup, I will. Hope you could join. Thanks!

    Diamond R hey, how are you? Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

    Flying high in the skyMerry Christmas too my friend. I am happy you love my post. I love the cool breeze of the wind. it's different.

    haze Hi dear! HOw are you? I can feel your happiness today. Yes, I will definitely mark that in my calendar. Love yah dear Haze.

    Macy you're welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.

    Mayen Naku Twin Sis you're correct. It collects dust and before we know it, pagdating ng Christmas pwede ng taniman ng kamote pero inspiring kasi makita ang Christmas Tree na nakatayo with the gifts underneath.

    I know Christmas won't be the same for you because he is away, but be strong. Look on the brighter side. You're right, you are with your family and pasasaan ba darating ang time that the two of you will celebrate Christmas together.

    Love yah Twin Sis and thanks!

    Kayren Right! Our Christmas is unique. I love how we celebrate it.

  12. Merry Christmas!!!! Haha!

    Not a fan of Christmas but the food is definitely something to look forward to. :p

  13. Gnetch Yes too early, Merry Christmas! hahaha. That's one thing I'm excited about - FOOD!

  14. It was just September 1 a few weeks ago and now September is almost over...waaahhhh I need more time to save for my inaanak's gifts, I guess I better look for the list just to make sure I wouldn't miss anyone. Advance Merry Christmas Sey! Sayang, kung makikita kita in person kakantahan kita ng Christmas song - South park version and accent pa! ;)

  15. Haha! kaloka! Nagpost din ako ng pic ng xmas tree sa blog ko. Ano ito, great minds....? hahaha
    Advance Merry Christmas sis. Thanks sa email & ive got something for you sa blog ko =)


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