October 21, 2011

Travel with Comfort

When I was 5 years old, I lived in a cool high place, where the weather is nice and the wind is so cold even when the sun is so high. The summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio.  I remember how afraid I was because the houses were built on the mountain slope. 5 years old, that was the last time I set foot on that place until we're able to arrange a trip back to Baguio.

The place is far from Manila and the only means to be there is to travel by land for almost 6 hours through buses or private cars. But the road is zigzag and it's safe if well practiced drivers were the one to take you there. So with that being said, we opted to entrust our lives to Victory Liner.  We're on the bus station by 10:00 something in the morning and purchased our tickets. You can also reserved tickets 8 business days before your departure. I would suggest that you order the tickets ahead of time because their De Luxe buses travels just 4 times in a day so the chances of you ending on a regular air conditioned bus is high.

the waiting area for the passengers of Deluxe buses
it has television and it's air conditioned.
while waiting for the bus, my bags deserve a shot
going aboard the de luxe bus
a 29 seater air conditioned bus with stewardess,
portable toilet and wi-fi.
Non stop travel, hooray!
Our departure time was 12:20 p.m. And in all fairness they strictly followed the time. Some might say this was luxury but for us who came from work, graveyard shift, sleepless and tired, I think we deserved this. Just look how big the seats are, you can bent them so you can sleep well and each seat has foot rest. Because our plan was to sleep the entire 5 hours of travel. But that didn't materialized because we're busy looking out the window and savor our eyes with the view. They also serve snack in the middle of the trip. So with a little/big difference from the fare of the regular air conditioned bus, I think it's all worth it especially we traveled with heavy baggage.  

P.S. this is such a long story, I don't know where to start. More post about the places we visit on the next post.


  1. wow i haven't experienced riding deluxe bus. I love to travel by land. My father's province is 14-15 hours of travel by land while mom's province is 10-12 hours. yet, i truly enjoy the road trip whenever we visit their provinces. Jed and I love to ride bus for some reason. Maybe when he return we will try to ride on that awesome bus. hehe..

    I love Baguio, you know that. I'm excited to read your next post. I bet it's full of magnificent views or, knowing you, a lot of good food. ha..ha..

  2. That bus is very impressive. I would agree that the extra fare to travel non this bus is very worthwhile. I look forward to hearing more about your travel and seeing more pictures.

  3. When does this happen? Cause I've been also to Baguio last last week for a vacay with my fam,that was Oct 3 to 9 to be exact. The shuttle was great, how i wish we had the same luxurios trip, it was awesome and look really sossy! Love it!

  4. de luxe bus, 29 seater air conditioned bus with stewardess,
    portable toilet and wi-fi.Mainam.Relax to the Max ang trip.Iba talaga ang Baguio ang paligid para kang wala sa Pinas iba ang hangin malinis on top of the world.

  5. You got me hanging! hmpp.. I expect more stories about the trip on your next post. :)

  6. oh my goodness, the orange and red seats and the yellow curtains are so bight and cute! that is one bus i would absolutely love to travel in.

  7. Mayen I love to travel by bus if I am going to the province but not bound to Manila. The buses where always in rush and I am getting headaches! But going to provinces through bus is really a joyride. 15-15 hours?, OMG that was too long, but if the view is magnificent it's all worth it.

    I know how you love Baguio. Hahaha! You should relly try the deluxe bus whe Jed comes home. You'll enjoy it a lot. Wait for my next post, more pictures to come.

    George Thanks George. It's really worthwhile. I'll post more pictures.

    Gnetch hahaha!, you know it.

    Annoying Sandy thanks for the comment. It's great to know you've been to Baguio as well. HOpe you enjoyed the weather.

    Diamond R Tama. Grabe sarap tumira dun! Parang ang sarap lumipat ng bahay dun. Kahit mainit malamig pa din ang hangin.

    Janjan I promise. hahaha! I remember the time we called you! I had a lot of fun.

    Furree kat yes, the colors were relaxing. I didn't have a hard time with the travel. Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Woooooow! Enjoy your trip, Sey! :)

    I don't really like travelling, pero gusto ko pag kasama si soulmate. Hehe... (bumabanat pa eh no! haha!)

    p.s. thank you so much for the comforting words in my blog. it means a lot sobra :)

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  10. @Anonymous: can i be your friend?

  11. Sure! can we meet?

  12. Guys don't mind that anonymous. She's just one friend who has nothing to do and to cure her boredom she played with my comment box. Don't worry, she's in the hospital right now. hahaha! Just kidding.

  13. I've never been to baguio, hehehe..siguro bibisita ak paguwi ulet at susubokan ko dyan sumakay. :)

  14. hahahaha nakakatuwa naman itong si anonymous. ginawang chat box ang comment section. Kainaman.

  15. @sey, is anonymous your friend? I thought...Honey?..hmnnn..hahaha ^^

  16. Ang cute sis ah, parang may intermission ang comments mo =)

    Bitin sis ah, I was expecting to read about the places you've been. Sige na nga, abangan ang susunod na kabanata. Hmmm, we always go up to Baguio when we are home, pero malapit na lang kami so we drive up there. But it's good to know that Victory now has deluxe buses which makes the long drive a lot more bearable =)

  17. By the looks of it...ang sarap matulog pag ganito ang bus. Lalo na kapag mahaba ang biyahe...

  18. hey you can travel by air na din thru the loakan airport. its a fifty minute flight.. just so youd know (;

    baguio is such a wonderful place. i went to college dati sa slu and i so miss studying there!(;


  19. Haze hahaha, I understand. I would love to travel too if I have a soulmate. Hope you're okay now.

    Akoni try mo pag nagpunta kayo ng Baguio. Ang sarap talaga dun. Mag-eenjoy si Lil' Akoni

    Diamond R oo nga eh! lagot sakin ang anonymous na yan mamaya.

    Anonymous gaganti ako sayo mamaya.

    Kristeta oo nga eh! kulit ng mga kasama ko eh, walang magawa.

    Hay oo nga pala, malapit na sa province niyo ang Baguio. Naku nainggit naman ako sayo kasi mas mabilis ng makapunta dun. Lipat na ako sa province niyo. hehehe. Tyempo lang ako sis, susunud-sunurin ko ang post ko.

    Albert Einstein Yup, super sarap. Kung pwede nga hindi na ako bababa eh, sarap mag-road trip.

    Kayren They said Loakan was already closed kasi deliakdo daw sa fog. I never know it's still operating. Thanks for the information. I'll try that next time.

    You studied in SLU, I had nephews who were studying there, sa Baguio pa kasi sila nakatira, nursing sila.

  20. Oooh deluxe travel - riding with style!

  21. I love seeing pics of the Philippines. More please.

  22. Hi Sey. I got you tagged. :)

  23. I already heard about this pero dto ko first time nakita ang loob ng bus..ang sosyal:) madali na ang byahe at may wifi pa!

  24. @Tina Lane wow, that inspired me to post more pictures.

  25. @marxlin chai thanks. I'll do that on the coming post.


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