November 14, 2011

Where did my time go?

We're on the middle of November and I can't stop thinking where did my time go. The year is about to end and  I had this feeling that my time goes to waste. But if I would take a look back to all the adventures, fun, laughter and tears - time didn't go to waste but there's a craving in me to do more of the time given to me.

In less than 2 months, 2011 is over. It's another year again and needless to say new beginnings for those who seek a new life. I myself doesn't follow new year's resolution. For me, it's a come what may situation. Just enjoy the time and what life has to offer. 

I am not making any new year's resolution because I am not good with it. I tend to procrastinate and throw my list on the bin. Same with bucketlist.  But who said I have to do/complete the list in a matter of short time? It's just me who put pressure to myself. I realized I have to do the list but I am not compelled to complete it at once. I just have to take the chance when opportunity knocks. 

Now, with no pressure, I am in the process of completing my list of all the things I wanted to do in my life even if it will take me forever to complete it. No pressure at all.

November 9, 2011

Post ala Twitter

How are you guys? Hope you're all doing fine and having a great time, enough sleep and plenty of energy which I don't have (just the energy and sleep). Yes, I was deprived of quality sleep again so the lack of energy, I would blame it to the lack of sleep.

I can't keep a grasp of the proper words to write one decent post. All the updates I attempted to write ended up residing on the draft folder. I hope I could sum up everything in 140 characters because I am too lazy and drained right now. But I don't want November to end without making an update especially now that the year is about to end (where did my time goes?).  So here is a post ala @Twitter to sum it up.

-Can't wait for #thanksgiving

-Updating my #bucketlist on a website I found so I could keep track of my performance.

-I'm so tired #justsayin'

-watched #intime - gimme more time!

-We have a new work schedule because of #DST. There are pro's and con's. 

-someone called me #guesswho

-dear #globe, please call me now.

-#Christmas, please slow down a bit. Just walk don't run!

-Reading "House of Daughters" a #novel.

-doing a final touch to the story I will send to @kikilabotz later..

-it's time to rest.

Let me know if you have suggestions on how can I sleep better. Thanks.