November 9, 2011

Post ala Twitter

How are you guys? Hope you're all doing fine and having a great time, enough sleep and plenty of energy which I don't have (just the energy and sleep). Yes, I was deprived of quality sleep again so the lack of energy, I would blame it to the lack of sleep.

I can't keep a grasp of the proper words to write one decent post. All the updates I attempted to write ended up residing on the draft folder. I hope I could sum up everything in 140 characters because I am too lazy and drained right now. But I don't want November to end without making an update especially now that the year is about to end (where did my time goes?).  So here is a post ala @Twitter to sum it up.

-Can't wait for #thanksgiving

-Updating my #bucketlist on a website I found so I could keep track of my performance.

-I'm so tired #justsayin'

-watched #intime - gimme more time!

-We have a new work schedule because of #DST. There are pro's and con's. 

-someone called me #guesswho

-dear #globe, please call me now.

-#Christmas, please slow down a bit. Just walk don't run!

-Reading "House of Daughters" a #novel.

-doing a final touch to the story I will send to @kikilabotz later..

-it's time to rest.

Let me know if you have suggestions on how can I sleep better. Thanks.


  1. hahaha, #AkalaKoNakalimutan mo na @Sey

  2. Hey, I hope you'll have more time and energy and sleep.

    - Can't wait for it, too. I miss my hometown! And my mom and my dogs and my friends and our local restos!

    - Unfortunately, only a little things from my Life List can be slashed out.

    - I wanna watch InTime and Breaking Dawn next week!

    - Oooh, who called you? Is he a he? Lol

    - Maganda ba yung novel? I'll wait for your review. hehe.

    :) Do take care, sis! :) *mwah*

  3. Sorry to hear your not sleeping or getting enough sleep, Sey! I used to have that problem when I was stressed and had way to much running through my mind. I now listen to relaxation cd's with earbuds when I lay down at night. It really helps me to relax, fall and stay asleep.
    As for energy, yes sleep will help; however listening to upbeat, vibrational music.. even faintly in the back ground while you work, can get and keep your energy up through the day. It also helps you get your 'spirits' up. Pandora has lots of channels with vibrational music to listen to for free, or you can download a cd from Amazon. ;-)

    I sure hope those help you. Take care my friend!!
    Big Hug,
    Coreen XO

  4. This is a nice post for someone claiming she doesn’t have proper worlds. I’d love to read your bucket list. Where is that other site btw?
    I think you should start identifying the reasons for lack of sleep and then do away with it, until you’re fully rested. Are you thinking too much (that’s my problem, that’s why I haven’t gotten enough sleep for months now and sadly I can’t stop doing it..too many worries)? Do you wake up early to tweet? Haha..
    I hope you’ll get the well deserve rest soon. Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I hope you’ll regain whatever energy you have lost by then. I love you twin sis.
    Are you applying for globelines? I applied at Globe Gateway, it only took them 3 days to process my application.

  5. free your worries and always think positively. hehee

    and count sheeps!!

  6. Hi Sey..Thank you sa comment at sa birthday greetings. Temporarily stop muna ako sa law school,hopefully June next year makaenroll ako plan ko din kasi magtransfer sa ibang school, yong cheaper din ang tuition at mejo hinde malayo sa ofis at bahay. Target ko New Era Univ. kaso naghahanap pa ako ng pwedeng magendorse sakin na INC..Sana meron na para sa summer maasikaso ko siya. Nagiipon din ako kaya stop muna, though namimiss kuna magaral ulit kahit sobrang hirap.

    Alam mo, naalala ko sayo bestfriend ko. Mahilig din siyang gumawa ng list to do niya.hehee napaka organize nyo sana nagmana nalang ako sa inyo..hehee

    Ganyan di ako ngayon d ako makatulog kaya parati akong may migraine. Inum ka kaya ng meds na pantanggal stress like stressstab natry kuna siya dati ang sarap ng tulog ko..

    Thanks ulit Sey, sana makatulog kana ng maayos.mwah

  7. have a massage tapos deretso na ng tulog.

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  9. Leah you have a linky love award on my blog. hahaha

  10. hi there ^_^

    i followed you...please do follow back...thank so much...great day! ^_^

  11. :) what a list!!! for good sleep you can try the following - take a good walk in open air before you hit the bed, a glass of warm milk at night induces good sleep, soft music can rest your mind to sleep...most importantly try and reduce the noise in your head , relax, breathe well, think of good things ... i hope it will help...take care...

  12. Turning off the tv and reading in bed for an hour always helps me to sleep better.


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