December 28, 2011

It's cold and there's something I hate to do - But I'm still doing it!

The longeeeeest title ever........

No excuses afterwards: What insect came into my brain to post this... I would understand if tomorrow I don't have friends anymore.  LOL! A very random fact on a cold morning brought about by the changing weather and the air condition on my back which I wanted to destroy right now.

I noticed the changes in the wind at night. It's getting colder and colder. I know it will last until February and it gets me excited. 

But there is one thing I'm afraid to do or lazy to do rather. 
The reason why I was late for one minute at work. It's something I have to do. 
I can't sleep or step out of the house and meet friends without doing it. 
It's a must but it's taking me too long to complete the process and there is no shortcut to get it done (doing it twice a day), that's why I hate  doing it. BUT I HAVE TO.

I'll leave it hanging for you to guess. I know you'll get it and would understand why :) you know my weakness.

If ever we'll meet someday around late December to February, and I'll be know the culprit so don't be mad at me. Okay!

December 23, 2011

A little help won't hurt

Last Saturday, it was one week before Christmas Eve
While I was struggling to complete my Christmas list
Our countrymen from Northern Mindanao were trying to save their properties
While were safely tucked inside our homes, they’re struggling for their lives
Everyday news only shows how bad the situation is with dead bodies everywhere
I remember I talked to a friend last time and I said why my heart seems to be like a rock
Tried and tested by time, hardened by the circumstances
But seeing children lost their lives while their bodies were held by the mourning parents
Surely, only a rock won’t cry.

In times like this, Filipinos always manifest a great spirit full of hope
That in every crisis we’re always ready to stand up from the fall
Even those who just have enough tried to help and for sure
A little help won’t hurt
A lot of people helped and were helping but more help is needed
With our prayers and little donation, no matter how small when put together
Will help sustain life and bring hope
This maybe one of the saddest Christmas but  now is also the right time
To show the true spirit of what we’re celebrating.

For those who are willing to help, 7 eleven branches are accepting donations,
just approach the crew on the counter and they will give you your official receipt
Or click here for more ways how you can help – whichever is more convenient for you.

December 16, 2011

This Christmas

Christmas never cease to be my favorite time of the year. An event I always look forward to, and I consider more important than my birthday. This excitement rooted form my childhood memories. I remember how I used to hang my Christmas socks on our window on the 24th of December  so that Santa won't have a hard time looking for a perfect place for my gifts. That I believed, until I caught my family at midnight sneaking on my socks to put the present.

This year I started to draft my plans as early as September from the gifts list down to the smallest detail. But no matter how I tried to create a perfect plan to accomplish everything, I am still short and way behind my Christmas schedule. We only have 9 days until Christmas and now I am conditioning myself for the Christmas shopping rush which is most likely to happen because I am not yet even on the 1/4 of my plans. Not to mention that I have to stay here (work) until the 24th before I could finally join my family for the celebration. It's another battle against long line on ticket booths, heavy traffic and if there's no more seat available - stand in the bus for almost 2 hours just to get home.

That's how messy life will be for me this coming 9 days and if you have spare time, please lend me some. But everything is worth the effort and time. Christmas is my favorite and the most special.

And a little update to the people who are interested and concern. First thank you so much. Right now I am caught in the middle of a busy season in our office and several books to read. End of the year (4th Quarter) seems to be the hardest and the most hectic schedule for us with endless meetings every now and then. 

I 'll be in touch and will response to your kind emails and tweets asap. Thanks!