December 28, 2011

It's cold and there's something I hate to do - But I'm still doing it!

The longeeeeest title ever........

No excuses afterwards: What insect came into my brain to post this... I would understand if tomorrow I don't have friends anymore.  LOL! A very random fact on a cold morning brought about by the changing weather and the air condition on my back which I wanted to destroy right now.

I noticed the changes in the wind at night. It's getting colder and colder. I know it will last until February and it gets me excited. 

But there is one thing I'm afraid to do or lazy to do rather. 
The reason why I was late for one minute at work. It's something I have to do. 
I can't sleep or step out of the house and meet friends without doing it. 
It's a must but it's taking me too long to complete the process and there is no shortcut to get it done (doing it twice a day), that's why I hate  doing it. BUT I HAVE TO.

I'll leave it hanging for you to guess. I know you'll get it and would understand why :) you know my weakness.

If ever we'll meet someday around late December to February, and I'll be know the culprit so don't be mad at me. Okay!


  1. I feel guilty, I don't know exactly what it is. I read your post thrice trying to figure it out. There are 2 things that comes to mind, coffee and hot water for bath. haha.. ewan ko sayo twin sis. nagpahula pa kasi.. hmmmppp....

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sey.. Miss na kita Nikita..hehee I haven't told you yet na kamukha mo si Maggie Q a.k.a Nikita, tama?. You look like her, and because of that I like the series and my boyfriend likes it too. Sabi ko nga sa kanya kamukha mo siya. Ayaw niyang maniwala pero naconvince ko din bandang huli.. :)) Kelan kaya tayo magkikita. Sama na ko pag nagkita ulit kayo ni Ate Mayen ha? Huwag niyo ko kalimutan.

    Sorry d ko magets sinasabi mo sa post na ito ang naintindihan ko lang lalong malamig na at hanggang February ang sobrang lamig na ito..hehee But Sey, kung anu man yan suportahan taka. :)) Miss you Sey. Take care.

    Love lots,

    pEarL :))

  3. natatae ka lang ata eh... ay bastos naman... eheheheh... ako naman eh.. di ako umaalis ng bahay kapag di tumatae muna,... ehehehe.. ay sagwa ng comment ko... dalawang beses din ako tumae sa isang oras... eh este... araw pala... eheheheh... ano ba yan... ambantot na...

  4. I don't see the attached image. Error, na-curious tuloy me. :) Ill check it nlng at home. Anyway, we miss you sweetie. Ingat palagi!

  5. kung ano man yan we are still friends.

  6. blowdry your hair? hehe..

    musta? how was your christmas? ive been real busy for a while. hope you had a hapi christmas :))

  7. HI there Sey, how are you? Long time since i've been here! And, what is it! that you have to do!! coffee maybe? catch you soon...

  8. Darn, I feel I should know the answer too... but it's not coming to me.

    Wishing you a wonderful, safe and very happy New Years, Sey!!
    Hugs & Many Blessings,
    Coreen XOXO


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