December 23, 2011

A little help won't hurt

Last Saturday, it was one week before Christmas Eve
While I was struggling to complete my Christmas list
Our countrymen from Northern Mindanao were trying to save their properties
While were safely tucked inside our homes, they’re struggling for their lives
Everyday news only shows how bad the situation is with dead bodies everywhere
I remember I talked to a friend last time and I said why my heart seems to be like a rock
Tried and tested by time, hardened by the circumstances
But seeing children lost their lives while their bodies were held by the mourning parents
Surely, only a rock won’t cry.

In times like this, Filipinos always manifest a great spirit full of hope
That in every crisis we’re always ready to stand up from the fall
Even those who just have enough tried to help and for sure
A little help won’t hurt
A lot of people helped and were helping but more help is needed
With our prayers and little donation, no matter how small when put together
Will help sustain life and bring hope
This maybe one of the saddest Christmas but  now is also the right time
To show the true spirit of what we’re celebrating.

For those who are willing to help, 7 eleven branches are accepting donations,
just approach the crew on the counter and they will give you your official receipt
Or click here for more ways how you can help – whichever is more convenient for you.


  1. Nakakaiyak every time na manunuod ka ng news ngayon parang naiisip mo na pano na kaya ang pasko nila. Sana sa lalong madaling panahon kahit mahirap makabangon parin sila at harapin ang bagong bagong bukas.

  2. :( everytime na nakikita ko mga pics na yan nalulungkot ako.. done na Sey..

  3. what happened to our fellow Filipino made us all sad. I'm sure each and everyone of us did something to help. I feel slightly embarrass that I did not mention 7-eleven as venue of help on my post similar to this, you know the reason right? But Jed just told me after I write the post. hehe.. It's too late to add it. hehe.. So ikaw na.. ikaw na ang nangampanya for them.. hehe..

    Anyway, twin sis, I noticed may mga nagbago dito. The banner. I like it! but I'm going to miss that sexy girl standing on 14th street, which I assume is you. haha.. I love the simplicity of the new look and I love you.. Merry Christmas twin sis.. Enjoy the holidays with your family. :)

  4. Si God lang ang pweding lapitan sa mga ganitong pagkakataon wla ng iba makakapagpagaan sa pighating nadarama ng mga nasaktan.

    at ang ating pagtulong at mga padasal.

    merry xmas Sey

  5. nakakapanlumo talaga ang nangyari sa CDO no.. ang pinas kasi ang prone masyado sa typhoon... how are you Sey... you have a nice templates... eheheheh

  6. Sey nag iba ka ng comment box???? why oh Why????

  7. So sad about what happened.

  8. I heard about the serious flooding and lost of life in the Philippines. Something like this is a tragedy any time, but it is doubly so this time of the year.


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