March 23, 2012

I Will If You Will

The World will go dark again at 8:30 PM on March 31 in observance of the Earth Hour. A moment to switch off the light for 60 minutes to save energy and to raise awareness of environmental issues.

The Philippines started participating since 2007. And as this article had pointed out, our observance can go "beyond the hour" if we are really committed in saving our environment so the future generations will savor themselves with the bounty of nature.

To encourage everyone to go beyond the hour, World Wildlife Fund for Nature  (WWF-Philippines) came with the brilliant idea of "I Will If You Will". A dare/challenge game to inspire friends, family and colleagues to pledge in caring for our environment beyond the hour. 

You can participate through twitter by tagging the friends you're challenging with a simple statement like the one below:

I will use the stairs instead of the elevator if you will pledge to support the Earth Hour @Maderuchan. At the end of your dare, write “Let’s support #EarthHour” the hashtag #IWIYW, and mention @WWF_Philippines. 

January 18, 2011 when our city implemented the city ordinance which required everyone to bring their own bag when shopping. Plastic bags were banned as a step for waste reduction, alienate non-biodegradable products and to raise awareness of the depleting aura of natural resources. A year after the implementation, bringing shopping bags seemed normal to everyone and if you forgot yours you will use a paper bag instead provided by the grocery stores and boutiques where you buy your goodies and clothes.

And it didn't stopped there for me. Brown paper bag have its unique character which fascinates me even more. I love its color and scent and since I'm a sucker for Papemelroti (gifts  and other stuffs made of recycled paper) I came up with the idea of using the paper bags for different purpose whichever deemed appropriate (gift wrapper, notebook, and envelope).

The stuff below is my "Walk and Save Envelope" where I put the money I saved from walking instead of taking the tricycle. The idea benefited me twice cause I was able to save an ample amount everyday and I'll be fit at the same time. And observing the Earth Hour made me realized that there's an additional benefit which is dedicated for the environment  and that is recycling.

made from used paper bags

Endless ideas about the Earth Hour increases my adrenaline and this whole idea is making me excited. #TheBlissOfSimpleThings isnt it?

March 12, 2012

Al's Eleven Questions

Today is March 12, 2012. It's just an ordinary day and yet would not be ordinary as I am patiently waiting for a promise to be fulfilled. Let's see, I still have few hours left. This day will render the verdict if promises were truly made to be broken. *Sigh

And speaking of promises, I made a promise to blogger friends that I will answer the questions they tagged me. It was long overdue, the fever has ceased but better late than never.I was tag four times and since I am seriously taking the questions at heart, I will post the answers separately.

Today, I will answer Al's questions, but before that I have to divulge 11 random things about myself. So here we go:

11 Random Things:
1.  I am more to salty food than sweets.
2.  I'm a history buff.
3.  I'm allergic to laundry soap, powder and detergent.
4.  I cannot sleep without a blanket no matter what the weather is. It's a requirement so now you know what to prepare just in case you would invite me for sleepover.
5.  I use 4 pillows when I sleep. I can still sleep with 1 but that's a struggle.
6.  I drink hot beverage when I woke up especially before taking a bath.
7.  I'm afraid of worms more than I fear heights.
8.  I was labelled to carrying my home inside my bag. It's huge man.
9.  I cannot leave home without my handkerchief.
10. I love playing Nancy Drew Games
11. I'm afraid of vaccines and anything that has to do with pricking my skin.

Breathe, okay let's move on with the questions, shall we?

1. What is your favorite and hated food and why?
-> I have a lot of favorite food but chicken is the most because I'm allergic to it. I hate beans, any kind of beans. I can't explain why.
2. If you were to sing in front of many people what song would you sing and why?
-> Me singing in front of people will never gonna happen. Trust me. But if you'll insist I'll sing "Through the Fire". Why? It's my first time so it should be memorable. So help me God.
3. (Fill in the blank) If I could just _________, and why? ....
-> love again, hahaha, joke. I'm clueless. Next question please...
4. Except from the one you truly love is there’s somebody that makes you feel special?
-> uhmm, maybe
5. (Fill in the blank again) This 2012 I promise I will ____ and I will not _____, and why?
-> This 2012 I promise I will Eat, Pray and Love and will not procrastinate.
6. 3 things you regret you did in 2011?
-> 1st Procrastinate, 2nd procrastinate and 3rd procrastinate.
7. 3 things you regret of not doing in 2011?
->  1. Live life to the fullest, 2. enjoy random stuffs  and 3. make the most of everything.
8. If you could make things right what would it be and why?
-> Everything happens for a reason. No changes necessary because lessons were learned.
9. In your own words… why do you think GOD HAS CREATED YOU?
-> Personally, I know and feel that God created me to be a blessing to my family (hahaha) but I am not contended with that. I know I can give more and that is what my journey is all about.
10. What is love for you?
-> It's overrated but yet it's magic. It rocks world. Right?
11. If given a chance to talk to your ex(s), what would say to them and why?
-> Hahaha, laugh, LOL. What can I say? I dunno. Good luck or maybe God bless. I'll cross the bridge when I get there.
One down 4 to go. Thanks for the questions Al. I had a great time answering them.

March 9, 2012


No one can change the past, but you have the power,
as of this moment, to see it differently

Whenever I buy a book, I always record the date and place where I get a piece of my collection. As per record shows, I acquired my darling above on March 02, 2011 at St. Pauls. I bought it on purpose. I remember that day when I immediately snuggle myself on the couch as soon as I got home and scanned the pages. It took me two weeks in reading, reached page 52 and stopped. Since then, I let it rest on the bookshelf and never opened it until yesterday.

I know you have a question. Why did I stopped reading when I was so eager at the beginning? Because at page 52, I go back and started at page 1 again and the same scenario repeats itself. I was reading but I couldn't remember any single detail. 

I realized that no matter how I tried to forgive, my heart wouldn't take it to circulation unless I perceive the past with brand new eyes. Early last year were days of me wanting to move forward, walk away from past pains and before doing that, I know I have to forgive. That was the purpose I was talking about when I bought the book. But I never realized that no matter how hard you wanted to forgive, there are certain elements that should go along with it to make the process genuine.

What I'd read until page 52 was enough food for my eagerness to forgive and it sums up what I needed to know to understand the process I have to go through. That forgiveness is a process. A long process that will take time and only time itself will let you feel when it's the right time. That it's hard to bestow forgiveness when  the one who hurts us never asked or never wanted for reconciliation. Then I know I don't have to push my heart to forgive just for me to walk forward, it will come in due time.

From then, I left everything to fate and worked with my own terms searching for happiness that seems so distant and obscure. Trials, troubles, hindrances along the way like I was on a marathon with obstacles. There were times, I grasped laughter with my bare hands but I know the laughter is not pure cause there was a room in my heart bothered with the thoughts of the past.

I repaired my broken pieces, put a little oil to make me function as before and alas, my efforts made myself like a new invention. Seeing what I left behind in a new perspective gave me a clear view of what lies ahead. I started to acknowledge the human and good qualities behind the person who hurt me and I know if not for the scar of the wound of an accident that involved both of us, we could have been great friends. And like what I used to say, we're victims of circumstances and no one is vulnerable to pains.

Until I finally  had a glimpsed of a bright day ahead. I received an email with the sender's heart in it. I felt the sincerity and the purity of the intention. A big step in repairing the damages of our hearts. It was then that I know everything will be put to rest, as I am ready to forgive and she is ready to make amends. That was one of the day when I felt like a huge rock was lifted from my heart. 

Walls started to break, and a bridge between two rivers was constructed for us to meet. Awkward at the beginning but I'm glad we did. A kind of special day for I not only lift a burden from her heart but I also free mine as well. 

I wish you well all the time and be the best of a lady that you can be. You will always be in my prayers as I am into yours. Take care and thank you. I can say no more, I'm overwhelmed.