March 12, 2012

Al's Eleven Questions

Today is March 12, 2012. It's just an ordinary day and yet would not be ordinary as I am patiently waiting for a promise to be fulfilled. Let's see, I still have few hours left. This day will render the verdict if promises were truly made to be broken. *Sigh

And speaking of promises, I made a promise to blogger friends that I will answer the questions they tagged me. It was long overdue, the fever has ceased but better late than never.I was tag four times and since I am seriously taking the questions at heart, I will post the answers separately.

Today, I will answer Al's questions, but before that I have to divulge 11 random things about myself. So here we go:

11 Random Things:
1.  I am more to salty food than sweets.
2.  I'm a history buff.
3.  I'm allergic to laundry soap, powder and detergent.
4.  I cannot sleep without a blanket no matter what the weather is. It's a requirement so now you know what to prepare just in case you would invite me for sleepover.
5.  I use 4 pillows when I sleep. I can still sleep with 1 but that's a struggle.
6.  I drink hot beverage when I woke up especially before taking a bath.
7.  I'm afraid of worms more than I fear heights.
8.  I was labelled to carrying my home inside my bag. It's huge man.
9.  I cannot leave home without my handkerchief.
10. I love playing Nancy Drew Games
11. I'm afraid of vaccines and anything that has to do with pricking my skin.

Breathe, okay let's move on with the questions, shall we?

1. What is your favorite and hated food and why?
-> I have a lot of favorite food but chicken is the most because I'm allergic to it. I hate beans, any kind of beans. I can't explain why.
2. If you were to sing in front of many people what song would you sing and why?
-> Me singing in front of people will never gonna happen. Trust me. But if you'll insist I'll sing "Through the Fire". Why? It's my first time so it should be memorable. So help me God.
3. (Fill in the blank) If I could just _________, and why? ....
-> love again, hahaha, joke. I'm clueless. Next question please...
4. Except from the one you truly love is there’s somebody that makes you feel special?
-> uhmm, maybe
5. (Fill in the blank again) This 2012 I promise I will ____ and I will not _____, and why?
-> This 2012 I promise I will Eat, Pray and Love and will not procrastinate.
6. 3 things you regret you did in 2011?
-> 1st Procrastinate, 2nd procrastinate and 3rd procrastinate.
7. 3 things you regret of not doing in 2011?
->  1. Live life to the fullest, 2. enjoy random stuffs  and 3. make the most of everything.
8. If you could make things right what would it be and why?
-> Everything happens for a reason. No changes necessary because lessons were learned.
9. In your own words… why do you think GOD HAS CREATED YOU?
-> Personally, I know and feel that God created me to be a blessing to my family (hahaha) but I am not contended with that. I know I can give more and that is what my journey is all about.
10. What is love for you?
-> It's overrated but yet it's magic. It rocks world. Right?
11. If given a chance to talk to your ex(s), what would say to them and why?
-> Hahaha, laugh, LOL. What can I say? I dunno. Good luck or maybe God bless. I'll cross the bridge when I get there.
One down 4 to go. Thanks for the questions Al. I had a great time answering them.


  1. Ay pareho tayo! Numbers 8 and 9 sa random things. Hehe... Ganda, yuck ang worms talaga, gusto ko lang yung gmmy worms. Hehe :) At coffee bago maligo? Anong feeling nun? Kaibang babae :)

    Number 9 answer should always be this, Sey:
    9. why do you think GOD HAS CREATED YOU?

    Love you big! MWuah♥

    1. Yes, kasi madali akong lamigin kaya something hot muna para may reason maligo. hehehe.

      I love your answer in #9 hahaha. Love you babe. Hugs for you.

  2. Napa smile ako sa number3 fill-in-the-blank question.. hehe.. :)

    1. hehehe, me too. My answers were the firsts that came into my mind when I read the questions. I laugh with that answer as well.

  3. Glad to know a little more about you! Some details are really interesting ;-) Pero teka, how do you wash your clothes?

    Spanish Pinay

  4. Thanks for sharing this about yourself. I am also a history buff, and I definitely need my cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

    1. You're welcome and thanks for reading. Cheers to History.

  5. I used 4 pillows din pero hindi ko sila ginagamit na ulonan nakapalibot lang sila sa akin sinisipa sipa or pinapatungan. at di rin ako makakatulog ng walang kumot.

    1. Kawawang kumot naman, saklap sinisipa. hahaha. Ako isa sa ulo, sa paa isang yakap saka isang panakip sa ulo. Weird I know.

  6. I love reading tag posts coz I learn more about the author with their answers =)

    Naku mas gusto mo pala ang savoury kesa sweet. Sige magiisip ako ng maipo-post na savoury since di na ako magbebake ng cake for a while =)
    Pareho tayo, di makatulog ng walang blanket, kaya meron akong blanket for all seasons, lol =)
    Id love to see this bag of yours sis. Baka pwede mo i-feature ang bag mo at ang laman nya minsan, hehe. I love big bags too kaso nung may Poj na ayun, di ko na kayang magdala ng big bag at si Poj at ang bag nya.
    At pagnakauwi pala ako pwede tayong magvideoke at gusto ko marinig ang Through the Fire mo sis =)
    The best of luck for 2012. I know it's better than 2011 already. xoxo

    1. Sige sis, promise mo yan ah, I'll wait for that. Yes ako din merong blanket for all seasons courtesy of my Ina. hehehe. Sige, I'll dedicate a separate post for my big bag and what's inside.

      Naku wag na tayong mag-videoke. Hindi keri ng powers ko yun. hahah, or kayo na lang kanta audience na lang ako. hehehe.

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  8. Naku utang ko pa din to kay al. since first day absent ako sagutin ko nga din to.

    We really have so much in common twin sis. I cannot leave the house without hanky. I used to carry my closet with me. Almost all my bags are huge. I can't sleep without blanket and I use more that 4 pillows. Sleeping would be a struggle for me too if I don't have those or less.

    Oh, let me know if the promise was fulfilled. I'm too excited for you. It'll break my heart pag hindi nagkatotoo.. hmmp.. love you twin sis. Rest well later. mwah..

  9. natawa ako dun sa sagot mo sa number 6 Q&A. hehee nakarelate kasi ako ganun din ako eh! Proscrastination ang pinagsisihan ko..hehehee Parehas din tayo sa #8 na random things. hehee

    Natuwa ako sa post mong to Sey, parang mas nakilala kita. It's really nice knowing you more. I hope makita na kita in real life. Kainggit kayo nila ate Mayen.hehee miss you Sey. mwah

  10. Naks! Through the Fire! Sampol!, Sampol! Sampol!

  11. same here! i can't sleep without blanket too! kahit brownout pa!

  12. I used to also regret some things that I didn't do last year, but lately, I have gathered the will to say that: "I regret nothing." Because even if for the most part I was lazy, I was reckless, or that I had made wrong choices--all of those were learning experiences no matter how I look at it. Idle or not.

    Ay grabe, nag-rant ako! HAHAHA! But it's nice to know these facts about you; now I know you a little bit more ;)

  13. and i had a great time reading them.(;
    so good to be back!

    p.s. you shouldnt be afraid of vaccines. they boost your immune system.((:
    p.p.s. its awkward to talk to an ex, much more awkward to walk up to him and start a converesation. i did that though, dunno what compelled me to do so. maybe my ex angst was getting old and i was tired of being angry at him. and he's hot, damn. ugh. anyways i was glad we talked. it went amazingly well. then i need not worry about revenants of sorts. *wink*

  14. Interesting answers! Saw your blog through " blog ni ako"

  15. Thanks for sharing this! dami ko natutunan tungkol sayo. Ako din mas gusto ko salty food kesa sweets! Lima namn ang pillows ko! hehehe!

  16. Nakakatuwa naman. :D Parang ang dami nating pagkakapareho. Hahaha! :D

  17. 3. (Fill in the blank) If I could just _________, and why? ....
    -> love again, hahaha, joke. I'm clueless. Next question please...
    ------ natawa ako dito... alam ko na ang sasabihin mo e no.. ganyan din ako sey... sana maramdaman ko pa yan ulit.. ehehhe... sarap kasi ng pakiramdam ng may minamahal... ehehhehe....

    (Fill in the blank again) This 2012 I promise I will ____ and I will not _____, and why?
    -> This 2012 I promise I will Eat, Pray and Love and will not procrastinate.

    and SEX... ehehehhehe... yahooo.. ako na... ako na talaga...

    thanks for answering my tagged questions.. ehehheh

  18. oWW, ang dami kong bagong natuklasan about you, sis! :) Konti lang unan ko dito kaya baka hindi ka pwede dito. Mag aagawan tayo ng pillow. Hehehe. And of course, you shall love again! Hehehe. Excited ako when that happens. :) It's never too late to do something more. Ganun din na feel ko. Feeling ko destined ako to do something great, to help people, pero bat wala pa akong nagagawa? hehehe. Hugs!

  19. lovely!!! hope the promise was delivered....take care...

  20. I'm back bearing good news :-D Ito na yung sabi ko sa tweet ;-)

    There's an award waiting for you in my blog... come visit whenever you can!

    Spanish Pinay

  21. 4. I cannot sleep without a blanket no matter what the weather is. It's
    8. I was labelled to carrying my home inside my bag. It's huge man.

    Were you talking about me when you wrote this? hahaha! Hope the promise wasn't broken...

  22. Love is overrated but yet it's magic. It rocks world.
    -Very well said, sweetie!:)


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