April 20, 2012

Picture paints a thousand words

Yes, it's been like ages and yes you're right I'm not 100% busy, just a quarter and the rest of the pie is laziness.

As the song goes, "picture paints a thousand words". A good excuse to post pictures when your blogging self is out for words and a brilliant idea to give my gallery a space to breathe. The camera of my phone will rust in no time, blame it to the Lomo application, it's addicting.

1. McDonald's wallpaper. Summer and gorgeous
2. Books. Read more books

 3. Crafty? Yes, little souvenirs of travels
4. Recycling used paper bags

5. Kopiko Kopiccino. A must try. Next, Great taste white
6. Time for reflection

7. Palm Sunday
8. Candles and YES, they have meanings.

And if you're missing me, I'm always here