May 22, 2012

"Focus on the journey

...not the destination.
Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it"
-Greg Anderson

And that is a reminder to myself. I was determined to reach my goals no matter what it takes. My eyes were gazed with the future and what lies ahead. That is me, always two steps ahead. I don't want to smash up things and put everything in jeopardy. I want everything in place under my control.

I thought it would be as easy as 1, 2, 3, when it comes to implementing my plans. My great effort to make things happen the way I planned it gave me my fair share of stress to dealt with.  Needless to say, few of the things on my list were put to action while majority were sent to the waiting list. I have to reconsider everything especially now that my priorities in life are changing. I was caught off guard because of my intent to pursue the things I thought would be good and overlooked the ones which are really necessary. 

Enough that I decided it was enough. It's not that something went out of place or something turned out to be a thing I can't handle anymore. I just realized that I was missing what was given to me at the moment because of my far distant gaze. Now I don't care how long it might take me to accomplish everything. Life is short I know but if fulfilling the desire would hinder me in enjoying my life, all the effort will gone to waste. Might as well enjoy each day without too much pressure. Let life be delicious, healthy - always.


  1. it is inspiring twin sis. I always tell Jed that, he's so focus about the future that he forgets to live or have fun. I appreciate that I found a responsible man, but I also want him to be happy.

    Anyway, I'm happy that you seem to be having fun. i also love the fact that you enjoy and spend more time with your buddy.

    love you twin sis!

  2. I agree. Take your time on everything and enjoy! :)

  3. Live, Laugh, Love! Those are only three words, but if we'll follow it, it will make our lives easier.

    Keep it cool Sey! :)

  4. I don't know kung na save yung ni-type ko earlier coz nagerror sya but hey ho...

    As much as it is important to make plans and be focus on your set goals, it is also important to try to live life now. People always accuse me of being too laid back, but im not. I simply try not to dwell too much on the small stuff and try not to worry too much on things that I can't do anything about. Here's to fab, delicious and healthy lives =)

  5. It sounds as if you have gained a great deal of wisdom. Long-range goals are important, but they shouldn't consume us. We do need to enjoy each day.

  6. At times, I am so the opposite.. I focus too much of the now and does not mind the future at all. It's been nice to live at the moment but now that I am a mom, I am starting to realize that I should do some planning and mind what lies ahead more often. This is a great reminder for me not to go overboard naman to focus too much on the future and on reaching the goal kasi sometimes the distractions along the way can have a good purpose :)

    Spanish Pinay

  7. When I made my list of things to do for the blog, my bf told me that I might get pressured to do all 25 but fail to enjoy it. I took that in mind and now, I just jump on it when the opportunity is there, but I don't think about it too much.

    I like what you said in your last lines: Might as well enjoy each day without too much pressure...

  8. lovely!!! that's the way it is girl.. :)!! enjoy every bit of life with this new insight :) Take care...God Bless...

  9. So glad you were able to realize this as early as now, Sey. I, too, used to focus too much on "goals" that I realized I haven't been taking time to live in the moment and smell the roses.

    Beautiful and thought-provoking post. :-)

  10. Thought-provoking inspiring post! Used to be so focused, used to have goals, used to getting what I want because everything was planned. Nowadays, I just go with the flow, no plans, no goals, nothing. Extremes?!? Yes, and am going crazy, hehe. Nice to know you found balance with both, enjoying life while working on your goals. Happy for you Sey. :)

  11. True sis! Don't forget to relax a bit din. Chasing our dreams can be really tiring, but we need to enjoy every stepping moment. Hugs. Hope you get all your dreams and more someday.


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