June 29, 2012

The Directress

Directress. That is what we call the owner of the previous school where I taught. I am writing about her today since I had a dream about her last time. when I woke up I was all sweaty and tired. Maybe for a fact that I kept on dreaming about old memories and people who had been a part of my life and suddenly lost contact with.

Maybe I am missing the person. Knowing how kind she is, not only as a person but as an employer as well made me miss her more. I lost contact with her and our last conversation was when the day I bid goodbye. I never saw her since then. 

She's not only kind and generous to me and to everyone but she also make it a point that we know how valuable we are as a person and in the lives of our students. With her, I never felt that I am not worthy of praise and of what I've accomplished. 

She never let a good job pass without acknowledgment because she knew teachers and other staffs are putting their dedication and heart on the job well done. She's strict with classroom activities and all the matters that concerns the children. She will reprimand you for your mistakes but in a professional way that you will never lost your soul after talking to her.

Maybe, I should pay her a visit and let her know that she's been my role model for setting the standard of a good and ideal employer.

June 27, 2012

The Bamboo Organ

It's dusty in here right? 
I know the word "busy is a lame excuse but it's true.
What I am busy about I cannot tell right now.
Good things always wait for the right time,
like a wine aged and perfected by time.

Since I cannot stay long, 
let me share a video I took during my visit to our 
 famous Las Piñas Bamboo Organ (cultural heritage).
Watch the video and it will answer your question
whether a bamboo organ can play a beautiful tune.

To read about its story and history, read this and this.

and another good news, I was invited to write for Oh Dear Giggles. To read more about the project you can read the story about the creation of the site here. See yah there fellas!