November 29, 2012

The Road to Sagada

Last year marked the beginning of new friendship through common friend. We've only shared our thoughts and emotions via Facebook, while we're oceans and miles away from each other. There are differences but comes also the common grounds: our love for pictures, scenic beauties and the desire to travel. So we came up with the perfect plan to pursue our desire and started it all by planning the trip to Sagada. It took us almost one year of planning, inquiring and searching to make it all happen.

Since me and my friend were the ones in the Philippines then, we took the responsibility of putting it all together, from transportation to accommodation; from the tour guide to itinerary.

Matter of fact, we were used to just paying our share of expenses and our other buddies will do all the hardwork. So this travel to Sagada is a memorable one for us, because it's our first time to do it all on our own while the rest were in Boracay.

And the long wait was over. It was a mix emotions for us considering some of my friends dreamed of stepping into the land of Sagada way back high school days. And the dream was fulfilled last week in time for thanksgiving. When the other side of the world was celebrating for their bounties, we're in Sagada, celebrating and strengthening our  lasting friendships and forming new ones.

Detailed story of our trip coming up. Just needed a few days to think how to sum it up. Cheers!