July 20, 2016

My Heart's Current State

"Going back to a simpler life
 is not a step backward"
~Yvon Chovinard

          As a child, I was raised with the simplest life you can ever imagine. No new clothes, if they're not necessary, never following the latest trends. I thought others were luckier than me but the truth is the contrary. I wasn't born in a well off family and I could not always get what other children had, but my family made sure I get the education I deserved. I didn't graduated from a prestigious school and I also didn't graduated with a degree of my choice. Let's just say that I grabbed the opportunities presented to me that time. Whatever the course is, as long as I can finish college. I may not get to choose the course I wanted, but looking at all the things around me and the kind of life I have today, I am blessed beyond compare.

          One of the things I am thankful for is the work I am gifted with. I AM A TEACHER. Though other people think we are undervalued, I dare say I feel overvalued. The feeling is indescribable. Maybe that is what you get when you get to do what you love to do. 

           So many things have changed since my last two (2) posts. I collected tons of teaching materials, survived 2 RPMS conferences, attended seminars, created actions plans and had sleepless nights and the list can go on and on. But I could say that I am one of the happiest person roaming the planet. I already found one of my purpose and that is to touch lives forever. Some would say it's exhausting, well yes I couldn't agree less. But anything done with pure love, joy and dedication could reap the fruit of fulfillment. A very expensive reward not everybody in the world was given the chance to enjoy.

              I am very blessed to be called, chosen and enjoy the oozing satisfaction, love and happiness in teaching. 


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