January 26, 2010

Oh pictures....!

Oh, pictures!!! You're smiling but then behind those smiles are dull moments, sad memories and bad experiences.

No one is exempted from pain even the richest, most beautiful and most powerful person in the world only sometimes we have to hide it.

But admit it, there will always be times that you can't help but nurture the pain. It's not wrong to cry sometimes. I'm just human and I won't deny that I'm hurting. They might get angry cause sometimes I cry. It's not that easy especially if you're the one who was being hurt. You'll think of some reasons why things had happened that way and what's wrong with you. You'll suffer lost of self confidence, low self esteem and even panic stage. I can't deny it, I won't and I wouldn't. They don't know what I've been through so it would be easy for them to say, " stop crying", " don't think about it anymore" etc.....

I thought we're just mere victims of the situation however, in life there are choices. They choose to do it though they knew it was wrong not considering the people around them. Don't be selfish folks. Let's try to put ourselves in other people's shoes. Then you will know the difference and learn that what goes around comes around. (rosellesantosdavid)


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