May 25, 2010

I miss you too Mama

Yesterday, Mama sent me a text message and here it goes; "Good evening, how are you, hope we could see each other, we really miss you so much, love you forever. God bless and guide us always. Take Care".

My heart was ripped to million pieces when I read the message, I wanted to to press the reply button or run to her but there's nothing I could do. I wouldn't give myself the chance to waste all the effort I had this past few months to go and mend my broken heart. I don't wanna do this but I have to. I hope you understand mama. I love you and I miss you too.

She's neither my biological nor adoptive mom. She's the mother of my ex-boyfriend for 5 years (how and why we separated? well, let me gather enough strength to blog about it, but definitely, I will) with whom my relationship ended the hard way. His family became my second family, they treated me as their own, and even up to the end of it all, they stood for me against all odds.

CONFESSION: I wanted to turn my world upside down whenever I feel the pain/hurt in my heart. The pain of missing them makes me feel dizzy, weak and vomit while the longing was still there. 

QUESTION: What should I do? (please advise)


  1. Hi Sey! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. We really have the same template, what a coincidence.

    As for an advise, i guess breaking up from your bf doesn't end your relationship with a good person like her mother. But i think, seeing her would mean having the chance to see your ex too which would definitely hurt.

    Why not meet her elsewhere?

  2. My bf family is just as close as my real family too!

    Try to meet her for a coffee or something... If it makes you feel better to hell with your ex!

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  4. Oh wow. It must be hard. My sister was engaged to a fella, and we all loved in, but we had to sever our ties with him when it ended - it's too hard otherwise.

  5. Are you and the ex still friends? Is it too soon to try and be friends? You could try to go that route, but then you run the risk of falling back into a relationship you probably don't want to be in. I don't really see a solution that wouldn't involve you having at least some contact with your ex. I'm sorry! :(

  6. I think you should stay in touch with her! Just my opinion! Thanks for stopping by today. I am following you right back and hope you have a fab day! XOXO Jessica

  7. I think you should stay in touch with her. It sounds like you were really close.
    Following you back from TTA! Looking forward to getting to know you.

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  9. I love your blog girl!

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  10. Hello Sey! First, thank you for visiting my blog and following, esp. so I could find and follow you back! What a touching and heartfelt post! I could just feel you pain!! I went through the same thing 4 years ago. It was so hard! His parents and esp. his oldest sister; wanted to see me, keep in touch and made me still feel apart of their 'hearts'. He had done some horrible things and he was undone by this (because he was still lying to another woman and didn't want to get caught).

    I stood up for myself and kept in touch with the family... until it was just to hard and painful for me. I had to let go, but that was me and I just wasn't strong enough at the time to stay in the close ares of them all. Too hard!
    Love your heart and soul my dear!!!
    Hang in there!

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  12. Hi Sey, My hubby of 20 yrs. and I divorced in 1982. His Mama was and still is my 'mother-in-law'.. She's very special to me --even today. SO--my advice is to visit your special Mama.. If she is special to you, forget her son and the situation. Just go and visit her. Don't allow the ex-boyfriend to keep you away from his mother, whom you love.


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  14. Wow... I know a little about how you feel. I've been together with "friend" for 6 years now and his family is like my 2nd for sure. We're on the breaking point and part of the extremely hard part is that it feels like a divorce...from his whole family.
    Good luck and follow your heart... When the time is right, you'll know how to respond.

  15. i could totally relate to this. i was very close to my ex's mother. but even if we're no longer together with his son, she would still text me, ask me to meet somewhere then we go shopping and stuff. it was very hard at first, especially if I begin to think how closer I was to be his daughter. until now we keep in touch though it's been 4yrs since the break-up.


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