May 11, 2010

Nice to be Back Home

 Below are pictures taken from my way home to our 3 hour ride province from Manila. Captions are added for your reference. BTW, I went  home to participate in the 2010 Election., "see!!!" I am a responsible citizen.
Heavy traffic as we rode our way to the province. The other side of the road were the cars going Manila

This is my room in our house in the province. It's nice to be back home with the window widely open where I used to jump when my brother was chasing me because I poured cold water on him before taking a bath (LOL)

riding on a L300 van on our way back to Manila via SCTEX, a nice way to bond with nature.

A very long ride from home 

these are the mountains which are also visible even at our home. And look at the sunset, simply amazing!

rice field near the the expressway and the mountains on the far sight

the intersection going left to Subic and right to Manila with the view of a nipa hut above the hilltop with 150 steps ( i thought)

on the right side is the way to Subic and turning left on the intersection would be the way home

an airplane which is about to take-off at Clark Air Base 

Mount Arayat. When you're still viewing it, you could bet that you are still in Pampanga. BTW, this mountain has  natural spring water swimming pool at its foot.

first stop-over to have car check-up


  1. I think it's amazing that you travel three hours each way to vote--not many people would do that! You are a very responsible citizen.

    If we ever go to visit the Philippines, I will make sure to visit that Spring pool by the mountain--sounds wonderful!

  2. thank you TB! you better visit that pool, you'll enjoy for sure! take care!


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