May 21, 2010

Wish Granted

My friend ( and a mom in the office) hand me a plastic bag earlier today. She told me that she had difficulty carrying it from home (I'm used to it because she's always like that, frank and straight to the point- however, that is just a joke). I was surprised when I opened the plastic and saw this hand bag which I requested from her a long time ago (the exact date I cannot remember anymore). She told me it's a gift for my birthday last May 05.
My new bag
Below is a picture of Lauren (we fondly call her SK) with Mads (Madelaine) our graphics artist. They're so happy and you can see it in their smiles. Isn't it? I requested them to hold the bag so I could post it here. After that, I removed all my things from the bag I carried at work and transfer it all in my new bag.
Lauren and Mads with my New hand new bag


  1. What a nice surprise! You should have held the bag and had them take a picture of you, though! ;)

  2. Beautiful bag from a beautiful friend!!!! Congrats.

  3. TB, you have a point there, the only problem I have is I am afraid of taking picture of myself (i'm not photogenic), but i'll do that and post the picture next time :) thanks for visiting again.

    Betsy, thanks for visiting my blog. You're right it's really a beautiful bag from a beautiful friend.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog in Africa today ! Love your new handbag !

  5. Hi Lynda,

    I am always visiting your blog. I love it especially the recipes and in fact, I will try one this weekend

  6. Beautiful day, Sey! I'm your newest follower! Love the bag gurl, it's really nice =) Oh and belated happy birthday, You have the same birth date with my mom and future mom in law! =)Hugs to you!♥

    ♦ ♦


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