June 18, 2010

I'm Dying

Yes, "I'm Dying", dying to go home.....! Gotcha! (Sorry for scaring you guys, I just finished reading an article on how to catch the readers attention  through your post title....FORGIVE ME)

The boss announces that the out of town trip will not be pushed through this weekend due to conflicts on his schedules. The whole gang as expected were sadden by that fact, given that everyone was so excited and looking forward into it. I myself already had visions on how everything would go on. Can you imagine a spree for the weekend after long months of stress and busy days? So refreshing isn't it? What a good way to unload the heavy baggage of our minds but nonetheless, we can't do something about it and the best way is to find for other alternatives that will lighten the mood.

People around here have their own families with them so weekend is not really a big deal and they're looking forward to it. But as for me, alone in the apartment all the time, weekend is not a good time. I just spend the spare time sleeping, reading and watching movies - what a routine! So I was thinking why not go home in the province and visit my family. Taking pictures of the old church in the barrio as well as the river and trees are on my plans too. Going home is something that I look forward to. Family would gather in the house but that would also mean I should have enough money for the transportation and other stuffs. I have enough spare to spend from the last cut-off /paycheck. Next payday wouldn't be advisable because that is the schedule for paying the rent for the apartment. So I am thinking of grabbing the opportunity. It's now or never!!! But that would also mean the bank account will not be fed this time.
this is the old church I am telling you - they are preserving it so I wanted to see the renovations.
If ever I would be able to go home, I would spend the rest of my time there to take some pictures and ponder on things. So guys sorry if I couldn't catch up with your blogs, but I'll bring you some good news on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and happy blogging.


  1. Happy weekend Sey! Good thing you plan to go home. Have a great time with your family.

  2. Have fun visiting family Sey! You'll have to tell us all about it when you return! :-)

  3. Mishieru:
    Thanks and you too!

    Have a great weekend and I promise you bring you all guys good news.

  4. Sey darling.... I think you have made the right decision... my very good friend Karen said money always falls short of everything.

    In the end, five years down the lane, i don't think you will be happy remembering that you got your money no matter what, you will happy thinking that you could meet your family, you could take those pics you wanted and that would be the best...

    so enjoy your weekend... because no matter what Mondays will come as always...

    Love you

  5. Hello! I am a new follower from Friday Follow, so glad to have found your great blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. You certainly got my attention with that title!

  7. Wow! you're coming home na. Enjoy your stay and spend lotsa time with your family and friends...Have a safe trip and God Bless you always! Hugs♥

  8. Coline, It was posponed. I'll go home this weekend! Thanks and I'll make sure I'll spend the whole time with them.


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