July 30, 2010

Live up to it

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I had a conversation with my nephew this morning. He is asking for a picture of my mother. He is the United States since he was young and he is a grown up now wanting to see a picture of her beloved grandmother. I promised to upload some pictures. Speaking of my mother,  she's in the province right now and it's so sad that we're not together. So I send her money yesterday for her medicines. Whether I like it or not, she's 72 years old and I am wishing God will give her a long life. What a great mother she is, not only for providing me with what I need but also with the lesson she imparted to me. I won't never forget she once said, "When you got your work, you can have all you want as long a it's good, however while you're still young, be contented on what we have and never ever try to get what you want in expense of other people".  

Money is never an issue when you're trying to help especially when the situation is between life and death.  But don't you ever dare to loan money just to be used for stuffs you don't really need and you have debts to settle. Pay all the money you borrowed first before spending lavishly  for your luxuries. 


  1. You've given some very good advice in this post. You have a great deal of wisdom for one so young.

  2. Great Advice, Sey! & your mother sounds like a very nice and Wise woman!! She taught you well, so I can see why you are such a caring & awesome person too!!! Tell you're mom 'Thank you' from your blogging friends!! :-)

  3. You are so smart for being so young. Smart, maybe you'll save someone from learning a lesson the hard way, right?

  4. George Thanks George. Now I'm blushing!!!

    Coreen Thanks a lot! My mother is really good just like the other Moms out there. I'll tell her your message.

    The Empress You're right! and thanks

    Ratz yes, 100% true. Love yah dear!

  5. Gnetch yup!!! glad you agreed with me!!! hhahaha!

  6. that's true! give your mother 2 thumbs up from me hehehe

  7. that is definitely true!

  8. Jan you agreed too (*apir*)..I will...!

    Mitch High five!!!


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