July 29, 2010

Michael's Father

This week I was blessed with lavishing time. I was able to go to the mall to buy some books to catch up with my readings. I was so lucky to get the book "Michael's Father" at a very affordable price which kept me entertained for a while. I got my money's worth because it has a great story that deals with family and relationships. I was so hooked and  finished it within 24 hours.  I can't imagine how strong is the lead character that she was able to stay away from her wealthy family - young, pregnant and alone just to protect the father of her child. After 4 long years, she came back through the request of her dying mother with her son. And there the story goes............!

So the next problem I had is what will be the next book to read. Next time, I will go back to the bookstore and will get "Temporary Nanny".  The price is affordable too and I think I will enjoy this book. I got a sneak peek with the summary at the back and already planned that I will get this one in the weekend.  I am wishing to build my own library someday and put all the books I have there. Old books should be treasured because time will come, copies will be out of the market and be glad you have one. 

Next time, I will share another hobby with you that I long forgotten. I used to do it when I was in high school and continued a little while back in college but forgot about it when I have my job. But for now, I have to look for some proofs and I wished I haven't lost those collection when I moved to the new place. I am crossing my fingers, because if that would be the case, then I'll cry a river.


  1. same here Sey, I'm also catching up on my reading. I noticed I've been slacking off a bit. I've put down 2 books in the last two weeks without bothering to finish it. And now I'm reading another one.

    If you like mellow, cute stories on relationships without being too mushy, I suggest you try reading Domesticated Goddess. Don't know if you can still find a copy of that. It was a fun, light book. You're gonna love it. :)

  2. You know when I was a student, I can read paperbacks overnight. Just like you! Sometimes, you're just gonna get hooked to the story that you wouldn't notice the time. :)

  3. oh i could do that too... when i was young.. apparently now i hv grown too hold to hold the book for a long time... but still i like reading books and i wish i could finish them more quickly than before

  4. Jan You've better finished those books-I'll try Domesticated Goddess, let me see if I could find a copy on Book Sale this weekend.

    Gnetch you get it girl. It seems like when you're hooked, you don't want to sleep anymore...that's me!

  5. Ratz I agree Ratz. When we're not getting any younger we tend to forget the old things we're doing because we're too busy with work. You could do it...come on!!! give it a try

  6. That book sound like a great read. I love to read books too. I have a weakness for discount book stores and clearance sales. I have lots of books and pasted that passion down to my sons. They like different books then me, but so happy they like to read to. :-)
    Have a Great weekend, Sey!


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