July 2, 2010

Vacation, Inauguration and a Broken Heart combined

Why do time seems to fly so fast when we're getting older. I remember when I was a child, I love holidays. That means there's no classes and I could stay all day at home playing or enjoying the rest of the day with my dolls, cooking sets and friends. But when were getting matured we're no longer after the playtime but the opportunity to take a rest and splurge on a vacation away from the stressful work. What a great time huh?

Last Monday was holiday here because it's the inauguration of the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. That makes no effect to me either as an adult or a child because what's the use of the holiday if you're on a vacation?  (I feel so sorry for myself). I can't use the day to roam around since I have to take a rest because I am not feeling well. I've been sick this past days and it would not be advisable to go out. I am still not feeling well till now but I cannot miss the opportunity to share with you all the thought lingering on my mind.

Well, since I can't leave the house, all I did was watch the inauguration via television. I am not a pro or anti to any politician and all I wanted is a responsible leader but our newly elected president's speech awed me. I admit I was really focused and for that moment I forgot all the things bothering me. (talk everyday Noy). But what really caught me was this line - "There would be no reconciliation without JUSTICE". (we really need it).
The Flag of the Republic of the Philippines
Okay, too much about politics! Now while I wan reading the posts of blogs that I follow, I am also browsing. (it's multi-tasking). I opened Google and typed 'FOOD FOR THOUGHTS FOR A BROKEN HEART".   Hey why did I typed that? I don't know, it just crossed my mind and see what I got (the quote below)

If the government could tax broken hearts, there would be no deficit. ~by Tigress Luv

Maybe this is what would happen when you're watching political issues while your hands were browsing and your mind was up to something else. I'd better share that quote to our president.......what do you think?


  1. I agree with the quote haha! How clever of someone to think about that. Anyway, why is everybody sick? Maybe you just need some time off from work Sey. I mean a real vacation. Even a few days will do. I hope you're feeling better now. Take care! :)

  2. If you were in the U. S. and gave that quote to one of our politicians they would find a way to implement that tax!!! Nothing is safe from taxes over here.

  3. Janjan:
    I laugh to death because of that Quote. It really made my day! Uhhhmm, I dunno why I'm still sick....so sick while on vacation is not good.

    Really? No kidding? If that would be the same here then it's good for me I guess....! LOLO

  4. Haha. I love that quote! So true!!! You were sick too? Aw. Feel better, Sey! ;)

  5. Poor thing! FEEL BETTER! And good for you for taking a day of rest. Its better to do that than stay sick and push it.

  6. Hey Sey,

    I agree with Jan, maybe you need a real vacation from work. You most certainly deserve it!

  7. Oh crap you didn't enjoy the holiday. Hope you're feeling better now Sey!

    I agree, have a real vacay alone so you can clear your thoughts of everything that's been bothering you.

  8. I had no idea that there was an inauguration happening in the Philippines! I am half Filipino, and didn't see any of my cousins mention it on their Facebooks. Wow!

  9. Oh Sey, Sorry you are sick... Do you think you are 'really' physically sick--or is this from your 'broken heart'?????? If you are physically sick, then take care and do whatever you need to do to get well. IF it is mostly because of a 'broken heart'---well, my advice is to get out and do something constructive... That will help you move on with your life...

    Oh ---Politics!!!! We have a horrible situation in our country now. I just want our represented leaders to be honest and follow our Constitution. We have so many liars and so much corruption in our government--it makes me so angry.... Oh Well!!!!

    Hope you are feeling better.

  10. Gnetch:
    Thanks, the quote painted smile on my face. Yes, terribly sick too! Don't know what's happening. Are you okay now?

    Yup, having a break would be so real nice. Thanks

    Thanks! I'm on vacation now

    Yes, my mind is so exhausted and littered with crazy things. Thanks for the support

    Really, you're half Filipino? that's great to know. Did you get the chance to visit the Philippines? Yes, there was an Inauguration last Monday for the 15th president of our country.

    Dearest Betsy:
    I think I am sick because of this shattered pieces of my heart and that makes me physically sick. I have to do something about it. Thanks for the advice.

    Politics, I never thought there are corrupt government officials in your country. I am angry too with those kinds of leaders who betrayed the trust of their constituents.

  11. loved this post! i discovered your blog through NYC Island Gal's Follow Friday last week, and love reading your posts! just wanted to say hi!

  12. Hi Joy:
    Thanks! I visited your blog and I am glad that I found another God fearing blogger with a worthy purpose. Thank you so much!

  13. Great quote, haha! It could be the start of a new Philippines then..?

    Hope you're up and kickin' again:)

  14. It's been a while since I logged on! Love the new look!!!

  15. im no miss I hope this would be a new start for our country. I'm okay now! thanks

    Nathalie thanks!!! hope you could write a new post again!


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