August 24, 2010

Find a Reason to be Happy When you're sad

Writing about anything doesn't seem to be my forte this past few weeks. I was reading post, certain ideas come to mind yet don't have the proper mindset to finish the post saving it as draft  (again???). Today, I read Coreen's post and was delighted about the trivia she shared about the importance of our smile. I questioned myself, when was the last time you shared your smile to the people you come across with? Can't remember? Right, because you haven't smiled a lot.

So today I officially declared that I will always find things (though small) to be happy and kick the sadness out of my life so that I can share my smile to other people too. 

After browsing the pictures I saved to be used for future post, I come across this one. Actually this is from a friend at work, lately she's been very quiet, not her usual happy personality so everybody was wondering what's the matter. Much to my relief when she told me that she's okay just going through a rough time now but she's a proof please see the picture below from her FB account when she tried to have a relationship with herself:
Please pay attention to the words I encircled in red. 
P.S. I hid her name, much for the sake of my safety because she'll kill me for sure as soon as she found out I post it here.


  1. If you want to feel happy when you said this what you can do

    1. focus on the good in your life

    2. Be appreciate for what you have now

    3. Never let them rain on your parade.

    4. Put yourself first after GOD

  2. I can say that I smile a lot. It has actually became a habit. I smile when I'm nervous. I smile when I greet someone.

    Also, I smile because people say that if I don't, I look like a snob. :)

    See? I smiled!!!

  3. Tat is sad... i think the best relationship is what we have with ourself... she is thoughtful, your friend.... i hope she gets better soon....

  4. Yeah, keep smiling Sey! Life is beautiful.

  5. Jonathan:
    Hey, thanks for the advices. I will do them right away and will update for some changes.

    Yeah! I saw that smile and thanks for bringing the smile in my blog. I will try my best to smile always.

    I think she's getting better now. Thanks

    Hey, hey you're back and glad you are. I miss your post. When will you blog again uh????

  6. A smile benefits both the people who see it and the person who sends it.

  7. That's a good point George. You got it right! Hahahaha! Thanks!


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