March 3, 2011

Beauty or Character?

I wanted to write. There are so many ideas floating around my head but I cannot organize them to a decent post. My brain cannot process the thoughts though pretty good ideas are flowing. My brain is so dis-organized so to say.

Beauty or Character? Since I was a child, I was taught not to measure a person's worth and importance by mere physical appearance. No matter how a person looks, he/she is created uniquely and it is not their fault to have bear an appearance like that.  It is made with purpose and for a rare mission like anyone else. 

That's why I am not a fan of those who are blessed with beautiful face but do not embody a beautiful character. If they will use that great beauty they are gifted with to ridicule others then by no means I can say they are the ugliest person on the earth's atmosphere.  Nonetheless, criticizing people leads to destroying their inner self and  self-confidence. 

One man said, if you're looking for a one night stand go for beauty but if you're looking for a wife, choose character for beauty fades  through time and true beauty lies on good character. For when time comes, each an everyone will be judged not based on physical appearance but rather on a fruitful life imbued with beautiful character. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have both? If you have beauty, use it wisely. 

The question is now yours to answer, Beauty or Character?


  1. I do believe you can have both. There are beautiful people out there with good character, even though it's not all that common. Sad, isn't it?

    I think the reason for this phenomenon is that the more beautiful you are, the more aware you become of it, and the more competitive you become with other women. Therefore, someone with above-average looks becomes obsessed with beauty and feels as though she has to tear other women down to feel better about herself.

    I went to lunch yesterday with three friends, and they were ALL on diets. ALL of them. One of them I would consider underweight already, but they sat there comparing diet tips and it drove me absolutely mad. Now, I'm not saying that they are bad people or anything, but many women I know can be very petty when it comes to judging other women. Do they judge me for not being on a diet? Maybe. Do I care? Not at all! It's a good illustration of how beauty breeds competitiveness, though.

    Sorry that was such a long comment...I needed to get it out since I couldn't write it on my own blog for fear of offending someone. :)

  2. Of course I want both! hahaha...but seriously, if I can only choose one then I would go for Character. There is no value in "beauty" if the person have a black heart. Beauty fades but the character and personality don't. People who have a kind and compassionate heart are the ones who posses REAL Beauty no matter how they look.


  3. I'd say I'll go for character. but who doesn't want to be beautiful, right? I'd want to too. but if i'm gonna choose just only one thing from both, character is the most important for it can make or break a person.

  4. Character, definitely!
    But I'm fortunate that my bride is also beautiful (in the best sense of the word).

  5. i'll choose both sey.. haha.. just kidding i'll go for character, but i wouldn't hurt to have both.. kulet.hehe. that man you quoted is right, beauty fades through time and true beauty lies on good character. I believe in that as well.

    btw, thanks for the url tip, i have no idea, changing it will prevent my followers to read my blog using blog roll. i put it back to the original url. thanks so much sis. you should write more because i am always looking forward for your posts.. :)

  6. Character always. A happy person is a beautiful person.

  7. beautiful post!!! i have met people who are considered beautiful but are bitches to say the least... and trust me i don't see any attraction in them .. .whereas i have seen normal looking nice people and somehow you seem to find beauty in them ... i am a living example of that.. considered an ugly by many i have had friends who have vouched for my beauty... and i always knew they loved me because of my character......i VOTE for CHARACTER!!! no second thots!

  8. Character. Hands down. I agree with Ratz.

    I will add this to the mix too. Sometimes beautiful people are pre-judged to be bad/mean/hateful unfairly. I think we should all be able to see past appearances, whether they be good or bad.

  9. Nowadays there are only few people who appreciates good character, and most of the guyz and the gals would likely to be easily deceived by beauty, I do, but it only stays right there. However, I choose good character over beauty.

    And by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog :]

  10. TB It's okay. I learned a lot from your comments. I'm an admirer of those who have beauty and good character but as you said, it's not common to everyone and I hope those who have it will use it at good cause though. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Chinadoll If given the choice, I want both as well. but i see people with good character as beautiful people too. Love your new picture btw. hahaha!

    janjan I remember how bad words break a person and those good words make a person. It's amazing! i want both too!

    George I agree with you. You have one of the best wife in the whole world imbibe with good character and beauty.

    Mayen your welcome sis. it's no big deal hahaha! I am happy to be of help. Kulit mo, haha, sige you can have both.

    Ratz hey! Miss yah! Absolutely right as always!

    Gnetch I got it! hahaha. Thanks

    Flying Hing in the Sky yes, some are bitches. I am glad you had found friends who are real. they are true gems, take good care of them for friends who sees the real beauty in you are hard to find. glad for you.

    Florida Girl uhmm, that's true, in that case the people who judged them are the villains.

    dadedidhodong your welcome. I love your blog. and I am a fan of beautiful people too, but I am trying to see beyond beauty too.

    Midnight Driver :) sige na both na kung both. lalaki talga. hahaha!


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