March 9, 2011

Get back here, When Summer is Gone!

November 2011, when we sat around a bonfire and this couple shared with us their love story. Maybe for them, they only wanted to express but their audience were left inspired and somehow believed that true love and fairy tales really exist.

photo by Lolo Photographer
According to them it was a love story which blossoms out of then so famous phone pal. I was so amazed with the love story that it never registered to me how did they got each others' phone numbers. All I can remember was, it was a love made in seventh heaven. A love between a nerd and an activist which like any other love affairs suffered storms and trials. For some reasons in between their story they were separated but as they say true love finds its way where it truly belongs.

Now this couple are living a happy life with their 2 children and lately celebrated their 10th year anniversary. "The big man" as I call him showed to us the letter his wife gave to him. Me, as they know will not let any moment pass, I took my cellphone and took a picture of the letter and did a simple slideshow to commemorate their love fore each other.

                                            "Picnik Show"

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Big Man:

I would like to share with you an anecdote I read from a book authored by Fr. Jerry Orbos. When Summer is Gone.  This I doubt would happen but I know nothing is impossible and if it was meant to be it will happen beyond circumstances, but in the end When summer is gone, the key is "Commitment" which is the foundation of all true loving. Long after the romance has died, long after the idealism and feelings have faded, long after summer is gone, love survives because of commitment. When you grow old and no longer remember each others' name, just remember the word "HONEY". It will save you from the pitfalls of forgetfulness and will inspire a lot of people. Happy Anniversary!!!


  1. naalala ko ung song na love na love ng nanay ko..intitled 'when summer is gone' hehe! nice blog..

    gud morning!

  2. cguro magsoulmate lang talga sila.. minsan yung romance khit matanda na hnd nawawala. hehe

  3. I know somebody who has similar story like yours..

    but they are not phone pals they are chatters!!!

    it was 1995 when they met in the internet world... the guy was an imigrant to canada and the lady is from zambonaga... actually tropa ko yung babae... ehehhehe...

    ayun.. to make the story short.. kasal na sila now...

  4. I agree with you sey, "true love and fairy tale really do exist"

  5. @SEY: Yeah Malum... eheheheh... gora na lang ng gora di po ba basta makapagsulat lang.. ehehehe... hmmm.. opo na sa Saudi ako po now...

  6. aw.. i wish i was there to hear everything about their love story. I love true to life love story.

    The letter is so sweet. I just want to share that i made something like that for my boyfriend on our first year anniversary. It's actually a scrapbook, it has pictures of us of course, a letter and i wrote 20 or so reasons why i love him. He really loves it. He showed it to his family.

    btw, i also love the quotation "Commitment" which is the foundation of all true loving. Long after the romance has died, long after the idealism and feelings have faded, long after summer is gone, love survives because of commitment." Very inspiring.. thanks sey!!

  7. Mommy-Razz Thanks! I never thought there's a song like that.

    Kikilabotz Yup, maybe! I guess when love is true it will continue to blossom.

    Musingan Wow! sometimes the best of love stories happens through coincidence or let's say accident. Happy for them.

    Nash Yes,it really is. Thanks for the visit.

    Musingan Great for you Take care though, I heard there's a turmoil is Saudi right now. Be dafe my friend.

    Mayen Really? That's great! He must have been very touched and happy to received that from you. You both are blessed to have each other. I so love that anecdote as well. Wish you both the best of everything.

  8. It's stories like these that make me believe in love and fairy tales Sey.

  9. Ratz Me too! I'm so excited to hear much of stories like this. That would made me believe that this world is going nowhere with mean and bad people. Hahahaha!

  10. Well who doesn't love a great love story?

    Since I have been married I have learned that commitment is romances's less glamorous but more reliable step sister.

  11. Florida Girl I think everyone does love a great love story. That is a good term for commitment. Romances's reliable step sister.

  12. Awwww... I love it. This is so sweet.

    So I think there's still hope for me. Uhm... Maybe...? :p

  13. Gnetch Hahaha! You crack me up! Of course there is!

  14. Happy ten years to them! And yes, true love does exist!

  15. Dionne I know! I'm happy you're already with the man God destined for you. Thanks.

  16. awww...these kind of love stories are really amazing and it make us appreciate what true love is. Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Big


  17. ChinaDoll Yay! it's because of them why I still believe in true love. LOL.


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