March 25, 2011

Respect begets Respect

At this certain point in time, I still don't know how you we're able to read my words on your computer screen (thanks for reading). I had a notion that words are being transported from my computer wires to internet cables right through your monitor (and that's literal!! I'm such an idiot)

What will happen if the World Wide Web (www) would crush right now? That is what I am asking to a friend on a letter I wrote the other week. It didn't bother me because I can still meet her because we're friends and I know where she lives. Sorry, I didn't ask, I wished, (sorry again, don't kill me people). I just want to feel the old world when we communicate through snail mail. Simply amazing I guess, or maybe I was just saddened by the fact that I don't know where to collect stamps. Booo (me and not you)!

But on second thought, how about the online friendship that I was able to established to the people from different parts of the globe, people from all walks of life, old and young, poor and rich, average (i don't want to use the word ugly) and beautiful. Going back to the world wide web crushing, I am taking my wish back (palabra de honor - que barbaridad). I don't wanna loose connections to you people who had showed great respect to my thoughts and respected me for who I am (*wink*, *cry*, *smile*, *high five*)

My heart beats fast whenever you mentioned me in your post (that's highly appreciated).   I am amazed how we, people with different views found our common denominator and meet halfway. 

This blog made me reach the other end of the world. I was overwhelmed with wonderful people both foreign and locals, half Filipinos and others who accepted me without criticisms and most of all are not racist.  For that I am thankful.

I respect you beyond imagination, whether you are blogging anonymously. I don't care if you're using your real name or not, sharing pictures or not. Whatever is the voice of your blog, when I followed, I see the good in your house (i mean your blog).

OH gosh this is way too long than I expected........when all I want you to know is that I RESPECT YOU ALL. thanks! bow!


  1. After reading your post I sat in silence and just smiled. Mabuti kang tao!
    pero hirap ata bumalik sa snail mail..hehe..after 3 months.

  2. One good thing here is that the post office is still busy. People still send letters and cards.... & i think that's a good thing. I love the internet & most of the time i think i can't live without my gadgets. But a handwritten letter does something that no email can - mas may personal touch ika nga =)

    But you're right abour blogging. When I'm visiting & reading blogs i don't feel that we're separated by oceans & continents. Parang andyan lang sa tabi-tabi ang mga ka-blog. And i think that's amazing.

    Keep blogging sis!

  3. Your title says it all -- Respect begets Respect.

  4. respect is not requested but it is earned..this shows that if u respect kapwa, they will return it sayo.nice post manang ko.

    punta ka minsan dito sa ilocos ah.

  5. wag naman sanang mag crush hehe! matatapos ang maliligayang araw natin..

    ako din appreciated ko din pag binibigyan ako ng halaga, hw much more kong banggitin ako sa blog ng iba, diba?.. haha!

  6. I respect you too! If the internet crashed tomorrow and went away forever (though I would have a lot more free time), I would be very sad.

  7. same her Sey, think I can't live without internet connection right now...hahahah I'm happy to meet new people here in the blogsphere

    so don't ever wish it again huh??? hahahah

  8. what a great and memorable post :)

  9. YAY! lovely post Sey. It is simply fantastic and I could feel what you mean.

  10. wow.. nice.. It's also one of my questions... what if www did not existed or crushed down.... eiiii.... baka di na kita nakilala ponpon... eheheheh...

  11. like this post. Gusto kita talagang maging kaibigan.Nandito ako sa blog at nag bloblog kasi gusto kong makakilala ng mga taong katulad mo.

  12. if www would crush right now, i will hunt you and bury you alive. haha.. I will not be able to to talk or see jed on cam. you selfish girl. haha.. joke lang! buti na lang bumawi ka at nagpa-sweet. hehe..

    I'm worried about your stamps though. may nako-collect ka pa ba? Serious na ako, i love this post, thanks also for accepting us and for respecting our thoughts. you're a great writer and a sweet www-friend that's why it's not hard to treat you the same. I'm so glad i met you here. :)

  13. If the Internet crashes, I would blame Rebecca Black. Hahaha.

    Sweet post!!!

  14. Akoni maramingni salamatni akoni! hehe. Ayoko na rin bumalik dun, ang suto ko lang ay ang stamps. haha!

    Kalokang Pinay Really? I want to experience sending letters again. You're right, it's the personal touch and love that goes with it that keeps it special.

    When I smile and laugh, i feel like I'm sitting beside other bloggers. Keep writing too.

    George Yes! Thanks!!!

    emmanuelmateo that's right. If we want other people to respect us, we need to show respect first.

    Sure, pag naligaw ako jan, pupuntahan talaga kita.

    Mommy-razz opo! yup-yup, tama mommy! sarap sa puso kapag nababanggit ka sa ibang post, parang trully appreciated ka nila.

    Don't worry mommy hindi naman po siguro.

    TB Thanks for the respect. I would be very sad too, that's why I took my wish back.

    Nash Promise I won't. I am happy to meet new people too and the way how it goes is just simply amazing.

    Islandfoglifter thanks for stopping by.

    Ratz I know you know it. Love yah sister. Have a great weekend.

    Musingan Malamang di din kita nakilala Patapon. Nyahaha. pero pano nga kaya kung mag-crush noh? joke.

    Diamond R Cheers mamen. Salamat. Ako din, gusto ko kayong lahat maging friends. Ang dami ko na naging friends dito at sana dumami pa.

    Mayen Oh Gosh because of that, I have to hide on the mountains. hahaha, sorry!

    Wala na nga akong makuhang stamps eh! I wanted the stamps that I could get through letters and not the one that can be bought on bookstores.

    Thanks! I'm glad I've come to know you here on the www too. It's an honor for me to have great friends like you.

    *sigh, cry*

  15. Gnetch and why Rebecca Black? Oh don't tell me she is the next Justin Bieber in your life? hahaha!

  16. aawww...thank you Sweet Sey! I respect you too! If you share some love and respect to others and have a pure warm heart, people with love and respect you back and you would gain even more friends...One of the best thing in blogging is we actually get to meet great new friends. Even if it is just "online" friendship, it's still important and precious and I want you to know that you're one of them. =)

    **by the way I am currently crossing my fingers and wishing that the net would NEVER crash....i mean EVER! lols***

    ♥hugs and be safe♥

  17. ChinaDoll You're welcome and thanks for the friendship. I agree with you then when you show great respect to others that will come back to you.

    Thanks for considering me one of your friends. Even though it's just online it is still great.

    Haha! I'm sorry for the www thing. :) have a great weekend

  18. Isn't it neat how people from all parts of the world can connect here? I am truly amazed by the wonderful friends I've "met" on are one of them! :-)

  19. Rachel Thanks. You are also one of the greatest people I met here and thanks for continuing to be one.


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