March 26, 2011

The Seven Wonders of the World

I received this video from a friend way back 2008. Actually I haven't met him personally. He just happened to be a client of our company and his account has been assigned to me. I am not quite sure if he is a pastor but I know they're sending missionaries all over the world to spread the word of God.  I dug this from an email he sent me over more than 3000 unread messages on my inbox and thought of sharing it to you. 

I don't know who did this video so I cannot give proper credits, however I know that this is meant to be shared to all the people out there. 

1. To See - Our eyes were given to us to see the beauty of the world and to see the beauty in others. Because not all that can be seen by our naked eyes are true. Let us use them to construct and not to criticize or destroy other people. 

2. To Hear - Our ears are there so that we can be open to people who needs someone to listen to them and not to use them for gossips and rumors.

3. To Touch - To touch is something prerogative when you love cause this adds to the magical feeling.

4. To Taste - We should use our tongue to enjoy the  wonderful taste of foods in the world. Remember to guard our tongue because our words can make or break a person for thoughtless words can cause wounds deeply as any sword

Words said no matter how sorry you are in the end cannot reciprocate the hurt we may cause to others. (I just added this one, as you can notice on the video, #4 was missing)

5.  To Feel - Lucky are we to feel the different kinds of emotions. Be it fear, pain, anger or worries, feel them and let them make you a better person.

6.  To Laugh - Laughter is the best medicine as they say. Enjoy it while we can still enjoy the sense of being happy.

7. To Love - Did you ever tried locking your  heart because of the fear of being hurt again?  Believe me when I say pushing love away is so hard to endure. That isn't healthy because it will eventually draw you away from people.

Let the question be "How much love do you give?" rather than "Are you in love?"


  1. Great post Sey! Thank you so much for sharing....right now, people needs to watch this and I hope that after watching and reading your post, everyone would be able to not just learn but to put these 7 wonders in to action.

    ♥hugs and be safe♥

  2. It is a wonderful thing. Life is wonderful, I guess we just need reminders now and again to see what we miss

  3. Thank you for this post. The girl (and you) had it right as far as the seven wonders of the world are concerned. We just need to appreciate more the things you've listed.

  4. Wow. Thank you for sharing this video sey. It strengthens my faith and I am filled with.

  5. say... maganda siya... kaya lang.. I was just wondering... in the video... i didn't see "To taste" after number 3 they jumped to number 5... eheheheh... wuala lang....

  6. ChinaDoll And because of this I am trying to see the small blessing inlife.

    Have a great weekend.

    Ratz I am keeping this video. Just a reminder that I have to be thankful for small blessings in life.

    George And there are several other things that we should also consider. Life is really blessed indeed. We just need to open our eyes.

    Akoni You're welcome. I'm glad it did something good to you.

    Musingan Si Patapon talaga. Ipinaliwanag ko naman na wala yung No.4 eh. dinagdag ko lang. hehehehe! kasi naisip ko dati hindi ko malasahan mga food kasi nga nagkasakit ako pero ngayon okay na kaya sobrang na-appreciate ko siya much.

  7. What a beautiful post, Sey. A great reminder of our blessings and gifts. And more importantly, how best to use them. =)

  8. Kalokang Pinay Thanks *wink*. I'm glad you appreciate it. We should always be thankful even for small blessings.

  9. aw sey this is so great. thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us. It made me appreciate more the simple things i have and the simple things I can do to others that will make them happy.

    have great day dear friend. :)

  10. tnx for sharing sey, ang sarap mabuhay sa mundo.. i love that video..:))

  11. How cool! I hadn't seen this before or the 7 lessons exactly like this. I really like it too!
    Thanks for sharing with us, Sey!!

    Have a Wonderful weekend!!
    Coreen XOXO

  12. nakaka inspire naman ito.Ito ang totoo imagine nagiisip ka pa ng kung ano anong wonders sa paligid mo yong mga bagay na ito di mo napapansin. We are greatest miracle of God.Hangat nagagawa mo ito wala kang dapat ikalungkot sa buhay mo.

    send ko sayo mamaya ang file.

  13. Awwww... I love this post.

    And yes. It should always be "how much love do you give."

    If someone asks me if I'm in love, I will punch them in the throat. Joking! :P

  14. aww this is so beautiful and touching :)

  15. Mayen Hope you had a great weekend. It inspires me too.

    Mommy-Razz Opo, ang sarap talaga kahit ang buhay ng tao ay hitik sa problema, pero walang hindi kinakaya.

    Velvet Over Steel You're very much welcome. I hope it inspires you as much as i was. Have a great week.

    Diamond R Thanks. di ko pa nachek kasi may problema net namin, Pero tama ka madalas naghahanap pa tayo ng kung anu-ano pero and hinahanap natin ay nasa ating paligid na hindi lang natin binibigyang pansin.

    Rachel YOu're welcome

    Gnetch you never fails to make me LOL. If someone asks you that, tell me and I'll help you punch him. such an A**hole. :)

    Kitkat thanks Kitkat. I'll check on you soon. thanks for dropping by.

  16. Hi Sey,

    I really think a lot of people, if not all, should be able to read this post, it's content is simple but will certainly make us realize we have everything we can use to be better people to be the best to others.

  17. AiDiSan I am hoping for it too. That's why I posted this. this is the least thing I could do to share the message.


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