April 19, 2011

My Cross this Lenten Season: One Year After

"Everyone had a cross to bear"

Lenten Season. The season for self denial and self-sacrifices. Upon hearing the gospel, I remember the last post I made last year entitled “My Cross this Lenten Season”.

I can’t remember what I posted, but I know it was something of a burden I so carried heavily. During that time, hopes are with me that somehow I can manage to overcome and surpass everything. I am not going back to that moment again, I just want to analyze how far I was able to travel and the lessons I learned.

I would be a hypocrite to say I totally recovered. I don’t know the missing part but I know the certain link why I can’t totally forget the incident. But during that long year travel on a roller coaster ride, here I am still standing with a sound mind with I guess in a not so sound body but still I can manage.

I don’t have any intentions of awakening the past and scratch the old wound that had healed poorly and let myself be doomed to unmanageable stress, all I want is to share this question I had last year and how I got to find the answer.

Back then, my question is “Why do I have too many mountains and hills to climb in life?” And the answer is “for me to have a better view in life”.

It’s not easy to climb a mountain, but the climb itself is its own reward. Don’t give up. Go slowly, step by step. One day at a time. Don’t rush the climb. Learn from the climb, for he who climbs learns to travel light and leaves luggage behind. So if you are on a mountain climb right now, maybe God is freeing you from the unnecessary attachments and excess baggage that you don’t need in life. (Fr. Jerry Orbos, “One moment”).

If  not for that painful journey, I would never be this strong. What else the world would offer, I can take it with a smile and hope of a better tomorrow.

If not for the criticisms I received I would never learn to take account of other people’s feelings.

I they didn’t judge me I would never learn not to be judgmental and be fair with my perceptions/judgement.

If not for that incident I would never be given the chance for this break and realize the world has so much to offer.



  1. Atta girl Sey. That is the exact reason which proves that God loves us.

  2. thanks Ratz Dear! I know that. God really loves us.

  3. "If not for that painful journey, I would never be this strong. What else the world would offer, I can take it with a smile and hope of a better tomorrow."

    I love what you said there...you are such a special lady Sey! :-)

  4. Thanks a lot Rachel you've been there with me while I was on that journey and thanks for your prayers. It's nice to know I've been surrounded my positive and lovely people like you. Thanks!

  5. nice post Sey. maybe that's what i've been missing after all - learning from the climb. maybe i should check myself if i still have those excess baggage and start dropping them off.

  6. thats life ate.sometimes God wants us to experience pain for us to remember him

    good am po ate

  7. have a nice day sey.. mwahugs

  8. *hugsssss :)


  9. Kung hindi dahil sa mga cross na ating kailangan pasanin sa araw-araw hindi natin makikita ang tunay ng kagandahan ng buhay.

  10. wow... nice one.. I like what you said... “for me to have a better view in life”.

    you know what Sey, I don't know If you believe it or not, but I always love reading your Blog as well as Mayen... I know for sure that.. each blog entry you post... I can get some advice...I love it...

    “for me to have a better view in life”... I am always blinded with the the things that I see.. that sometimes I forgot to look at it clearly..

    maganda talaga siya... sige.. pahiram ng question mo yan... at yan ang ibobolog ko now.

    I just realized something....

  11. i loved every bit of this post!! awesome to say the least... that is the reason why i come back to my blogger friends...they are such a soul relief.. and i began my reading with yours!! awesome!! beautiful!!

  12. this is beautiful sey! I read what's written on the link and it almost made me cry. I felt how sad you were back then. But I'm happy that you understand the reason now why it happened. God really knows how to make us strong. He even know when it's time for us to know the reason behind every trials so can understand.

    I so love the climb part. (although that literally.lol)

    Things will get better for you now because you have a kind heart. I'm so glad I found someone like you here, always inspiring. mwah..

  13. i was touched with your post sey.. God really love us.. just always kneel and pray.

  14. This post is so beautiful! And I agree. You know I can relate, right? :)

  15. this is so inspiring sis..thank you for shraing =)

  16. Janjan thanks! I am still doing the check myself and wanted to make sure I won't carry something I don't need in the future.

    Emmanuel Good Pm! i remember someone told me that. Cause if life is pure 7th heaven we won't get the chance to remember how glorious he is.

    Mommy-Razz Thanks po! xoxoxo!!!

    haze Thanks for the hugs! hahaha! you like that Bow wow wow!

    Diamond R May tama ka! From those cross that we carried we learn the lessons in life.

  17. Musingan Thanks! I am glad that I was able to inspire you and for me to learn that you learn something from my posts made me wanna go AWWWW! hahaha. Really I'm touched and happy. Thanks Al.

    Go on and borrow it! no problemo mi amigo. basta ikaw! ayayay super excited ako basahin and post na yown. hehe! ano naman kaya ang something na yun? hmmmm.

    Flying High in the sky Hi there, I love to see you back again. I miss your posts but I know you are also doing something you love so well. I am glad you love my post. You're correct blogger friends are really soul relief. Thank you so much!

    Mayen mwah.mwah.mwah! I alo read what what I've written before. I was also teary eyed and laughing at the same time. I can't imagine I wrote that back then.

    You love the climb? let's go mountain climbing..hahaha! I am so much glad to find you here too!

    pearl I know that the best thing to do when there is trouble is to kneel down and pray.
    Thanks pearl.

    Gnetch Yeah! I know! hahaha! :) sending my flying hugs to you Gnetchy!!!

    Superjaid you're welcome and thanks for visiting.

  18. So sorry for the hurt you've endured... however I am Very Proud of You, Sey, & know that you have helped so m any by sharing what you have learned.. people like Me! Love you girl!! & Thank you!!

    Coreen XOXO

  19. Binisita ka lang para magiwan ng pagbati sa umagang ito.

    wala kasing chat box para dito. kaya magcocoment na lang.

  20. What a touching post, Sey.

    Enjoy the view.

  21. send me dito rommelcarrascal@yahoo.com

  22. thanks for visiting thebumupstairs. GOd bless

  23. It sounds as if you have learned some valuable and worth-while lessons over the past year.

  24. Velvet Over Steel Thank you Coreen. I never thought I shared something so valuable. I am really touched and happy.

    Diamond R Na send ko na po. Good morning dude!

    Florida Girl Thanks! I did enjoy the view. Happy Easter too!

    George yes, really valuable and worth while. Thanks!

  25. Sey,

    I just read this today (hehe..medjo late na..tsk2x) and thanks coz it made me feel better. you just don't know how much inspiring words can move people..they can even move mountains..awh..heheh..^^ take care sis..


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