April 30, 2011

The Tale of the most sought after Victim of Frauds

I am always a victim. The most sought after victim of fraudulent people. Today history repeats itself.

Yesterday, my colleague transferred a client to me. I need to seal the deal. There's no waste of time in convincing him, he doesn't have any issues with the price, with the additional expedited cost, he just wanted the materials to arrive on the earliest date possible. For him not to have any issues is a clear sign of fraud, because most of the time our legit clients haggle with pricing except for our valued customers.

Without any hassles the transaction was closed but any transaction closed without hassles is a possible fraud. After the conversation, I had the gut feeling, however I never paid attention to it because this time complete information was given. With that being said, I forwarded the details to our main office. 

Today, the IT and admin personnel came to me with a great news! I WAS A VICTIM OF FRAUD..... AGAIN! This things happens to me over and over again and history seems to repeat itself. This client was supposed to be handled by the one who's handling the education program however it turned out that he should be under the corporate account that's why he was transferred to me. My colleagues are now convinced that I was destined to have all the clients who are using stolen credit cards to use for their payments and use stolen identities because (according to them) I am the one with the strong feeling to discern who's fraud and who's not. With the same thing happening every time, one day I might believe they are speaking the truth. 

I always have the feeling. I am informing my immediate superiors. I will narrate the reasons why I made such conclusion that it's fraud but we will still forward the details to our main office, give them the warning and they will validate the data and everything. 

So far so good. They tried but they failed. No one slip through the magnifying eyes of the investigators. 

But despite that, we still have so much to be thankful for. This month, each and everyone  reached the quota of US$_ _, _ _ _.00 or Php _, _ _ _, _ _ _. 00. We also received overwhelming positive remarks from our clients who are satisfied and happy with our service. 
That made our heart swells.


  1. ay naku marami talagang tao sa mundo na walang magawa.. buti hnd ka nabiktima niyan, although sinabi mo 'i was a victim of fraud again' ok lang yan, lesson learned..

    good morning.

  2. haha.. You're a fraud magnet. You should be on your guard all the time.

    Reaching your qouta sounds like bigger paycheck to me. lol. Is it? I hope I'm right. That means you'll get a lot of money to treat us on your birthday, which is only few days from now! Wooohooo.

  3. wow.. what can I say.. pahenge... naman... baka naman meron kang bonus dyan... toinks,.. wow .. ano na ang nagyari sa tao? I mean sa client mo? I am not feeling well right now.. but still im at the office... weee...

  4. congrats nice job. BRAVO Sey.isang palakpak diyan.

    It's a gift if you can discern feelings such like that.

    Ako din pag may kausap sa mga salita pa lang may nakikita na akong kakaiba.kaya di makalusot.

    Keep it up.
    Asset ka ng companya mo.

  5. Well done Sey! You're a woman of discernment, you've got a gift! I'm glad your company realizes how valuable you are =)

  6. I wonder how people can do such crimes. Even text frauds. They annoy me. Glad you were able to reach your quota though. :)

  7. P.S. Did you get my FB message? :)

  8. uhmm meron akong nabasang libro eh. sabi;

    lessons are repeated until learned ^_^

    uhmm haha may goodnews naman pala eh. congrats ^_^

  9. Aw, I think you must trust your instincts once it strike on you. I've worked before as well in a buy and sell company and my former colleagues most of the time were victims of fraud. It's good that I haven't experience it myself. But anyway cheers for reaching your monthly quota.

  10. aww so sowi bout being a victim of fraud!..i bet you're super pissed :/

  11. the feeling that we're doing good in our jobs can really make hearts swell. <3

    i hope this is the last time you'll be a victim. is that even possible? :)

  12. alam ko nag comment ako dito bat malinis walang kalat sa comment section.
    Busy ka or namagic ni Al.
    Problema ko minsan ang pag comment kaya bumabalik ako para tingna ang aking precious commnets.

    Kumusta ang mga pasaway sa mundo ng mga manloloko? at least nararamdaman mo sila tulad ko ramdam ko ang mga galaw nila mga sinasabi nila Pwedi akong maging pyschologist or CSI.

    hope you are fine now kahit na medyo may dinaanan kang ganyan nakaka stress kasi yan.

  13. Wow, Sey.. you do know you're 'intuitive' right?! I am too. It's a wonderful gift!! Altough it also give us more responsibility.. at least morally and in your case in regards to your job. How lucky your company have YOU working for them!! But I already knew they were very lucky!!! :-)

    Have a wonderful new week, Sey!!
    Coreen XOXO

  14. Mommy-Razz good morning po. Oo nga po eh buti hndi ako nabiktima ng hinayupak na yun.

    Mayen Fraud magnet? I never thought of that one. So I'd better be careful.Paycheck? uhmm, paycheck! hahaha, I'll email you.

    Musingan Sana nga may bonus, para yumaman ako. Well, we no longer entertained him. After asking for some legal documents, he never came back to me.

    I hope you get well soon. Don't work too much. take a rest.

    Diamond R I think lahat naman tayo ganun, parang intuition kaya lang siguro minsan we tend to ignore it kaya naiisihan yung iba.

    Kalokang Pinay I never thought that's a gift. I hope they will.

  15. Gnetch Meeting the quota is like attracting stress to overwhelm my life. They should get a life....the frauds. Got the message.

    Kikilabotz thanks! Lesson was well learned.

    kench thanks. I am glad you didn't fall a prey to those crocodiles.

    Kitkat the first it happened I was so pissed, but it seems to be like a normal event for me now. Fraudulent people are everywhere.

    Apple with our job, I think this won't be the last time.Fraudulent people are everywhere and they will always strike once you were caught off guard.

  16. Diamond R BUSY po ang lola mo sa pagtulog nung weekend, hindi nakapag-internet.

    Siguro kapag paulit-ulit madali maramdaman kung manloloko ang isang tao. Buti ikaw din ranmdam mo sila. Ang hirap i-explain. Minsan ang hindi masabi ramdam mo sa kilos. Kahit i-deny pa. Okay na ako, wala yun, parang nasanay na ako. Na-share ko para mag-ingat yung iba. Pero nung una, grabe stress na stress talaga ako.

    Tara apply tayo sa CSI. Pscyhologist ang una kong gustong maging. hehehe!

  17. Velvet Over Steel Yes, I am and it's always 99% fact. I know it's a wonderful gift but the responsibility is quite big too.

    Thank you very much and have a great week too!



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