April 27, 2011

Yeah, I'm Single!

Today I will let my heart speak for itself regarding Pearl's post's "10 Facts of Being Single".

If you've been a constant Tumblr bystander, you have probably read these reasons and bliss of being single and of course they give solace to an aching heart.

1. You won't be single forever. You'll find the right person sooner or later.
2. Don't worry if you're single. God is looking at you right now saying, "I'm saving this girl/boy 
     for someone special.
3. You're single because God is not yet done writing the perfect love story for you.

and so on.....and so forth....! and I CONFESS...,

With this I may gather different reactions both positive and negative but like what I said, I'll let my heart speak for itself.  I'm turning 20something on the 5th of May and I can attest to the fact that people change their views when they found their mature mental self. If I would be on my teenage years, I'll probably freaked out seeing couples around me but now, I see it in different perspective (the bliss of aging, LOL).

I'm single, it's my choice.  I had a serious conversation with my heart and I know it's not yet ready to commit to another relationship. I don't want to push it to its limit just to show people I'm not alone. Not in any way I would commit to something I don't really want.  Everything has its own time and I don't wanna rush things.

I previously let  a part of myself drift away when I committed myself to loving someone. That is something that shouldn't happen in any kind of relationship and that is one lesson I learned the hard way. I'm not saying you should be selfish but more so do not let yourself be a second choice of yourself.

I am still gathering the few departed debris. When I'm complete and ready, that will be the time I will say yes to someone who have my heart and is eager to wait.  When and where and who is the lucky one, God only knows.

Fact: I love vegetable salad. I love running, hiking and cycling. I love being with my friends even if it would take me long hours inside the bus just to see them. Those are realities I discovered when I suddenly got out from a previous relationship.

Why so late? Because I was busy taking care of "he who must not be named's" (I copied Al's way of naming someone) heart that I forgot to take care of mine.


  1. I agree with everything you said:

    1.You won't be single forever. You'll find the right person sooner or later - in God's time Sey, the right man will come at the right place and time.

    2. Don't worry if you're single. God is looking at you right - Yes! it's indeed true, the reason why we were hurt the first one's we truly love is because they weren't the one for us. somebody is out there that God prepares for us.

    3. You're single because God is not yet done writing the perfect love story for you - i believe it too, we all have a love story with a happy ending and the author is only GOD.

    These things are inspiring Sey, these are realizations from a person who had been through excruciating pain, yet was able to stand-up. Life is not a bed of roses, anyway. We will be hurt hundred times, but this is a lesson learned in a hard way as Ate Mayen said.

    The most important thing is we learn from our lesson and we wouldn't be this better person if we didn't experience this kind of hurtful situations.

    We have to live life fully for life is indeed wonderful. You have your family and friends who will always be their to cheer you up.

    Again, thank you Sey. i presume that you accepted my friendship and i am certainly glad that i have met such a lovely person like you.

  2. and kung sino man yung right guy na pineprepare sayo ni God, I'm sure, napakaswerte nya. 'coz im really proud sa mga single na hindi minamadali ang love.

  3. So.. So.. Soo... you are a copy cat... toinks... Joke... anyway.. I aslo got that phrase from a freind... she always say that to me... everytime she talks about her crush... naks....

    anyway.... Cycling is in the trend now.. my friends are inviting me to go with them.. ahahha... I just said I am out of the country and be back soon...

    wow.. nice post.. I really like it... nice one SEY...

    1. Yes!!! definitely you won't be single forever... you'll find the right one for you... for us.. ehehe.. I know and I believe in that... I am just simply letting it all happen... I know I'll find one...

    2. I know that GOD ALLAH has a plan for me... that's why I am here ... that is why I was born.. I know GOD ALLAH ha a purpose on me.. and he has saving all my love for you... eh este... to the right one...

    3. ahahhaha... not yet done? if that is his way for me to learn... then let him write all the story of life.. I believe in HIM... and I know that he'll write something special for mne....

    I am single now.. becuase I choose to become one.. I want to be free from all worries... become free and independent... I want to learn and stand on my own... and I know that I will succeed... and when the right one will arrive.. I know I can be the best for her...

    Fact: ahahhaha.. shall write about that soon...

  4. Really? You're single? How come i didn't realize that? You surprised me! Chos lang.

    I can relate to this because I was once single and happy. When I was there, I discovered many things about me that I didn't know existed. I realized that I'm not just the person I used to know. I am special. I met a lot of wonderful people along the way and now they will forever be part of my life. If it weren’t for being single I will never meet them. I also became closer to God because I have more time to pray and reflect. When I finally met Jed, I am a new me. He’s benefiting from it now. Well, at least that’s what I want to believe.

    Seriously, being single is fun especially if you chose to be. Someday everything will fall into place. Someday, in God’s perfect time, you’ll find the right man. Aren’t we excited to know who the lucky man is? Maybe he’s also getting ready for you! That notion excites me more. Stay happy!

  5. i love your attitude. there's nothing wrong with being single. Just wait for the right guy instead of dating guys u really dnt fancy

  6. I have always believed that being single is the best gift I can give to myself. I am better off single anyway. That being said, I still believe in love. There's nothing like it but single is the way.

    I am Ratz and I am single. Take that.

    Peace V

  7. Yeah, I'm single too. But it's not my choice. I effing swear I am sooooooooooo ready to commit again. But, oh well. I'm picky. Hahaha.

  8. Women empowerment post, sis! I like. :) When we get older, being single is not a big deal anymore. I have to confess I'm actually enjoying life more now that he is away from me. I got to do the things that I WANT and I get to discover me. And when you do have that guy, you should remember the 80/20 rule.

  9. Finding the right person is well worth the wait.

  10. Hold onto statement #3 -- it is very true. I speak from experience that when he does finish writing your love story, it will be perfect.

  11. Di lahat ng gusto ng isang tao nakukuha and time comes na magmamature ka at maiintindihan mo ang mga dahilang ito na walang pagdadamdam.Ang mahalaga lang ay alam mo ang gusto mo talaga sa buhay mo at masaya ka kung ano ang meron ka ngayon.

    Wag mo lang isasara ang puso mo at magpakahabang buhay na lang na magisa kasi Ang pamilya ang pinakamagandang bagay na pwedi kang magkaraoon sa buhay mo.

    sa mga single na katulad natin let's continue to pray na maging responsabling mga nilalang tayo para sa ating mga future family.

    Sa ayaw mot sa gusto daratin yan ikaw na lang ang may problema kong ayaw mo itong e grab.

    Pero hindi sumpa kong you are singe today. it's a blessing because you can share your life sa mas maraming taong walang sinasaktan or napapabayaan.

  12. ako din single..wala naman pong masama sa pagiging single diba..ok lang po yan..mas masarap maging single hehehe.

    good am po

  13. I agree, Sey, you need not lose yourself when you love someone ;)

  14. you're a gem, Sey... this comment, i speak not for myself but for the many others... for the hopeless and hopeful romantics out there. love will find it's way to you. it's okay if you are single for now... i guess the whole point of this post is that you should believe about love. you should believe that no matter where you are, or how long you've been waiting, someone out there will come to you and give you the love that you deserve.

    i love you, Sey. i know i'm in no condition to write about this kind of things right now, because my heart is still broken, but your words spoke to me... enjoy being single, because who knows, maybe tomorrow you'll find your soulmate. when that time comes, i wish to find my self reading your post about how truly wonderful those feelings are. when you find love, and you know that it is real, don't ever ever let it go... don't break it... just like i did. :'(

    *cheers for you.

  15. wow! i can really relate to this post! i'm also single. not just single. but nbsb. heheh. i'm already 22 and it's hard being single (still!) and 22. Lots of pressure all around. but i try not to get them on me. i don't want to go to a point were i'm going to feel desperate either. i'm just praying to God and waiting for the time that that will come in my life. i have also opened up myself to the possibility of not marrying at all. it's hard but with God by my side, everything will be fine. =)

    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog..really appreciate it ;) thanks much!

  16. hmmm..i'm kinda skeptical on "u won't be single forever" coz i'm beginning to think that i might actually become. hahahaha!

    you're right. being single is a choice. it's not that we can't make someone to fall for us, it's just that we're looking for the perfect cut. :)

  17. I hope I'd be able to read your perfect love story sooner or later :)

  18. This is a great post. Being single allows you to get to know you better. Having been in a relationship and then being single again reminds us what we want from ourselves as well as others. You will find that right guy when the time is right. Enjoy your time with your friends and doing the things you love. Thank you for your comment. I hope you are doing great! :)

    Mama Hen

  19. Nothing wrong with being single! We are at a time and age where women are more confident with themselves and with what they are capable of.

    And if you're in a relationship, no matter how much you love your partner I believe that you should still have your own identity. Do your own things....

    Love and the ONE will come and find you when the time is right. For now, enjoy life and its adventures.

    Take care =)

  20. p.s. Sey, i added you to my list of feathers. <3

  21. Seeeyyyy!!!! I missed you! super hihihi...and I'm back (hopefully lol) Nothing wrong with being single and you should enjoy life while you are single, there's a perfect time for everything just leave it to God and he will prepare the rest for you. :)

    Advance Happy Birthday and guess what my Mom's gonna celebrate her 60th birthday this coming May 5 too! And it to make it even happier, my future mother in law has the same birth date too! hihihi Again advance happy birthday dear, continue to be a blessing to others and I know for sure that God will send storms of blessings for you. May all of your heart's desire come true! Muah♥

    Hugs dear!

  22. i always believe that those girls who dont rush on love will have one of the greatest love story ever told hehehehe =)

  23. Hi! This is so inspiring. I share the same sentiments with you. I'm also single by choice and I am loving it in every little detail of it. :) I believe we will reach that point wherein we will feel that we've done everything we want and the only thing we want next is to fall in love to someone whose been waiting for all those times. :) Two thumbs up for this post!

  24. I can totally relate, sey. :)

    There are a lot of things that I've discovered NOW that I am single..Kasi pag ako nagmahal, todong pagmamahal. Minsan nagiging martyr na. Pero upon realizing na wala nang patutunguhan, it was fairly easy for me to let go.. and now, I'm single. Yay! hehehe..

    Andami kong mga bagay-bagay na namiss.. yung decision making, yung mga partes, gimik with friends.. wala na masyadong bawal. Kasi noong nasa relasyon pa ako, I'm always thinking of what the other would think or what his reaction might be kung gagawin ko eto.. or gagawin ko ang ganyan..Now that I'm single, nagagawa ko na without hesitations..

    And besides, being single now doesn't mean that you;d be single forever. The right guy is out there.. hindi pa nga kami nagkikita. So I guess I'll have to wait for him.. but in the meantime, I'll enjoy my life. He will come in God's time. :)

    Apir!! Go, SINGLES!!! lol

    My Tasty Treasures
    Ako si LEAH.
    I am LEAH.

  25. Pearl The word "excruciating" made me feel so tough. Certain things happen so that we can have a new beginning.

    Midningt DriverThanks! Ayoko magmadali. SAbi nga ni Jolina Magdangal, pinakamahirap sa lahat ay ang magsisi.

    Musingan Yes, I'm a copycat. LOL. thanks for that term. I love it. Why did you like this post? don't tell me you're single? hahahaha, just kidding. Whoever is the girl destined for you, I know she's very lucky Al. YOu will be an imperfect man so perfect for her.

    What is that fact? Tell me! c'mon.

    Mayen What you didn't know that fact? Thanks Mayen. For all the time you gave to me, for listening and for the advise. You're one of the person who gave me inspiration. I know the bliss of being single and your testament gives me more reason to enjoy life as it comes. Thanks Dear!

  26. Kitkat I agree with you dear. I don't wanna waste time with men I don't fancy or to a guy who isn't man enough. Waiting for the right one is worth the wait.

    Ratz Peace V !. I am Sey and I am single. LOL! I love that.

    Gnetch LOL, maybe the man whom you want to pick isn't ready enough for you. Be patient dear.

    Miss Chievous Thanks for sharing the 80/20 rule. I will make sure that I will remember it for the rest of my life. If I could be a teen again, I will. I don't wanna get married yet, I'm still enjoying life.

    Florida Girl Thanks. Everything will be worth it.

    George YOur and Betsy's love story is one thing I hold on and admire for the rest of my life. I know it's a gift from God.

  27. Diamond R Wow! powerful na comment yun ah. Hindi ko sinasarado ang puso ko pero ayokong magmadali. Ayokong magbigay ng OO sa taong hindi ko naman gusto at mahal. Mas gugustuhin kong maghintay hanggang sa maging handa ako para sa taong mamahalin ko.

    emmanuelmateo ako din. hehehehe. masarap nga talaga maging single. dapat we always look at the brighter side of life.

    Nortehanon That's one lesson I learned Miss N., not to give everything. Thanks for the visit.

    Haze I love you too dove. I know what you're going through and by now I am hoping that you are fine. It's difficult I know but God will bless and love you more.

    Ruby If i could bring back the time i wanted to be nbsb too. you're still young. don't hurry up. don't mind the people around just pray and never stop praying.

  28. Janjan don't think about that. Mr right is not yet ready that's why you're not yet together. The perfect cut will come.

    Kench Alegado I am hoping for the same. When I have it, I will share the story to everyone.

    Mama Hen I'm doing great. Thanks for visiting my blog again. As of the moment, I am doing all the things I love and enjoying my time with my family and friends. it's really worth it cause being single gave me ample time to realize what are the things I love doing.

    Kalokang PInay take care too. at this age, I am not in a hurry. i don't wanna rush things for i know love is not a game that children play (hahaha, a lyric from a song)

    haze Thanks Dove. Appreciate it. I am very happy that I am one of the feathers who give strength to your wings.

    ChinaDoll I MISSED YOU TOO. SO MUCH!!! Where have you been?

    Wow! I have the same birthday with your mom and your future mother in law? that's one adorable and nice and coincidence. I love it. Thank you so much for the greetings.

    Hugs dear! hope you had a great weekend!

  29. Superjaid really? wow, I'll cross my fingers for that.

    The Lady Thanks for the two thumbs up! You're right, I will be ready when I know I've done everything I wanted. Don't for dropping by.

    Leah pareho tayo Ms. Leah...nung nagmahal ako parang nakalimutan ko yata sarili ko dahil sa sobrang pag-aalaga ko sa taong minahal ko pero ayun, yun na nga.

    Pareho tayo. Yung right guy natin parang naligaw yata. Siguro walang dalang mapa kaya kung saan saan napadaan.



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