May 19, 2011

He made my Heart skip a beat

It's raining outside and I was wondering earlier who among you who were under the same sky as me remembered how I love it, or else it didn't rain in your place. But this rain was different, not the kind of one I was waiting for, because it wasn't rainy season yet.  It real one is yet to come.

Meanwhile in the midst of my busy life, I was able to finished just 10 episodes of "Nikita". A story of a secret organization known as Division who are recruiting people with dark backgrounds and erases their traces from the past and molds them to become spies and assassins. 

And won't your heart skip a beat to a man in suit like him? 

I admire how Nikita and Michael chase each other but given the chance doesn't have the guts to kill each other as well. And this isn't all about killing but how someone fights for the lost of their loved ones.


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  2. I agree.. hotness.

    I haven't watched that yet. will I like it? I'll answer myself. I think I will, because my twin sister (you) likes it and whatever she like, I like too. lol.

    Are you back for good? or nagnanakaw ka pa din ng sandali sa kabila ng kabisihan mo? :)

  3. yeah, he's gorgeous. but i prefer bad looking guys. hahaha! :))

  4. so si Michael ang crush mo? tama ba ako?hehee
    i'm curious with the Nikita series parang magugustuhan ko sya..i love watching western movie series and korean too..

    favorite ko sa ngayon ay vampire diaries at chuck na gusto din ni ate Mayen..

    ang cute ni Michael, for sure pag napanood ko ang Nikita magiging kaagaw mo ako kay Michael..hehee joke lang..

  5. nikita? hmmmm..bili ako niyan paguwi ko...

  6. Steve thansk for following. I did check your blog and followed you back.

    Mayen I'm back for a short time I guess. Nagnanakaw pa din ako ng sandali para makapg-update but I am hoping to be back sooner as in very soon.

    I bet you'll love it Mayen. For sure. Hotness talaga si Michael.

    Apple Why bad looking guys? but no problem with that, once love strikes, looks doesn't matter anymore. Ako din hindi mahilig sa gwapo, natyempuahn lang kay Shane West. hehe.

    Pearl Yes, it's Michael!

    Why not! I'm willing to share. When you get the chance you've better watch it. It's hilarious. I'm sure you'll like it.

    Akoni Sige bili ka! mag-eenjoy ka for sure!

  7. man in suit?! witwiw!!! clean..hmmm..

  8. I haven't seen this series, but I have heard others speak very highly of it. I'll have to check it out.

  9. ooh now i want to watch Nikita! i think it has the same plot as "dollhouse". u shld check that one out, it's so interesting too!

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  11. i googled it ngayon lang para magkaroon ng idea sa pinapanood mo. 2010 tv series pala ito bago lang.the last na tv series na napanood ko ay Prison break pa.gusto ko din ang mga ganyang palabas. sana meron akong makita dito niyan or madown load na lang.

    busy ka pan niya pero may time talagang manood.

  12. iya_khin yeah! Looks goods. witwiw talga.

    George let me know if you like it. I bet you will.

    Glorida Girl Me too!

    kitkat dollhouse? never heard of it. I'll check it. For sure I will like it if it has the same plot. Thanks for the info Kitkat.

    covnitkepr1 Oh sure. I'll check it out. Thanks for following my blog.

    Diamond R Sige magtatanong ako sa friend ko kung may site kung san pwede magdownload. For sure meron nun pero ang nakita ko sa net kasi mga summary lang bawat episodes. For sure magugustuhan mo. Ang galing ni Nikita.

    Busy sa work. Napanood ko yun pag time ng pagkain.

  13. not at all familiar with Nikita.
    but that man, he does look charming <3

  14. i dunno about nikita but that dude in a suit spells h-o-t! (;
    and i just have to say this: when i was younger i've always wanted to become an assassin lol i think its pretty cool minus the slashing/murdering part..

  15. i had a crush on shane west when he was younger ( a walk to remember days..). you should watch get over it and a walk to remember. he's in there. :)

  16. my first encounter with nikita.. try kong kilalanin siya.. gud afternun sey..

  17. haze He really is!

    Karen me too! I wanted to be a secret agent. I love their skills.

    Janjan I've watched it before. He's younger then. I find him hot today.

    MOmmy-razz good morning Mommy! Hay mommy magugustuahn mo po siya.

    Ka bute yes I am! thanks for visitng my blog.

  18. gusto ko mapanodd ang nikita na yan... sana magkaron ako ng copya niya.. enennene....

  19. hmmm mukhang interesting yan ah, nabanggit narin ng mga friends ko yan sakin eh siguro its time to search it sa torrent hahaha..


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