May 3, 2011

My Companion: Toblerone

If you'll let me choose between a chocolate and a pack of Cheetos, I will pick the latter. However, Toblerone seems to be my birthday companion even though I am not an avid fan of sweets. This only proves one thing,  "in life you'll not always get what you wanted but rather get what you deserve".  Sweetness begets sweetness. (just Kidding-hahaha).

Last month I received an early birthday gift from one of my former students. She hand it to me together with a printed letter which she preferred to give in advance cause we might not see each other again in a long time due to our hectic schedule.

The last time I went home, my sister gave me a Toblerone. She let the poor chocolate aged in the refrigerator and let it await for my arrival.

Last year most of the gifts I received were Toblerone. And now, my birthday is yet to come and one of my officemates gave me, guess what, yes ------------------------------------------> a TOBLERONE!!!

Dear Toblerone, if you'll be with me throughout my life, can you do me one favor? On my next birthday let me experience and breath the air of Switzerland.


  1. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! parang kakakain ko lang din nyan kagabi. at gusto ko pa ulit! haha! happy birthday!

  2. I love Toblerone bars, but what an odd gift! I'll tell you what, you can send me all your chocolate bars and I'll send you a case of Cheetos in return. Deal?

  3. woaaaaahhhh chocolate.. hehe! nawiwindang araw ko pag nakakakita ako ng chocolates... bukas may magbibigay din sa akin chocolates.. hahaha

    advance happy birthday sey..:)

  4. haha.. dami namang toblerone nyan. penge.Pag ako pinapili between cheetos and chocolate. I'll choose both..haha..takaw much?

    Ang lapit na ng bday mo! yihaa..

  5. hahaha, magbbday ka na rin pala. happy bday ^_^.

    /\_`t_o`b_l`e_r`o_n``__\ gift ko yan sayo. hehe malay mo nxt time maging totoo na

    hahaha clue sa english blog ko, mali mali ang grammar. hahaha

  6. Toblerone wow. sarap naman niyan.Sa pinas parang di yan common pero dito parang candy lang yan sa sari sari store kahit saang tindahang maliit di yan nawawala.

    tulad ng love too much love will kill you. ganon din ang chocolate masarap pero hinay hinay lang.

    kaylan nag birthday mo alam ko May pero anong date.Pabulong na lang ulit.

    salamat sa mga pahabol comments mo mukhang naging busy ka lately sa pagtuturo.

  7. Hahaha i love toblerone too! it is on "my top five favorite chocolates" list

  8. YUM! (yum yum yum yum) I love chocolates as well. I am not that sure about when is your birthday though let me greet you in advance if it's yet to come otherwise belated Happy Birthday :).. Many more toblerones to come!

  9. hmmm, yummy...
    Mukhang kilalang kilala ka na nila at kung alam kung ano ang paborito mo ah.

    Wishing you happy birthday in advance (kelan nga ba?) and hope all your hearts desires become a reality =)

    And pagnakapasyal ka dito, big Toblerone pang welcome ko sayo! =) big hugs

  10. of my favorite chocolates..pahinge naman ate!!tagal na rin ako hndi nakatikim niyan hehe

    good pm pala.

  11. hmmmm... if given a chance na magmeet tayo.. maybe I will give you Cadburry instead of toblerone... ehehhe.

    how are you sey.. advance happy birthday... kahit di ko alam kung kelan yun...

  12. I'm not a fan of sweets either but there are times that I crave. I love Toblerone dark.

    My birthday is in June.





  13. Toblerone is one of my faves too! Advance happy birthday! :)

  14. Happy Birthday, my dear!

    I LOVE Toblerone. One of my faves!

  15. haha good choice and taest in food ;)

  16. Haze thanks! want some more, I can share mine.

    TB Yes, it's deal. I love that idea.

    mommy-razz thanks po. hmmm, yum-yum-yum. Sino kaya magbibigay kay mommy ng chocolates? hmmmm :)

    Mayen Sige you can have one, but the problem is how can I give it to you. If I have Cheetos, you can have one too.

    My birthday is coming near. I'm getting nervous.

    Kikilabotz Thanks! Wow, another /\_`t_o`b_l`e_r`o_n``__\ . Thanks! I love it.
    uhm, mahahanap ko din ang english blog mo. serious ako. hehehe!

  17. Diamond R Really? sige pakibili nga po ng candy pag-uwi mo. hehehe. Bakit napunta sa "Too much Love will kill you", pero may TAMA ka, anu mang bagay na sobra ay masama.

    Sa May 5 po ang birthday ko.

    Hindi na ako nagtuturo, busy sa month end reports sa work saka busy sa pagtulog. hehehe. Nag-enjoy ako pagbasa ng mga posts mo. Lalo na yung kay room mate.

    Kitkat You really love chocolates, even your name can attest to that.. when I get the chance to meet you someday, I will bring chocolates for you.

    Kench Thanks, it will be on May 5 to be exact. If you'll lend me your book "Accidental Adult", I'll give you one chocolate.

    Kalokang Pinay it's on May 5. Thanks for the wishes. I am looking forward to that BIG /\_`t_o`b_l`e_r`o_n``__\. yAHOOOO!

    emmanuelmateo sure, pag dinalaw kita jan, dadalhan kita ng chocolates.

  18. Musingan talaga? Promise? sana magkaron ng chance. hahaha.

    Okay lang ako Al. Sa May 5 birthday ko. Thanks!

    Gnetch I got the





    wait for the /\_`t_o`b_l`e_r`o_n``__\ on June.

    Klomster Thanks.

    Dionne Thanks Dionne! Glad to see you here today.

    Islandfoglifter thanks and thanks for dropping by.

  19. haha! cute. i'd love it if its dark. :)


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