May 17, 2011

Silly Random Things

Just a bit recap on how my weekend was.  Last Saturday I went home with a flash drive and DVD's. Saved in the flash drive are my reports needed to be done. That may not sound appealing, but to me it was because I want to have a busy mind though I don't want it to affect my blogging time but it did otherwise.  Without further ado, here's how it goes:

1. I came home and slept for a while. I told my roommate to woke me up at night because I have something to do. I rise from bed at around 7 in the evening and hit my way to the computer. I hate workbooks sometimes. They make me busy but they make me dizzy too! Errr! 

I didn't finished the report cause I felt a little bit deprived of sleep and so I hit the bed again. I woke up in the morning heading back to the computer...again????, yes again (with games in between).

2. Sunday. I was about to attend a morning mass, I like it that way because majority of the people who will attend the mass are adults I mean oldies. I think they take the mass seriously. But wasn't able to go because I got dizzy (because of my report). I decided I would attend the last mass where only few people will attend. It was a success, I seated on the front row. The mass is going on smoothly until a couple seated beside me. They're arguing of something and they're murmuring, I can't concentrate when  they're buzzing like bees. I was so pissed but then again I manage to control my emotion until they noticed that they're distracting us. Thank God.

3. When I got home, I hit the computer again but since I was good in multi-tasking (self-proclaimed), I  finished watching 20 episodes of "Nikita".  This is the kind of entertainment I like. One of my favorites. 

And I have a new crush! What??? 


  1. Hi Sey, at last your back. Miss your blog posts.. :) You’re so busy Sey. Reports are sometimes irritating. I too, have tons of reports to do. You can make it Sey.

  2. Hey there.Nice blog :)

  3. it looks like you're hooked to Nikita as well. It's a nice show. I've just done watching the final episode for season 1. hmmmm...that's going to be a long wait before season 2 kicks in (I'm sure there's season 2).

    and who's your crush? oh no! Michael???? hahahaha!

  4. What? You mean you didn't pass the arguing couple a rude note telling them that they're ruining your church-going experience?

    Oh, wait. Only grumpy old church ladies do that. ;)

    And...a crush? What? Woohoo!

  5. yehee , yepee, yahoo nag update si mam Sey.

    1. I came home and slept for while - gawaiin ko yan to prepare my duty later on. BLogging.

    2.Magaling at nacontrol mo ang iyong emotion kasi ako kakausapin ko sila ng mahinahon at sasamahan doon sa labas ng maka todo sa sigawan.Di ko mapigilan yan.kaya nakakakuha ng kaaway minsan.
    3ikaw na ang multitasking.I have no idea about"nikita" ma google nga mamaya.

    and have a new crush with exclamation point. and ....WHAT With 3 question mark.

    forget the report sey sometimes mas maganda yan pag wala yan sa tabi mo pag nasa bahay ka na.
    wala naman silang magagawa kundi maghintay.

  6. Ayos. ibang klase di kaya magkakasabwat lang yan.

  7. cnu c new crush? hehe!

  8. woaaahh new crush? what? ano un? hehe..busy ka nga..

  9. kmusta kana ate?long tym na ...paki add nga me sa fb ate

  10. Ahhhhhh!!! New crush????? So do I!!! Hahaha. Show us a picture!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i also don't like if there are too many people in the church that i cannot concentrate. Good thing nanahimik ang mga katabi mo. akalain mong dun pa mag argue. Thank God nag sulat ka. I sp miss you sey. hehe..

    sino naman ang bagong crush. Na curious at na excite naman ako jan. tell us soon ah? as in sa next post na as in later na. hehe.. atat!? :)

  12. Hi SEY...

    wala akong masabi sa post mo.. binabasa ko siya.. kaso di nagreregister sa utak ko ang gusto mong iparating sa amin... inaatok kasi ako at masakit ang ulo.. masama ang pakiramdam ng konti... ehehhe...

    anyway.. I am curious about NIKITA na yan? gusto ko mapanood uyan...

    naranasan ko na rin ang magtake home ng trabaho.. nakkainis man..pero kailangan gawin.. kahit na ang oras mo ay para sa pagtulog at pahinga mo na lang eh.. kailanagn mo paring ilaan sa trabaho mo...

  13. Sounds like you got some good shut-eye (I LOVE sleep).

    How rude about those people in mass! That isn't the time or place to argue!

    A crush? Do tell!

  14. hi Sey, its been a while, I've missed a lot of your posts...hahaha supah busy me

    anyways, gud thing though was you were able to finish your report...hahaha thank God the couple felt they are distracting you guys...hahaha

    hmmmm I wonder who is your new crush *bulong mo sa akin kung sino* hahahah

  15. Having a crushes is good, specially when you can see him/her everyday it is where you pay more attention to yourself (for example only).

  16. random nga...sleep-work-sleep-game-church and crush...huh?!!!

    CRUSH?! -wink-wink-

  17. jeez.. you are so caught up with work work work... unwind and relax, bat your lashes at your crush. hehe

  18. eh, kala ko nagcomment na ko dito? hehe.

    nakakainis nga pag may maingay sa mass. pag mga bata, sinasaway ko o kaya tinititigan ko ng masama. pero pag matanda, mas nakakainis kasi di ko masaway. hehehe

  19. Aww... those people are rude naman. dinala pa tlga sa church ang discussion nila. tsk..

    Ako rin, I feel dizzy when sleep=deprived. Hindi lang dizzy.. super dizzy. hehe.. I love to sleep ksi. Minsan, umaaabot ako ng 10 hours or 12.. tinatanghali ng gising, lalo na't walang work. hihi.. Oh, and you're hooked to Nikita. Sexy series, diba? Ang galing ni Maggie Q. At first, parang Alias lang siya.. pero habang tumatagal, narerealize ko iba ang plot at iba ang style ng Nikita. ^^,

    Oh, at sino naman ang new crush? Malamang, si Michael. Hahahaa!! :))))

  20. Mukhang super busy ka talaga ah. I hope matapos mo na yang mga reports na yan para madagdagan na ang oras sa pc?? hahah..

    Anyway, madalas akong magkaron ng kasabay sa simbahan na ganyan tinititigan ko ng matalim ayun haha nakakaramdam naman :))


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