August 29, 2011

The Itchy Fever

Another typhoon hits the country and it’s raining hard outside last Saturday morning. Because I’m a nocturnal being working on graveyard shift, rainy Saturday for me means difficulty of going home. We cannot discern when the rain will stop so we decided to go out of the office not minding the fickle weather.

As fickle as it can be, the rain poured so hard when we’re outside. My shoes were wet; the crying sky ignored my umbrella. We (me and my friends) decided to take refuge on the nearest establishment called “Molito” (a small mall). Though smaller than a regular mall, it has what we need, food and food. We’re so hungry folks! A girl was standing on the main entrance with handful of leaflets. She gave us one and we hurriedly went to the second floor. However we hurriedly went down again to ask for another leaflet. Why? Because of the “Buy one take one Meal” offered by Mang Inasal. It’s a chicken meal which goes with unlimited rice. You know I’m a diehard fan of chicken so, no question from me when they decided to have our lunch there.

sorry folks, this is the only picture I got
no camera on hand

I devoured the chicken and 2 cups of rice for a nice price. It’s so delicious especially when paired with an ice cold coca cola. The crew then offered me a third cup of rice but it was I who said no. Hello, my stomach is so full. Imagine me - one of my hand touching my stomach and the other one swaying left and right as a signal to the crew that I don't want another cup.

Afterwards we went upstairs because Raj-Raj (one of my friends) needs to buy something. We agreed that we’re all exhausted and sleepless so we decided to go home but of course not until she got what she needs.

Came Sunday morning my whole body has small red dots and my hands were itching. The chicken no matter how delicious it can be, brings allergic reaction to my body. I didn’t ate in moderation. I should only eat a chicken meal once in a week but I broke the rule and this is my consequence, an itchy fever. Before the allergy came out, I lavished myself the past week with chicken burgers (plural) and other savory chicken meals for lunch and dinner.

If you’ll ask me, will I break the rule again, honestly, YES but not until I get rid of these itchy red dots. 

August 26, 2011


I am having a great time at Pinterest, thanks to Mayen  for introducing it to me. They have great stuffs there  from foods, house decorations and DIY. 

Today while looking for great finds, I came up with this one. I am lost for words but I know the picture itself is worth a thousand words. I was like, HAHAHA!!!, when I saw it. 

August 24, 2011


Netiquette Netiquette (a portmanteau of "network etiquette" or "Internet etiquette") is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks, ranging from Usenet and mailing lists to blogs and forums. 

The nature of my work entails email correspondence as the major way of communication between us and our clients. It's only prim and proper for us to follow the basic netiquette of sending, replying and confidentiality which aspects are common and similar to what we practice everyday even offline.

Although blogging is therapeutic it wouldn't always promise a happy day. Time will come you will encounter trolls and flamers. But anyhow, if you haven't experience one -----> lucky you!

The not so lucky me would like to share some netiquette I found applicable for blogging although I know you already know them.

1. Remember the Human - it applies like the golden rule. Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you.  In front of us is a tangible computer screen but do not forget, at the end of a computer network is a human being with feelings. Be careful with what you write because others may misinterpret your emails and comments because emotions and facial expressions weren't conveyed through them except when you really know the person.

2. Lurk before you Leap - When I come across a new forum, website or blog that interest me, l lurk and do backreads to have a glimpse of what it's all about and how people interact before leaving a comment. 

I also find it necessary, though it does not apply to everybody, to introduce yourself to new blogs you followed before leaving a comment. Whereas, if I read the post and I don't know how to express my thoughts properly , I  skip leaving comments.

3. Respect other people's privacy - although people share information through writing and their life is an open book, they're still entitled for a piece of privacy. It's rude to ask people about private information via comment. If you want to ask them something private or personal, you may send them an email.  

And though we have freedom of expression, let us be responsible for what we share. Think before you click

Think Before you click is a campaign by GMA News and Public Affairs to promote responsible use of social media

August 20, 2011

My Antidote

The plague brought by the pessimistic virus has ended. But we should all be careful because it is contagious.

Walking is a great way to stimulate the endorphin,
the hormones that reduces pain and create pleasant feelings

Back when I was  child (insert the tone of "Dance with my Father" here), I find walking as a great relief to my aching heart. This is one of the activities I am good at and I love doing it whenever my father's bicycle isn't around (yes folks, I learned cycling using my father's mountain bike). 

I was clueless then why it gave such a relief, but now I am aware. Walking is my antidote to depression and stress. Sometimes I forgot that I have this antidote, besides who would remember if your mind is preoccupied. But in time, circumstances will find a way to remind me that in the midst of a chaotic situation I can leave the situation for a while to witness not only the therapeutic benefit of walking but also the wonders of nature. Yesterday, I did it again and look what I found; a piece of happiness from mother nature. 

Wondering how this grass made it up
on the tree trunk... hmmm, silly grass, isn't it?

a new life is coming out from the tree. Amazing

These are simple things that most of us don't appreciate because our eyes are gaze on the far end of the world.  But if we will fix our eyes on what we have, we will discover that true happiness lies within ourselves and on everything that we have around us.

Have a great weekend everyone!

August 18, 2011

I'm Sorting Things Out

I've become sort of a lazy gal  due to overwhelming busy life I had the past few months. I just feel the need for enough sleep (I feel I'm deprived with sleep) and rest, until I realized I spend the rest of my precious hours doing nothing but sleeping. What a waste of time isn't it? So, before squandering the time I have on non-productive things, I should take my move to pursue the plans which are long forgotten and rekindle the interest on things I love to do.

I am glad to say I added a few addition to my stamp collections. It's been a long time and the only option I have is to buy them from local post offices because snail mail is no longer in. The rest of my collections were acquired through snail mails and gifts from friends so this was the first time I added a collection through buying. But don't worry they don't cost that much. So if anybody out there has some stamps left forgotten, AHEM, *cough-*cough....I'm here.

Next thing in line is putting documents together and completing the requirements for my Masteral's Degree. Yes, it's been an altered plan due to unexpected circumstances that blocks the way but now that things flow smoothly, I guess this is the right time to polish the plan so I could start as soon as second semester starts, if not at least I am ready for next year. I now have an intimate relationship with thick books to get my way ready for a long term study again.

These are few of the things I have in line while preparing for a long term plan. I will let you know soon as it gets to kicking but for now I will keep it a secret.

Negativity is striking us but I don't want to waste my energy on things that would hinder my way. I am glad that optimistic people surrounds me and I am happy that  way. I'd rather focus on things that will make me grow and appreciate life more. Besides life is too short so why waste it. Have fun and enjoy things that life brings. "When life gives you lemon, make lemonade"

August 13, 2011

The Unwed Mothers

My mind is vacant now. I'm trying to free it from work stuffs anyway it's weekend and I think I am entitled of enough time without stress.

But I don't know what's wrong with my brain. It seems to work even when I'm at sleep and it doesn't want to stop thinking. This morning, I found myself scanning the web looking for pictures of mother and child. I don't know what's with these kind of artworks but they really fascinates every bones in my body and they unleash the hidden artistic cells in me.

Then suddenly I thought of the unwed mothers and I was thinking if they are suffering the same disgust and insult if they're living on the other side of the world. I know my county is transforming from the contemporary to modern ways of living and there exist today those with open minds who can comprehend a lot and do not judge. However given that we're a transformation from a conservative country doesn't make the unwed mother free from the prying eyes of those who cannot bring their mind to understand.

I have a strong believe and love for our traditions and our beliefs and I do attest that my point of views drastically changed with the changes around me. If I was younger, I might judge them based on the judgement impacted to me by my society. But I feel so privilege that today, I see things differently. They may have been wronged but that doesn't mean they will be mistaken  for the rest of their lives. I cannot imagine the ruthless and unending criticisms they reaped for a mistake they once did but will continue to be endured by their lovely children. How sad but true that for them, the wound may heal but the scar will be visible forever.

I am happy that I can take my stand to let the whole world know that I admire unwed mothers. Taking care of a precious life they choose to live and taking into themselves all the criticisms this world has to offer, yet they can still stand and give a good fight to life.  They are much to be admired than those who are hiding their sh**s pretending to be saints.  Anyway, everyone deserves a second chance after all.