June 8, 2020

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Education in the Philippines

The impact of Covid19 Pandemic on education is undeniable.  June 6, 2020 - It is with a heavy heart that the management of St. Francis Learning Center of Porac Inc. released their statement regarding the current situation of the school. They decided to stop the operation due to financial losses. Such dire situation was aggravated by circumstances brought about by Covid19 Pandemic.

It is not the only school that is closing in the Philippines in this time of Covid 19 Pandemic. A lot of them actually, especially the small ones. In recent interviews aired on televisions, administrator are reluctant to resume operation this school year in fear of not only loosing a profit but also of not having enough financial means to support their staff. The Department of Education is gearing towards the road of online and modular learning in the coming months and maybe a blended learning when it is safe for face to face learning. Imagine the situation for private schools:

1. No outsourcing of books for the learners. It is not practical and they won't be useful because students need simplified learning kits. (They'll stay home and parents will be the one to guide them). (Loss income on books)

2. No outsourcing of notebooks as well because learning kits will also serve as the activity sheet. (Loss income on notebooks)

3. No tuition fee hike. They wouldn't feel comfortable adding an amount to their current tuition fee. Financial matter is another issue right now. And maybe, others would think that their current fee is still unreasonable knowing the children would spend most of their time at home.

4. Miscellaneous fee would be put on a hot seat. We all know that such fee was being spent for the children's welfare at school (But like I sad,  the percentage of the children spending their time at school ranges from 5 to 0 %).

Why am I talking about this?:

First I am a public school teachers whose heart goes out to all the private school teachers who will lost their job, and second I am a mother whose son was affected by the situation.

It was and still a heartbreaking moment for all of us-parents. Such institution was my son's second home. We enrolled him there because we wanted him to have a solid foundation in education. With their individualized learning approach and some sort of follow the child phase, we found the perfect school for him according to his needs. 

Now, we are all like lost in the limbo. With the current circumstances of increasing Covid cases in the Philippines, we are not in a position to scout for another school which would fit his needs. We are left with almost 0% choice. There are lots of other schools out there I know. It is just heartbreaking knowing the place where we entrusted him will no longer offer him care and most especially educational support.

Covid19 and Education are not the prefect match. NO chemistry at all (sigh).


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