June 30, 2010

14th Street on Spotlight on Welcome Wednesday

I received an email from Take It From Me telling me that my blog will be on spotlight for Welcome Wednesday. I was so happy that my blog was chosen so guys let's all Welcome Wednesday with fun by meeting new friends and following interesting blogs.
I paste the linky list code below and you can enter your blog where it will be shown on everyone's list and your blog  maybe  chosen for the next BLOG SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK.

June 29, 2010

A Blog of Substance

I never opened the blog this weekend because I visited my family for a vacation. And how great it is to open it now while on vacation. I got a new award....yay!!! It's from NYC Island Gal. This award really started the week right. It's such a great happiness for me to know that my readers appreciate the simple things I am writing and knowing that my blog is with substance made me wanna jump high.

Thank you "Island Gal" for the "A blog With Substance" award. The rule for accepting this blog is to write your blog philosophy. "Far and away, the best prize which life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work which is worth doing". A simple quote yet served as the way to begin doing things, though time consuming yet still worth doing, like OUR BLOGS.
another award from NYC Island Gal
I'm passing this award to the following wonderful girls below who speak their heart out when writing a post.

P.S. While I'm staying with my family, I encouraged my 15 year old niece to start a blog. You can find her HERE. Please bear with her because she's still trying to figure out how to do everything. I hope you could visit her blog and give her some encouragements through comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

June 25, 2010

Facts about me and FBF hosted by NYC Island Gal

Follow back Friday hosted by NYC Island Gal. Okay, it's the first time I posted a bloghop on my blog because I really love this girl. She's my sixth follower and since then, she never failed to visit my blog and give me some advice (on problems) and even suggested things I could add on my things to do when I have nothing to do. 

What is interesting about his hop is she has "Commandments of Comments" and don't forget to include random details about you so that your followers/readers will know you better. I like the idea and I'll share 5 things with y'all:

It's a good way to find new bloggy friends and new interesting blogs to follow.

1.)  I'm a menopause baby, born when my mother was 46 years old and the age gap between me and my sister is 14 years.

2.)  I am a teacher by profession! Taught high school students and became 4th year adviser when I was 21 year old before moving into the corporate world.

3.)  I'm allergic with any kind of chicken meal but I love roast and fried chicken...I have the anti-allergy pills anyway. Where you can spot me on weekends? Guess where!

4.) I love to read, read and write.

5.)  I don't eat beans ( any kind of beans )!

Being Single: by Chance or by Choice?

After more than 5 long years of being committed to the man whom I thought would never cheat on me (the whole story to follow, it's effin' too long), here I am single and free. I was pondering lately, it is my choice or brought by chance only? Situation and circumstances may have been brought by chance/fate, but to get out of the relationship with the man who cheated me is my choice. I could have stayed if I wanted too!!!, but not to the point where respect isn't there anymore.

So with the least few months of being single, while I am still nostalgic of having someone beside me/ to the crazy days of boredom and craziness while I'm working ways to move forward and be optimistic, I am dedicating this post to y'all out there who supported me and of course to my bloggy friends too many to mention but you know who you are. This is what I've come up while doing my silent healing and self-pondering process:

When I was whining like a cow (that's before) my boss (he is really kind) told me that your alone/single before you met him so why should you be bothered and cry. You're born alone and you don't need an asshole like him( just to cheer me up). There were some chances that the situation was brought up and I was so disgusted....what have I done....such a shame to cry in front of them huh!

If there are fun when you are committed then why should there be none when you're single? Right? It's not right to lock yourself in the closet and cry all day all night. Things be hard at first but you'll get by and just laugh of what had happened. I don't wanna be lonely, so common guys, cheer me up!!! Just kidding. I am happy with your comments and happy to meet you. Kudos!!!

Who said being single is bad? Nope not me!!! I remember what Betsy told me. (that's our little secret)! You're not the only person alone in the world, who knows your future better half is lonely too because like you, he/she still haven't found you.....YAY!!!

June 23, 2010

To do list: when you have nothing to do

"Time is Gold"! If time is real gold then I am rich. Let me share with you the things I am doing when I have spare time. During weekends and holiday when I'm not sleeping, 
it's so nice to sleep when you're working on graveyard shift
I am playing using paint. I am not good at arts and crafts so I should focus on this one and the product, ta-da-da-dan,
What? building on the countryside?
When I was young my teacher would let us draw some pictures on bond papers and color them with crayons and water colors. I usually draw a field with skeletal birds, a sun and a mountain. At least there's a little improvement adding the buildings above. Where is paint, photoshop and illustrator back then? 
good way to let the time pass
If paint is not enough to keep you entertained, you can try playing Nancy Drew's detective games. I'm done with four and I hope I could acquire Nancy's skills. 
And last, add one book to your list. I got this one last Saturday and the good news is, I'm done with it too. It's a story about a music journalist named Dave who became an agony uncle for a teen mag when the music mag folded. He was married to an editor of a woman magazine named Izzy. One book will keep you entertained for the weekend. I bought this one for 20 pesos only at book sale. 

June 22, 2010

Upside Down: Who Said We Can't Play Soccer?

Dear Mitch,
I hope I can get your attention with this post. I am struggling to leave a comment on your post for 2 days now. I don't know what is the problem, haist! No success still up to this moment!
Upside Down: Who Said We Can't Play Soccer?

Give me idea please. I don't know what is the problem.

Belated "Happy Father's Day"

Yes, don't yell at me, I know it was too late! (I suck, didn't I?). I almost jump off the couch last Sunday when I realized that it's already the 3rd week of June. Well yeah, because my father is no longer with me. He passed away when I was 18 years old, but still I want to dedicate this post for him and let me share a few wonderful moments I shared with him.

I grew up from a humble family. I am the youngest in the family and the age gap between me and my sister who came before me is 14 years ( too much of a gap, uhh? - maybe I am adopted, nope, I am a menopause baby). When I was in elementary my father was still working. Name it, he can do it, driver, carpenter, basketball referee, he can also do electric wires - he is certainly the "Jack of all Trade". We also do bike trip together. Maybe that's the reason why I expect boys to know everything because my father can do it. He built  a new house for us when our first house was destroyed by fire in 1990, Then on year 1991, our second house was destroyed again by a volcanic eruption. Too much calamity made me think that I am such a poor and unlucky girl and wished that I was born on a wealthy family. But It's just now that I realized that I was so blessed that I came through that moment with my family because those tough days made me tough. Every time he comes home after work, he always have custard cake in his bag for us which he bought from the local bakery.

At high school, he went through a lot of medications because of heart attack/stroke. That situation tighten the budget and what's worst is that my father's mood changed a lot for the fact that he is not feeling well.

When I finished high school, though it's against my will, I have to go on a distant place to study. We cannot afford the high tuition from the schools nearby so we have no choice. Whenever I am off to go back to school after the vacation he was selling some of his chickens for my pocket money. Until December 15, 2001, a news came to me that he finally surrendered on his 3rd stroke attack. I didn't care for the news but I hurriedly went home only to find out that he is really dead.

That is when I realized I'd better have him hot headed than not to be able to see him again. To all of you out there who still have your fathers with you, spent time with them and make them feel that you love them. Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies..!!! Happy Father's Day to you too!

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.  ~Gloria Naylor

June 19, 2010

A walk with Nature

I had a walk with nature this morning and look what I got. It's so nice to capture them and I hope I did a great job with them.
lonely bicycle
lady in the pathway
tree trunk
I had a phone call with my mother yesterday and we both agreed that I should come home next weekend in time for my nephews birthday. The trip for today was cancelled and I made an appointment with friends. We were going out today for a movie and will watch a badminton game later. Happy weekend everyone and the pictures above are for you.

June 18, 2010

I'm Dying

Yes, "I'm Dying", dying to go home.....! Gotcha! (Sorry for scaring you guys, I just finished reading an article on how to catch the readers attention  through your post title....FORGIVE ME)

The boss announces that the out of town trip will not be pushed through this weekend due to conflicts on his schedules. The whole gang as expected were sadden by that fact, given that everyone was so excited and looking forward into it. I myself already had visions on how everything would go on. Can you imagine a spree for the weekend after long months of stress and busy days? So refreshing isn't it? What a good way to unload the heavy baggage of our minds but nonetheless, we can't do something about it and the best way is to find for other alternatives that will lighten the mood.

People around here have their own families with them so weekend is not really a big deal and they're looking forward to it. But as for me, alone in the apartment all the time, weekend is not a good time. I just spend the spare time sleeping, reading and watching movies - what a routine! So I was thinking why not go home in the province and visit my family. Taking pictures of the old church in the barrio as well as the river and trees are on my plans too. Going home is something that I look forward to. Family would gather in the house but that would also mean I should have enough money for the transportation and other stuffs. I have enough spare to spend from the last cut-off /paycheck. Next payday wouldn't be advisable because that is the schedule for paying the rent for the apartment. So I am thinking of grabbing the opportunity. It's now or never!!! But that would also mean the bank account will not be fed this time.
this is the old church I am telling you - they are preserving it so I wanted to see the renovations.
If ever I would be able to go home, I would spend the rest of my time there to take some pictures and ponder on things. So guys sorry if I couldn't catch up with your blogs, but I'll bring you some good news on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and happy blogging.

June 17, 2010

My Blog is Carbon Neutral

I've been browsing for new posts from the blogs that I am following and read about this wonderful cause in making my blog carbon neutral.

According to a study by Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD, physicist at Harvard University and environmental activist, an average website causes about 0.02g (0,0008oz.) of carbon dioxide for each visit. Assuming an average blog gets 15,000 visits a month, it has yearly carbon dioxide emissions of 3,6kg (8lb.)
From the picture above you can see that the CO2 emissions of a blog can be offset by one tree. No need to plant a tree in your yard. Join the program created by Germany called "My blog is Carbon Neutral". Write a post about the program on your blog and follow the simple steps below. In turn the "Arbor Day Foundation" , a non profit organization will plant a tree for you in Plumas National Forest in Northern California.

Just a few easy steps to make it green:
  1. Write a blog post about the initiative + insert your favourite button
  2. E-mail the link to your post to CO2-neutral@kaufda.de
  3. We plant a tree for your blog in Plumas’!

14th Street is in Plague

Sorry guys if I'm causing you so much confusion with all this templates hopping. I am looking for the best template, as simple as possible but is light on the eyes. I don't want neither dark nor neon colors, they're not pleasing to the eyes. What I want is a white background for my post and a pastel color background for the blog. Look where 14th Street have been in just two months:

I am also trying to figure out how to do the html thing so that I could edit and soon make my own template. If you guys could give me any idea, that would be great and everything will be highly appreciated from the bottom pit of my loving heart.

June 16, 2010

When Life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade!

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". This is what Betsy  told me, always make the best out of all situations.

This past few months were probably the hardest part of my life after the last five years. Some of you may knew very well what I've been battling of and why I've been in this ups and downs and needs constant uplifting. Yes, I confided to my blogger friends, through personal emails and thank you for your support. People here and there keeps on reminding me how good and wonderful life is and keeps on reminding me to count the blessings and look on the bright side of life.

What had happened the last time could be considered one of the biggest trials and tests in my life. I stumble and fall, then standing up again after the wrath. The process maybe difficult but it's worth it in the end. Believe me! Some trials are even blessings in disguise, because through it, I realized that:

  • there are other people around me, who loves me so much but were taken for granted and now maybe the best time to make it up to them.
  • I started this blog a year ago but never dedicated myself to it. After that incident, I looked for the best way to pour my attention and pooof, 14th street is my masterpiece.
  • I was able to go back to my reading hobby and guys look at my shelf.....was able to read them all in 2 months due to severe boredom.
My shelf from shelfari.com
  • I was able to meet wonderful friends from around the world with the same hobby as mine - blogging, and I could say that I have the best blogger friends in the world.
And a part of who I am now, I owe to my blogger friends who constantly comforts me when they know I'm down and bears with me when I couldn't post a nice one. Life is indeed marvelous and we should always remember, there is always a time for everything.

June 15, 2010

When the Going gets Tough.....

When the going gets tough, quitting isn't the only answer............yay!
This is what I learned from this 2 days of incognito from the world wide web. I lured myself with this book I was able to buy from a book sale. With the lesson I learned, I could say that it's worth the money I spent. I was off to buy a novel at first, but due to the ups and downs that I've been lately, look what I've got from the bookstore. I'm not yet finished with it but let me share the thoughts that I've learned so far and  I hope you could use them too. The pictures below were just product of my wild imagination. I promise to do better next time but at least I hope they could convey the lesson I want to impart to all of you guys.

When you have problems, be careful not to lump them all together into one big cloud  over your head and just say "Poor Me"

Separate your problems and deal with them one by one. Take one step at a time
Don't leave any problem undealt with. Don't look the other way and pretend the problem isn't there
Eyes ahead! Forward march! Gert tough! Endure! Eyes forward! Hang on and don't let go! Always remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going because quitting isn't the only answer.

June 12, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs

It's Friday and New Adventures in Dreamworld is doing Flip-off again. It's a product of the mind of Kludgy Mom. It's their way of releasing stress. This would be a great way to release the tension.

TO THOSE WHO ARE BIAS:  I'm not the one who told you what's in there. I just made a suggestion where to find it. Don't be bias and put the weight on me just because you can't get even to other people. I am trying to understand the situation and if you have a problem, it's not my fault. Kick your ass and FLIP OFF.

TO MAILER DAEMON: Why do you keep on returning the messages I am returning to the person whose email addresses I know where still valid and active. FLIP OFF

TO THE GARBAGE MAN: I gave an advance fee so that you would take care of my garbage. I told you I will leave the bag on the front door so that you can dispose it just in case I am still sleeping. What did you do? After having the money, you didn't showed up. FLIP OFF and never show your face to me again.

TO THE INQUIRERS: You inquired on our website and asks for pricing. I sent you an email and called you to make sure you got it. You're not relying until now. Just let me know the status so that I wouldn't waste the time making the follow up. FLIP OFF

TO MR. WEATHER: Why can't you make up your mind? It's raining and cold then all of a sudden you'll let Mr. Sun come out and sprinkle sunshine which causes heat  then you will get rid of him again after lunch and make Ms. Rain pour some raindrops. You're making us sick!!!! FLIP OFF.

on second thought let me also thank GOD and help me in,


MY BOSS AND SUPERVISOR/MANAGER: Despite all the stress at work, I realized I was blessed with a good boss and a supportive supervisor/manager. THANKS GOD.

MY INCOME: There are so many people dying of hunger. THANK YOU I was blessed with a good paying job. I can provide for the things I need and I am not a pain to my parents.

THE LISTENING EARS: This past few months were really hard for me and I was really down to nothing. THANK YOU,  you sent people who were willing to listen to what I have to say and give unbias advise.

MY BLOGGER FRIENDS: they share their thoughts and gives advise. They understand when I can't even write a good post and encourage me to move on and let me know that I am not alone.

MY FAMILY: I haven't spent a long time with them since I went to college but they always look forward to the day I am about to go home.

June 11, 2010

What is the Title?

I can't think any better and now I am looking for the best template that I want. What do you think guys? See, I can't even think of a title for this post.

If you want to look for some templates, you can view Simply Fabulous Template Design.

June 10, 2010

Edge of Darkness

No one expects you to be perfect - but there are few things you gotta get right,
  • One is to protect and love your family
  • Always speak your mind
  • you never take anything from the bad guys
These were the lessons I learned from the movie
This is what I am doing when I can't sleep. Watching movies then taking down notes of the important lessons. That's what makes movie marathon worth doing.

June 9, 2010

David @ Work

David @ Work
Last night when I was at work, the boss came because he will be having a meeting with the client and the supervisor (did I mentioned that I am working on night shift?). I could guess that you are expecting for a typical CEO in tuxedo with a suitcase. Well, not for my boss! He comes on pants and sandals and most of the times carries nothing so if he have his laptop on hand, be ready because that means he will be staying longer than expected. But that seldom happens now. Not like when we were just starting. He comes to the office earlier than us and doing IT works. Let's get back to what happened last night at work. Since he doesn't have the laptop with him, he used the computer behind me. When the meeting started, he tap my chair and asked for a pen and a paper. I gave him what he needed and he started taking notes (that's what we guessed he was doing) while eating my food. Later on he called me again and hand the paper back to me with the picture above. While having a meeting he is doing sketches of us while at work (silly boss). I only showed what he had for me above and will post the others next time. He labeled it "David at work". Where did he get it? Oh, David is my surname and here at work they're calling me David as most of our clients calls me that, mistakenly identifying me as a man and thinking David is my name instead of a surname. I do understand because for Americans David is a name rather than a surname, isn't it? Anyway, I am used to it.

As much as I wanted to post a picture of him in here, of course I have to asks for his permission first. He will surely see it as he is stalking on my blog. He reads my posts and certainly knew if I have a problem and will talk to me downstair the next day making sure I was okay. He is more like a father to me. The coolest boss I've ever had. For sure when I'd get the chance to let you see his picture, you would wonder if he is really the boss, not because of his looks, but on how he get along with us. So down to earth.

In fact I was thinking of changing the name of my blog to "They Call Me David" what you think?

June 8, 2010

I Have Brain Hemorrhage

What the heck had happened to my brain? After writing a blog about the FOI bill, where I was so damn angry and affected, here I am now, lost for words again. I wanted to write something about so many things but I don't know what is happening to me...duhhhh, ahhhhh,,!  Do you know what's inside my mind?
My Brain is Bleeding
See, guys, I'm stress and I am confuse. I have to do something before my mind would bleed for real. Any suggestions?

June 5, 2010

The Freedom of Information Bill is Dead

I was about to blog about my "Blessings Friday" today but it's an urgent matter I think that I should write something about the news I've watched on the national television last night. Let's make it clear though, that for a fact:
  1. I am not an activist,
  2. I am not planning to run for any government position today and definitely not in the future, never in my entire existence here on earth,
  3. I don't have grudges with the government officials,
I am just a concern citizen and since we have freedom of expression let me say my point of view and if you have time please share yours as well.

Yesterday, the "Freedom of Information" (FOI) bill was scheduled to be ratified by the House of Representatives during the last day of session of the 14th Congress. But it was killing instead of ratification due to lack of quorum. 135 lawmakers were needed to have a quorum but only 128 showed in the session hall. Isn't that awesome? Hey, where were the rest of the lawmakers? But well of course, we know that they cannot transact any business without the proper quorum, so what should we do? Aren't you suppose to represent us, but where were you? argggggggggggg...........
To tell you the truth, I feel betrayed. Yeah, that's right! This is a 12-year-old bill people and this will give us, the citizens the right to have access to all important documents and will give transparency to all government transactions. Besides, what they're spending is our money, the taxes we're contributing every month from our salary. I wouldn't react like this if there were no public scandals and issues about government projects, then afterwards it's a tug of war between who's to blame and who's right and wrong. 

Don't you want transparency my dear representatives? I'm not questioning the quorum thing cause that's acceptable, I am just asking where were the others? Aren't they suppose to be in the session hall doing their job?

June 4, 2010

99 Memories

While browsing over the blogs that I am following, my chaotic brain was thinking what should I write for today. I come across 3 MEN AND A 'LIL LADY's blog by Jennifer and saw this and I thought I would also join in. I italicized and highlighted those I have already done.

1. started your own blog
2. slept under the stars
3. played in a band
4. visited Hawaii
5. watched a meteor shower
6. given more to charity than you could afford to
7. been to Disney 
8. climbed a mountain
9. held a praying mantis
10. sung a solo (can you imagine,! guys me...singing..here comes the typhoon!! toot-toot)
11. bungee jumped
12. visited paris
13. watched a thunder and lightning storm
14. taught yourself an art from scratch
15. adopted a child (planning to do it)
16. had food poisoning
17. walked to the top of the statue of liberty
18. grown your own vegetables
19. seen the mona lisa in france
20. slept on an overnight train
21. had a pillow fight
22. hitch hiked
23. taken a sick day when you’re not ill
24. built a snow fort (we don't have snow in the Philippines)
25. held a lamb
26. gone skinny dipping
27. run a marathon (believe me, I did!)
28. ridden in a gondola in venice
29. seen a total eclipse
30. watched a sunrise or sunset
31. hit a home run
32. been on a cruise 
33. seen niagara falls in person
34. visited the birthplace of your ancestors
35. seen an amish community
36. taught yourself a new language (I tried some, but I failed bleeh!)
37. had enough money to be truly satisfied
38. seen the leaning tower of pisa in person
39. gone rock climbing
40. seen michelangelo’s david in person
41. sung karaoke ( I did, while no one was watching-arhhh)
42. seen old faithful erupt
43. bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant (an orphan)
44. visited africa
45. walked on a beach by moonlight
46. been transported in an ambulance
47. had your portrait painted 
48. gone deep sea fishing
49. seen the sistine chapel in person
50. been to the top of the eiffel tower in paris
51. gone scuba diving or snorkeling
52. kissed in the rain
53. played in the mud
54. gone to a drive-in theater
55. been in a movie
56. visited the great wall of china
57. started a business
58. taken a martial arts class
59. visited russia
60. served at a soup kitchen
61. sold girl scout cookies
62. gone whale watching
63. gotten flowers for no reason
64. donated blood, platelets or plasma
65. been sky diving 
66. visited a concentration camp
67. bounced a check
68. flown in a helicopter
69. saved a favorite childhood toy
70. visited the lincoln memorial
71. eaten caviar
72. pieced a quilt
73. stood in times square
74. toured the everglades
75. been fired from a job (laid off)
76. seen the changing of the guard in london 
77. broken a bone
78. been a passenger on a motorcycle
79. seen the grand canyon in person
80. published a book
81. visited the vatican
82. bought a brand new car
83. walked in jerusalem
84. had your picture in the newspaper
85. kissed a stranger at midnight on new year’s eve
86. visited the white house
87. killed and prepared an animal for eating
88. had chickenpox
89. saved someone’s life
90. sat on a jury
91. met someone famous
92. joined a book club
93. gotten a tattoo
94. had a baby
95. seen the alamo in person
96. swam in the great salt lake
97. been involved in a law suit
98. owned a cell phone
99. been stung by a bee

25 out of 99?  Long way to go.......!

June 3, 2010

Rainy Days with a bit of Sunshine

It seems like it will rain in Manila today. Look at the picture below. This is the sight outside the window of our office. It's actually 5:40 in the morning when I captured this picture on my camera but I guess it doesn't look like it's morning isn't it?
Sun rays with rain clouds
What I intend to post is the view outside the building where our office is located however, I was amazed by the combination of sun rays and rain clouds over the sky. It's time to get our umbrellas ready, put on our jackets and be ready for the rainy season. Hooray!

Tomorrow, I'll show you the side of the building where "Manny Pacquiao" shoot the scene for a TV commercial in the Philippines.

June 2, 2010

I Got a Blog Award

I had a long weekend, as you all know guys I am not blogging when it's rest day because I am trying to stay away from computers and I apologize I wasn't able to visit your blogs. 3 days of vacation really tempted me to jump on a computer, read your posts and leave my comment as well as to read the comments on my post too. It was a success, I was able to control myself and give myself enough rest (2 thumbs up for me).

As of today, I am following almost 50 blogs from people around the globe, from all walks of life with different experiences (cooking, mom, photos, and other stuffs) and I am visiting each and every one everyday and read all post. Believe me, when you followed a blog you like,  you will end up loving it and looking for new updates everyday because you are learning something from it and that's how people grow.

When I logged in today, I hurriedly read the comments on my blog additions post. I read each comment one by one and left a comment too, to thank my friends who left their comments about the new look and additions on my blog. I also got an award from NYC Island Gal. I was like a child who won tons of candies from a parlor game. 
My First Blog Award
CONFESSION: You know what really makes me feel happy? It's the excitement of logging in and read the comments of your friends who are reading your posts, that somehow you also shared something worthy of reading and that they learned something and new idea from it. THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS (teary eyed).