July 27, 2010

Quick One to Say Thanks to All

Just a quick to thank  everyone for the well wishes and to Bloggy friends who sent me email, messages on facebook and twitter. I really appreciate it. You guys had my heart swollen for all the care and love you extended! Thanks a lot (Gnetch, Ratz dear, Janjan, Mitch, Rachel, TB and the rest). 

I'll keep you guys posted with the doctor's findings . Please bear with me while I gather my blogging thoughts back again and my brain is


  1. your welcome Sey. get well...:)

  2. No biggie!! Go to the doctor now!!! :)

  3. We will be waiting... :-D Muah

  4. You take care of yourself Sey! We will just be here waiting for you, don't rush. Your health if more important.

  5. Sey--your blog is so beautiful! While I don't know all that is going on with you, I will be praying for your health, because God does know all that is transpiring! Oh, and thank you so much for linking to my blog in your sidebar. What an honor that is!

  6. Any time Sey! Take your time & get well. We will miss you but we will all be here for you when you get back. :-)

    Cute new layout by the way.

  7. Janjan Thanks Jan! I'm getting better

    Gnetch Yay!!! Thanks again!

    Ratz Thanks for waiting. I'll be back sooner.

    Mitch Aww, thanks for the understanding.

    Mikaela Thanks Mikaela!! I'm so happy to have you here. So flattered you find my blog beautiful. Yay!!! Thanks again for your prayers.

    Rachel Thanks again!

    Guys, Thanks again! I really appreciate everything


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