August 4, 2010

To My Dearest Neighbors:

Source: MS Powerpoint Clip-art

Sorry if I wasn't able to get the chance to talk to you that much. You know I am working on night shift and I can't stand all day without sleeping just to get a sneak peak with what is happening on your life. I don't have so much time to waste on gossips and please understand if I am closing the door all the time and you can't see what's inside of my apartment ( I don't have that much appliances, I am alone in the house). 

Please don't stare at me when I get out of the cab in the morning. It feels like I have the grossest look on earth. I feel shy. Please refrain from  mentioning how your children are good and how high paying their jobs are so that I will stop by and be intrigued because I won't. To tell you honestly, I've been to the company that you brag about and I for a fact know how exhausting, stressful and toxic the place is. I just want to let you know it doesn't mean you're part of that company, you have the same salary as the others. The truth is new companies give better offers than that. I love my job and I am happy with the people I am with. That's all...THANK YOU! 

P.S. I am with a marketing company and not a "Call Center". We work on night shift because we cater United States corporate market.


  1. You tell 'em Sey!!!

    If it helps I have a neighbor who is nosy and loves to gossip too. I can't stand it!

    Anyway, keep living your life & hold your head high. You are a special young lady! :-)

  2. Oh irritating neighbors? Wish you could tell them this directly so they will really know.

  3. So what happened??? What is the full all about... girl??

  4. looks like someone just pissed you off...

  5. Rachel: Thanks a lot. Don't worry, I will keep your reminders always.

    Mitch: I wished too, however they are very clever. The last times they litter empty broken beer glass in front of my apartment.

    Ratz: yay!!! I'll email the whole story to you dear,,in a while...I'll just finished this thing.

    Janjan: You bet! really pissed off, but what would happen if I spoil my mood nothing so I just decided to take it on the cool side.

  6. Congratulations on your success. I hope you more success. And as far as your neighbors, If you do it big enough. Soon you'll have the world at your front door looking into your business.

  7. We have bad neighbors , too. They are awful, and can make life awful, too. You have to work hard to not become involved with that junk, don't you. I'm right there with you.

  8. Some people are just so annoying. They are weird. They are nosy and they brag and gossip a lot. You have to keep your cool. Glad you're not trying to please them for them to like you. Just let them be their awful selves and live your life your way. :)

  9. JonathanFigaro
    I think that's the way of life. btw thanks.

    TheEmpress thanks and i'll definitely remind myself not to be engaged to that kind of doings.

    Gnetch thanks! I'll remember that always. Sometimes we have to keep ourselves cool so not to talk awful things too when they pissed me off. I'll be cool always.

  10. I am from a super small town, so I know how much people like to gossip about anything! I haven't been home in a year, and I walked into a bar and three people (non Facebook friends) asked me why I left the country. Grrrr...gossip.

  11. James hey thanks for dropping by in my blog. you're right! I also came from a small town and when people see me coming home, they got curious and all like where am I working, am I already married, where do I live and the worst what we are eating...isn't that annoying.???


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