September 10, 2010

So, What should I do now?

Just at times when you feel things are so perfect they suddenly fall out of place and the people you want to stay tend to drift apart. Then, there you are, life is shattered and chaotic and before you knew it, you are being drowned to the deepest part of your loneliness and miseries. You don't want it, you run away, yet it continually chase you from all the corners of the earth. You don't have any escape. So what would you do then? FACE IT, of course, you have no choice except you'll let yourself be counted as one of the losers who just gave up without even trying. My point in this post is getting nowhere, yeah I know it.

I suddenly felt that the days of my life were trashed on the garbage bag. I feel so sorry that the days God gave me life were unproductive and I am just spending them sleeping and if awake thinking how life is so f****d up for me. Is it my destiny? Did God permitted it to happen. I feel so useless and that's all. 

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My plan of Round the World Travel (RTW), which is not coming to realization even at 1%. If this long-term goal would not come to realization then, I need to accept the fact that I'm not destined to be like Magellan (not to invade) who traveled from Atlantic to pacific and would end up traveling to Mactan and be a tourist to my own country. 

That also means I have plenty of time to throw away and procrastinate on things I should do. So if anyone of you needs help in sorting out things or if you have suggestions on what things I should do, feel free to send me an email at Thanks


  1. I want to travel the world too, exploring all the culture and colors and sights and sounds. Lovely.

    But so true, it's so easy to procrastinate and waste time. I am guilty of that big time. And the sad thing is, it's not even my time to waste - it's all a gift from God.

    Thanks for the wake up call!

  2. Don't give up on your dreams of travel! This blog is a great start. If you get followers in all the places you want to travel to, you can save a lot of money by staying with them instead of hotels. Also, you'll have a built-in tour guide of each city, and probably a few home made meals.

    Save up for one trip at a time--it will give you something to look forward to. If you want, you can come to Kansas City first. :)

  3. Sey i'll pray that you'll be able to get through this. i know the feeling of being confused, of not having to find meaning in life... Actually, i don't have much to say. i'm also going through a difficult time right now. i'm just lucky i have my friends who love and support me. You can also draw strength from the people around you. You know that we will always be here and pray for you.

  4. There are times that we get unproductive. It doesn't mean that we are wasting our lives. Don't worry. Everything's gonna be fine.

  5. Hey comeon gal.. I think we were upto something... what happened!! why are u suddenly feeling this way... I am with you... you will do more.... just relax.. hugs

  6. And the header is amazing... i LOVED it....

  7. Dionne Thanks! I realized that one and I should start bugging myself to do something worthy of the time lend to me by God.

    TB OMG, Thank you so much! I'll look forward to that. I am so blessed and touch. Thank you so much.

    Jan I know Jan and thank for staying with me always. I'll pray for the wellness of our hearts. Thanks

    Gnetch Thanks for the support. What would life be without you....I don't want to imagine it now.

    Ratz Thanks Sistah, yup we're up to something and thats make me kicking...Don't worry, i'm fine.

  8. :) your dreams will come true... dont feel useless.. though it is a natural feeling and almost all of us go through it at some point in time it will fade away on its me on that :)take care


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