February 23, 2011

Where is Our World Going?

This Friday, the Filipino people will once again commemorate the freedom of the Philippines against the 20 years of authoritarian government. 25 years had already passed after EDSA Revolution but our ancestors can still recall how the Filipino people joined hand and united in their advocacy of regaining the democracy of our country.

But in time for our celebration, one country is suffering against the hand of a brutal leadership. A leader which should guide the nation is currently oppressing its own people. And as I am writing this post, there were breaking news that  300 people were already killed and that includes children.

Moreover, the fight isn't fair!  How can  Libyans fight for their freedom if what's gazing down them are army/air force which were also reported to have attacked the protesters.

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The citizens of Libya aren't alone in their fight. People from all over the world who are much in love with democracy and freedom are praying for this nations' liberation against long years of imbalance. May Libya gain it's freedom in time with our celebration. 
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  1. I don't know where the world is going, but I hope the people of Libya are successful in their attempt to get rid of a dictator.

  2. God Bless them!! we had the same fight around 60+ yrs ago... it scars the generations to come... but i wish people understood the intricacies .... May they find the freedom so precious...

  3. So scary and extremely heartwrenching! My prayers are with the people of Libya and all the other coutries trying to get free from these horrible leaders.

    I agree too 'God Bless them!!!'

  4. George Thanks! I am hoping for the same.

    Flying High in the Sky things like that are inevitable but I am hoping for their freedom.

    Ratz yeah! Go Libya

    Velvet Over Steel Thanks! We have the same hopes and I am wishing for the freedom of all countries under dictatorship and brutal leadership

  5. My heart goes out to the people of Libya...God Bless them...

    btw, I am tagging you sis, check this out:


  6. ChinaDoll Thanks for the tag. My posts is already in my drafts. Will post it soon.

    Florida Girl My prayers are with them too.


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