October 31, 2011

It's not Trick or Treating that I miss

If you want to make me cry, you cannot use this topic to bring tears to my eyes. It's a moment in my life that I for a long time endured and accepted. I poured all the tears the day he bid his last goodbye but a moment I was not on his side.

He was strict but loving. He never failed to bring me a slice of custard cake when he gets his paycheck.  I tagged along when he's going out of town. I accompanied him when he visits his friend. I helped him watched the chickens in the poultry. I watched him cut bamboo trees to make a chair. He let me borrowed his racing bicycle. I am his avid fan when he played  baseball. We strolled town after town pedaling our bicycles. He loves coffee.

On December 15, it will be 10 years since he's gone. I didn't notice it's been that long. Maybe because I am still keeping him and his thoughts alive in my heart. And I know we didn't waste anytime of our time together.

But today is different. I was too emotional which is not usual for me. It maybe because I will not be there tomorrow to light a candle, bring him flowers and offer my prayers. I terribly miss my father.


  1. Aww.. you made me teary eyed twin sis. Somehow, I feel lucky that i still two of my fathers with me. You made me realized that I need to spend as much time with them so that when it time for them to go. I can also say, that we did not waste our time together.

    Like what I said on my email, I know your father is proud of you wherever he is right now and surely, he will understand why you cannot go home and light a candle for him. However, you can still light a candle wherever you are, after all, your father is in your heart so you carry him everywhere you go. :)

  2. if only i could hug you right now...hug for you my friend, teka pwedi samahan ng kiss?

  3. Sent a little prayer SEY.. it will help... I knew it from the start.. you're talking about your father.. eheheheh...

  4. Awwww... ♥

    May naalala kong quote.. can't remember it exactly, at kung sino ang nagsabi...

    "The ones we lost will never be forgotten, as long as we keep them alive in our hearts."

    I'm sure your dad's in a better place.. And I'd bet he's so proud of you and he's touched, that after all these years, you never forget about him..

  5. Hi sis... im not even going to pretend that i know exactly what you are feeling, coz i don't. But I am here if you need someone to talk/chat to. It's a shame you can't go home this weekend, but what you said to me last night is a good idea na rin...
    Take care sis & Big hugs your way! Mwah! =)

  6. Sorry to hear this. I was so young when my dad passed away (like, 7 years old) so I was never really emotional about it.

    You'll be fine. Email me. :)

  7. Your father sounds like a wonderful man. No wonder you miss him.

  8. Hey there! Came across your blog as I was blogwalking.

    I love my father dearly too, so this post struck a cord with me. I admire you for being strong; I don't know how I would deal with the death of any of my loved ones. At least your father is in a much better place now! Stay strong!

  9. aw sey this is sad but i know wherever he is now ur dad i'm sure he hASNT STOP loving you as his daughter just like you do. and he's so proud of you there.

  10. Sey........what do i say.......... my heart broke reading this... i am crying and if words could fly i would have been by your side....i dont know what to say...god bless you ...and the lovely father of yours will always be your side...take care

  11. Aww, I totally get you, sis. My dad was gone before I could even celebrate my debut. It's been hard. And I guess we (mom and I) wouldn't have to go all through these hardships if he did not die.

    But it was his time. There are times when I miss him. ANd I always think about him. Everyday.


  12. *big hug* Sey. This post makes me sad. I know how it feels losing a loved one. I'm sorry it still hurts, dear. I think the pain will never go away even after 20 years or more (not until you stopped loving that person)

    p.s. hehe... i think Leah was referring to this quote from Harry Potter.
    "The ones that love us never really leave us. You can always find them in here ♥"
    (sensya na, adik lang sa HP!)

    love lots, ganda!

  13. hi, sey. i miss my father, too. he passed away 3 years ago, sometimes I do have my emo-moments when I miss him. Hang in there...i don't know what else to say, but it's just that i'm moved with what you wrote...

  14. Awww! i was crying while reading your post. I know how hard it is Sey, when my lola died i was in deep pain and that pain still lingers up to now. Your father is so proud of you Sey, and he's happy with what you are and what you have right now.

    Umiiyak na naman ako.. If i could only give you a hug right now, i will hug you so so tight. Wala na kong masabi kasi yong luha ko panay ang tulo pati ata sipon ko tumutulo na..hehee

    take care dearest Sey. mwahugz! See you soon.

  15. this is so touching sey. you seem to be so close with your dad. talagang mamiss mo siya lagi.he's sure always looking after you from up there.. =)

  16. sey, big hugs for you..^_^..GOdbless

    wag ka magalala sey, lagi naman mananatilisa alala mo ang iyong father

  17. Oh Sey, I sending a Hugh virtual hug my friend!! On Nov. 11th my dad will have been gone 4 years and I miss him terribly too! Keeping you in my heart and prayers!!

    Big Hug,
    Coreen XOXO

  18. So sad, Sey. I am sorry for your loss.

  19. This is really touching. *cyberhug* I know he's watching you somehow. And he loves you as well. :)


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