February 29, 2012


After getting headache differentiating the words "drank" and "drunk" ( I seriously need to go back to school and study subject and verb agreement again) I was intoxicated with a naughty idea. After contemplating on the matter and rigorous analysis on situations I witnessed, I am sure that a person drunk with power is far more dangerous than a person drunk with alcoholic beverages.

How far does powerful person willing to go to hold on to their power? There are people out there who were bestowed with the power to rule but never take it into heart but rather let it dominate their mind. Boasting like the world would never end and that universe conspire for their benefit alone.

Who said that only alcoholic beverages have the capacity to intoxicate people's mind?
You better think twice

February 22, 2012

Conspiracy and Anomaly: Post Office Experience

At last the time has come. I've been dreading for this day to come when I could pour out my emotions. My last two post were visible evidences how I was so into Snail Mail. But no matter how perfect a thing is, sometimes there are hindrances that can never be avoided.

Before I start, please brace yourself. As much as I wanted to let this pass, I couldn't because I know actions should be taken at least, on the least thing that I can do and that is to turn on my blog for help. This is a long story

February 9, 2011, Thursday, the landlady knocked on my door to give me another notice from the post office. I'm already expecting it and I was so happy because this time the parcel arrived immediately. The said notice includes the days and time you can claim your parcel (Monday and Wednesday, 8:00 am - 12:00 p.m.) and the amount you have to pay for the custom fee which is Php40. Though there was another print on the notice which states M-W instead of M and W only, so I assume I can still claim it on Tuesday because the schedule wasn't clear. If you're wondering why I have to claim it on the post office instead of it being delivered directly, well that is because every parcel should be inspected in the presence of the customs representative, which is I think a good point to avoid illegal products. 

Came Monday I wasn't able to claim it because the rain poured so hard. On Valentines Day I immediately went to the post office. The post office personnel assigned on window 5 of Alabang psot office informed me that the customs representative wasn't there. I told her that I took my chances because of the two schedules printed on the notice. Afterwards she told me to wait for a while and she will call the customs representative if she can release the parcel. She made the call and then she described the product I received to the customs representative and before that, she handed me the card that comes with the gadget case and told me to handle it.

Post Office personnel: Maam Happy Valentines, someone is claiming a parcel here. May I give it to her? (She had to describe the parcel so the rep can decide) It's from the United Kingdom, it's a Gadget case, Cath Kidston ltd, London. It's beautiful. A gadget case which looks fit for a Samsung Galaxy Y cellphone, the trending phone today. There's 16.96 British Pound on the outside.

After that she put down the phone. And she told me:

Post Office personnel: she said you have to pay a tax because the product was from the United Kingdom and it's expensive. She will call again (which I think by that time the rep was doing her calculations) and if she told you the amount you have to pay, for example she told you it's Php700, tell her you only had Php 300 in your pocket. (Nice advice from a public servant).

Right there and then, my guts told me there was something going on. The customs representative called again and she talked to me saying I have to pay the taxes and duties for the product which is Php1361.00. Below is the picture of the notice they gave me where the post office personnel wrote the amount I have to pay. I asked her why it's so expensive and she explained that is due to the fact that the product I received is expensive (OMG, insert deep breath here, when I breathe deeply that means I am already losing my temper and my patience). 
I told her that I'll just go back because I don't bring that much money knowing that I just have to pay Php40 for the customs fee. Then she asked me to hand the phone to the post office personnel.  They talked for like 5 minutes and as long as the post office personnel put down the phone, this is what she told me:

Post Office Personnel: Maam said she can lower down the cost to Php700.00 (OMG again) If you will not claim your parcel they will send it for auction. You should claim it, it's beautiful.

Needless to say I decided not to claim my parcel. First I would like to talk to the customs representative and make my research before paying the amount. While walking outside the office, I sent a message to Mommy Razz and I asked her if she was required to pay a certain amount of tax. At night I sent a DM to Kris which I was so hesitant to do at first. I asked her if the other recipient of the gift paid too, but unfortunately one is from Spain. It's clearer than water that I was the only one obliged by the customs representative to pay. I also did my research.


I went back to the post office and I was glad that the customs representative, Ms. Carlota C. Caberto was there.  I approached the post office personnel again and this time she's not friendly as the other day. She said that I took the card and didn't returned it when in fact she's the one who gave it to me. I said I came back to claim my parcel and that the sender told me that wasn't very expensive like what they're telling me. They almost yelled at me telling me that they cannot take my word and I have to present them the receipt of the gift. Ms. Carlota Caberto asked for the parcel and she told me if I want to, she'll value the product (that is to compute for the tax I have to pay) and I agreed. When the post office personnel hand her down the gadget case, she was somehow shocked that the product she wants me to pay an expensive amount is a piece of gadget case even marked as gift.

Without computing for the value, she handed me the case and didn't made me pay for Php1361.00 she mentioned on the phone the other day.

Why am I telling this?

Eventhough I didn't paid for the said taxes and duties in the end, there is somehow an anomaly and conspiracy going on. It's not a problem to pay for what is due. No matter how high the tax was if they were able to present me with the computation and didn't offered me for a discounted tax, I might have paid for it. But the moment they did it, I had second thoughts.

To the customs representative and post office personnel

I don't know if it's legal for you to offer a discount on air parcel taxes. If yes, I guess you should explain to the claimant why and how did you arrive to that computation. 

Instead of showing and explaining to us why and how did you compute for the tax and what is it for, you always serve us with burning head, ( i take it you don't want to answer our questions.)

You should also refrain from computing the tax via phone when you haven't seen the product yet and don't know the real value of the item. It's prone to mistakes like what had happened to me. I almost gave you an amount which is more worthy to be spent on street children.

You as public servants chose to be on that position should always serve with kindness but instead whenever we approach your office, you always have that grin face.

When I said I take it seriously, I did. That is the reason why I've written the whole story. By now, you already guess what I am intending to do. I don't want other people to be trap on that kind of situation again. 

For additional reference you can read Taxes sa Air Parcels na Kinukuha sa Post Office written by Ms. Ruth Floresca only it was written in Filipino.

Please be careful not to be carried away with the wrong doings of this society. We should serve and protect our country from the corrupt and malpractices. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world". Let's all be vigilant.

February 20, 2012

I got another Present from U.K.

I'm serious when I said that 2012 will be my year. We're only in the first quarter of the year but my lucky star is in proper alignment and it's sending me lots of blessings. Unlike the previous years when I was sour with giveaways, this year will be my turn. After I received the treats from TB, I won  Kris giveaway when her blog "Kalokang Buhay ng Isang Pinay sa Ukay" turned one. Sis Kris participated with the Snail mail project and like me she also loves the trip to the post office.

I should also thank little Poj, whom I adore so much for luckily picking my name. Thanks Poj!

On Valentines Day, I went straight to the post office after work to claim my parcel. A lot of things had happened before I finally got my gadget case from Cath Kidston which right now serve as the home for my phone. I almost went through thick and thin before I got it but I will save the whole story for another post because this one is a happy story and I don't want to spoil the fun.

 Thanks again to Kris for the wonderful gift, wrapped carefully inside this bubble envelope
My gadget case which looks more adorable in person and fit perfectly with my phone.
I just so love it.
Came with the present is a card full of love. Wait till you opened it!!!
Tadaah, lots of stars inside, seems like dear sister Kris guessed that I love the stars.
Whatever pain I felt that day vanished upon seeing this.

February 16, 2012

Treats from TB

I'm not guilty of  laziness this time. This time, the excel file is to blame for the endless report I have to endure. But I would like to share the lovely treats I got from the mail.

It was almost 4 in the afternoon when the landlady knocked on my door. She handed me a notice from the Post Office with matching hand gestures where is the place exactly located. I think she's also excited for me when she saw my wide smile. 

Days before that, I received an email from TB asking for my address. I joined her "You've got snail mail" game. I didn't expect to be chosen. You know how much I love the snail mail. Needless to say, I am really excited to pick it up. Why do I have to pick it up? because the customs had to check the content in my presence to ensure no illegal products we're sent with the goodies.

The amazing part was the fact that it was once on the other side of the world from TB's hands and now I was holding it. It's really magical. Thank you TB for the wonderful treats. I'm not allergic to any of them and I did enjoy everything. Please wait for the postman to knock on your door :)

P.S. My mom said you're beautiful and you're kind to send me the treats. She was amazed too. She loves the picture inside the card. Thanks!

 see that snail? yes, it traveled far.

 the yummy treats TB sent me. 
Ms. Fields - I devoured them all
Key Chain and Pin - They're holding my apartment keys
Extra Dessert Delights - I gave them to the daughter of my friend. She's a lovely girl.
SOUR PATCH - I ate almost 3/4 of the bears. I shared them with friends and officemates but I almost finished the whole pack before I reach the office. Hehehe!

The card! Yay, I love reading handwritten letters. 

I have my mails ready. All I need to do now is to mail them.

February 7, 2012


Sunday was a date to remember. On that said date, I set foot on the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines knows as MOA (Mall of Asia) Eye. Others says it's 160 ft. tall but according to Wikipedia it's  180 ft. tall. I didn't have the time to verify which one is correct because there was no manager on sight and I was all set to be up high so I took my line on the long queue of people.

Riding the MOA Eye is not in my plan as I was in the Mall of Asia for another reason which I will clarify on  another post. Right now, I am all ecstatic to share this momentous event. When I say momentous it means rare and extraordinary for me as I have a love and hate relationship with towering heights. Didn't I mention you that? Well, now that you know, be kind to me - okay. 

At first, I was torn between riding or not. But my urge to overcome my fear and to experience the ride won. I thought it would be kind of a roller coaster ride but it wasn't. I was disappointed at first because I thought I would scream to death but I didn't. It's moving slowly and would take about 10 to 15 minutes in full turn. You will go up and down the gondolas while they're moving. It's so wrong of me to anticipate for a roller coaster ride for what did it offered was a nice view while on top. The famous Manila Bay sunset and the whole Mall of Asia.

There was an awkward story which made this experience unforgettable. If you want to know, scroll down on the last part. But without further ado, ladies and gentlemen the MOA Eye:

KIDDING! hahaha. this is a kiddie Ferris wheel inside the mall

Below are the pictures of the MOA Eye
If I counted it right, there are 36 air conditioned gondola 
(I based my count on the picture)

San Miguel By the Bay

Up close. this is the point where I was torn between risking my life or not

under the MOA Eye

while on the queue

you spot the difference? yes there are tinted gondolas 
especially made for those who want to have a date overlooking Manila Bay
romantic or torture?

up and up and up

one last look

Awkward Moment:
Each ticket for the MOA eye costs 150 Php minimum of 4 person. If you'll ride in tandem you have to purchase 4 tickets which in turn cost 2 person 300 Php each. And no matter which you avail, you will be paired to another tandem when it's your turn (that's what we witnessed).

We're only two (me and my niece) so we waited for another pair to make the team four. Unfortunately we've paired to a couple who were so shy and with the duration of the ride, it's only I and my niece who did the talking admiring the view while the two of them stayed quiet and murmuring with each other.
PRIVACY hello. But it's not our fault! Blame it to the crew.

February 2, 2012

President for Happiness

Over the years, Coca-Cola never fail to amaze me with their commercials especially during Christmas season. They're my all time favorite advertisements together with Mc Donalds not only  because I love the product but in all fairness they're full of substance.

So imagine my delight when I heard the news that Coca-Cola  will create a new position called "President for Happiness" in line with the celebration of  it's 100 years in the Philippines. The purpose of the said position is to spread happiness around the country.

There were speculations as to who would be chosen as the President for Happiness. I myself guessed he/she  will be pulled out from the line of the veteran actors/actresses (he's a model though). But I was freakin' wrong! 

Yesterday, when I watched the television the most awaited face of the president for happiness was revealed.  Meet Caloy but his real name is Arran Phil Sese. Hmmm, "Sese"?, I was wondering how are we related hahaha.

Coca-Cola's President for Happiness
He was presented on a commercial inside his office filled with Coca-Cola soft-drinks explaining that his task is to make everyone happy while ideas were popping on his head. The latest commercial showed Caloy doing surveys  from the busy streets of Manila asking people about things that would make them happy.

Coca-cola did a great job in bringing to life the creative idea of having the so called president for happiness. Not only will they capture the hearts of the Filipinos but will further create news and impact on their product the whole year round as I think this project was intended to run that long.

I was wondering what kind of activities will Caloy and Coca-Cola would come up with to make everyone happy. Well, that's for us to find out in the next few days/weeks/months or so.

I'm pretty darn excited Caloy, don't fail me.