July 31, 2019

Paperless Post Review

I am in my most creative mood the past few months.  What's more interesting was that I was able to use my creativity in making others happy.  A friend of mine talked to me regarding her daughter's 7th birthday. She asked me to make her an invitation. I was all giddy about the idea and said yes in an instant. People who received the invitation inquired about it and to make the story short, I got clients. 

What I noticed was they all asked me to send a soft copy of the invitation on their emails or Facebook messenger to be sent to family and friends who live far away. That is being practical and environmentalist without them knowing for they are going paperless. After all, we are living in a digital era and the influence of social media is immeasurable.

Now, I am not only in my creative mood, but in an entrepreneur mood as well. I scribbled plans and brilliant ideas. Why not create a different packages for my future clients to choose from.

One of the packages would include a digital invitation with an element of surprise. My adventure led me to the idea of a paperless digital invitation. I consulted Goggle and it led me to "Paperless Post". It is an online platform where you can make digital invitations and email them directly to your family and friends.  Now this is what makes Paperless Post interesting:

1. Their platform offers a surprising element because unlike sending a copy of the jpg format of the invitation, Paperless Post templates include a digital envelope. The content wouldn't be revealed...not until they opened the envelope. 

Photos from Paperless Post

2. Using the platform of Paperless Post will make you environmental friendly. Need I say more?... it's paper less people, imagine the trees you'll get to save.

3. It will save you a lot of resources (paper, inks, ribbons, enevelopes)

4. They have an affiliate company who could print you a copy of the invitation if you really wanted a hard copy to keep.

Photo from Paperless Post

5. If you're creative enough, you can use Paperless Post platform in creating designs not only for invitations but for posters, flyers, brochures and other materials. They have different designs that you can play along. Imagination is your limit.

6. You can upload your designs. Amazing right?

7. Signing up ia free. Go over at Paperless Post and secure your spot. Unleash your creativity while saving mother Earth.


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