February 21, 2020

Where do Mommies get their Energy?

Whenever I see other moms on social media looking so fresh and like they are having the best time of their life, the question "where do these moms get their energy?" pops my mind. What prompt me to ask the question? Well, let me give you a glimpse of my not so busy life.

I am a full time working mom. Yes, I spend 8 hours or more in school and yes, I am a teacher! (see the exclamation ha-ha). Not just your regular teacher though (not bragging - just explaining). A regular teacher would and supposed to be handling 6 teaching loads with "does related" work stuffs on the side. While me......I am handling 2 teaching loads only (nice right?) but wait, there's more. I am the school ICT leader (I am taking care of data management and school ICT facilities) and also, I am the Teacher-In-Charge in our department which means I am doing administrative other reports too.

Now, here is the real deal. I am a full time too, to 2 kids (8 and 1 year old - both boys), 3 kids if husband included (the hardest kid to raise, right? ha-ha). My eldest is in 2nd grade. The school service would pick him up at 6:30. Getting him ready wouldn't be much of a tedious work if he's not a picky eater. There's a canteen at school but the he's requesting for home cooked food. So I wake up at 5:00 am to prepare his lunch and snacks. Wakes him up at 5:30 and have him get ready (not to mention the I'm still sleepy, waking up and getting back to bed again things).

In the middle of the food preparation and waking up the school boy, my youngest would wake up, cry for mama to pick him up and not wanting mama to leave his sight (now you're getting my point, don't you). The father's willing to help but the boys love mama so much that they always asks for mama...and of course the tatay is a playmate.

When my school boy was off to school, I'll begin making the bed after waking the husband to prepare the breakfast, eat then play a little while with my youngest. at 7:30 I'll prepare my self for work. Husband would take charge in playing with the youngest. My time at school starts at 9:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm. Husband would pick me up at school when he finished his work early. Off to home we go, then go back to the market to pick stuffs for our picky eater. Food preparation and assignment time now (yes, we do assignments because my boy only trusts mama with his school works).

After dinner, our school boy would sleep at 8:00 pm, while the younger would sleep at past 11:00 pm. Then history repeats itself again. Now please do not blame me when sometimes I would wish for someone to take me to Mars,...no wait...take me to Neptune rather.


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