May 15, 2010

Salt and Pepper

Due to the nature of my job and it's requirements we are now nocturnal beings, like owls and bats. Switching night and day for almost two years now, things seems to be normal for me and my colleagues thought there some advantages and disadvantages. To sum up some, please refer to the list below:


  • Long rest day from Saturday morning till Monday night (exactly 9:59 pm)
  • High salary compared to day jobs
  • Add the benefit of a night differential pay, allowance and other fringe benefits
  • Less exposure to the deadly UV rays from the sun brought by the depletion of the ozone layer
  • Learn a lot of stuffs about computers (due to the nature of the business) and other facts from other countries plus other crazy thoughts which might be helpful sometimes (but not most of the time)
  • Big eye bags brought by inconsistency of sleeping hours
  • Being caught in the middle of the traffic in the morning while the rest of the country rush off to work
  • Less time bonding with friends because of different time schedules
  • Taking extra doze of medicines so that your body could cope up with the stress
  • Being stuck with the fancy foods (as I fondly called them) of fast food chains (yaiks) which is the reason why I came up with this topic for today.
I'm so sick with the foods we are eating during break hours. Name a meal and we tried it, almost familiar with the menu's of each place, eating the same thing over and over again. It's like you're eating a not so real and not so good food.

My depleting appetite scares me. I am becoming so thin and it's not good since I need extra energy and have to keep myself fit for the job which I could say I really love. I urge myself to search for some easy to cook healthy meals recipe's over the internet and browse over food blogs. What I needed are foods which are healthy, easy to cook and the ingredients are available and can be found even in the market here.

With all the websites that I visit like Video Jug salt and pepper are two seasonings which were always used 
with all the food preparation. Do you guys noticed that they are totally opposite? Salt is white and pepper is black. But how come when both added to a certain meal their taste seems to complement each other. Isn't it amazing? And I admit I love them both like when eating a porridge, pizza, pasta, pancit and more. I hope you don't find me crazy though. I also love the taste of "pringles" with the salt and pepper flavor.

But this wouldn't be about mere foods only. Salt and Pepper teaches a lesson sometimes we cannot see because we're not paying attention to it or maybe because they are too ordinary. In my recent post about th movie fireproof Michael talked to Caleb regarding the later's marriage to a woman he thought to be different from him. Michael used salt and pepper to explain that choosing a partner never rely on how many similarities and differences you have but on deep respect and love for each other and completing each other's shortcomings. 

See? Sometimes the best person for us is the complete opposite of ourselves who can fill out the emptiness and acknowledge the differences yet ready to accept.


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