July 8, 2010

Looking Back

Guys I am for a fact still alive but on a vacation. I had a writers block this past few days. I have so many posts on my drafts waiting to be posted. Though I am not writing anything, I am still reading your post using Google Reader, and forgive me for not leaving a comment.

I remember the old days when I started blogging for personal reason. I wanted to find a niche and a place where I could pour out my emotions and share everything so that my heart would be lighter. I joined blogger last February 2009 but I wrote an article about Lifes Uncertainty on the 8th of May 2009. Those times when the only reader of my blog is ME and the only person who leaves a comment is ME too. There were times I leave a comment on my posts and then myself will answer back to the comment (insanity). Each posts were written with a quote I googled which jive with the topic, but the truth is I included the quotations to give myself a boost and a go for the gold spirit enlightenment  whenever I feel down. See, when you feel down, the only bestfriend you have is yourself, so cheer-up! At least you have yourself.

Then came the day I took interest with photography and posted my first photos of The Tree and the The Tree Under the Tree. These were memorable because that was the day I had my second follower. She is TB of Year 31. I was really happy and still happy because she's still reading my posts. I bragged about it in the office telling them that a beautiful American girl is reading my posts. LOL!!! Thanks TB.

Whoa!!!, blogging took me to the highest level. I couldn't imagine I would meet  wonderful friends on the blogosphere, but I did and looking back to the older posts made me feel so blessed and go back to my blogging senses again. Thank you guys for the support.

And while I was absent my wonderful friends MitchJanjan and Rachel gave me the Sweet Blog Award.
thanks to Mitch, Janjan and Rachel
and because I am so happy with all my readers who are so kind to me, I am passing this award to all of them. Thank you so much guys.

I wanted to do this as well. Another wonderful friend, NYC Island Gal was nominated for BlogLuxe 2010 Award. Please drop by and vote for her. She is under the "Best Eye Candy" Category. Simply click on the picture below and you will be directed to the voting page:
for NYC Island Gal
CONFESSION: I read NYC Island Gal post. It made me ponder for a moment and when motherhood knocks, I will name my first baby "Peavey".

Question? Where did you get the name of your first baby or what would be the name of your first child? What do you think about the name "Peavey"?


  1. Hi Sey, It's good that you took a few days OFF. We all need that sometimes...

    Congrats on the award... You deserve it!!!

    I had 3 sons --and never did have a little girl--which I desperately wanted. I had the name for a girl picked out before my oldest son was born... I kept that name --hoping that I'd have girl... The name was Laura Elizabeth.. Laura was my mother-in-law's first name and Elizabeth is my name... I never got to use it... Oh Well...


  2. Hi Betsy! I missed you so much! Glad I had a few days off from my blog and now I am on a total good mood to blog again.

    Thanks for the support. The name "Laura Elizabeth" is good and please let me know when you finally had the granddaughter.

  3. Following from Welcome Wednesday.


  4. Tell me about that writer's block.. Gee it sucks... and sucks bad..... and hey congrats on the award and enjoy...

    as for the question, i have already decided the name of my baby girl... dont know whether i shud let it out now... but what the heck... I will name her ZEST.

    Peavey is very unique name... i just want to know what it means....

  5. Peavey sounds cute. I hadn't figured it yet but I'd always like a name that starts with J. same as mine hehehe

  6. So that's why you're asking for a Bloggenator!!! Haha. Glad you're back to blogging.

    Peavey? Where did you get the name? I must say, it's unique. And why are you asking about baby names? :)

  7. I've only been following you for a short time, but I do think the award is well-deserved.

  8. Ratz:
    ZEST is such a cool name, don't worry I'll keep it secret...hahahaha

    Thanks! I think something that starts with J is really nice.

    Yup, I'm asking for bloggenator pills because I had a writer's block.

    Well, "PEAVEY" came from the name of Hartley Peavey, the founder of Peavey Electronics.

    Don't be silly Gnetch, I can read your mind! I was just asking...hahahaha:0

    thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Congrats on your award!!

    My first daughter was born in January & we named her Isis. We just found it in a baby name book & I was reading names I liked to my husband & we both paused at that one & it just fit. She's been Isis ever since!

    I think Peavey is pretty cute! It's different & clearly I like different!

  10. You're the second post I've read today about writer's block. Maybe it's just because it's summertime.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Following you now from Friday Follow Me!

  11. Cameron
    Thank you very much. I knew Isis is the right name for your daughter. I don't know but I just have a great feeling for Mom and child...Wow!!!

    I guess you're right, summertime makes my brain so f**c*** up!

  12. I finally made it from Welcome Wednesday and am glad that I did. I'm still trying to learn about all this couponing, giveaway and review stuff that everyone is doing on their blogs. Anyway, I've connected as a Google Friend so I'll see your new posts in my daily reader. Enjoy and relax on this vacation. It would appear that you deserve it!

    Drop in to my blog when you can. Follow if it intrigues, uplifts or otherwise pleases you. I write about wives encouraging, appreciating and respecting their husbands. I know - it's an old fashioned idea in need of modern restoration.

  13. Sharon Thank you so much for for taking the time to read my posts. Feel free to come back when you get the chance.

    I will visit your blog now. Thank you so much! Have a great weekend!

  14. You're so not alone Sey! My last post was 5 days ago and i still can't think of something to write for my blog.

    Peavey is really a unique name. Sounds like Phoebe right?
    Hmmm, can't think of a name yet coz i want it to be a joint decision between me and my future hubby (though i don't know where he is hahaha!)

  15. My first daughter was named by the hubby. I had a named all picked out since I was a little girl and then about a month before she arrived I couldn't name her that name it didn't fit so the hubby gave her the middle name I had picked out as her first and my name as her middle. Second daughter wasn't named until 2 hours after meeting her and she got the name that I had picked out since I was a little girl and then thrid daughter came along and she got the name I had reserved for my son. But since she is my last and no son in my future it works for her and it was my daddy's name. :)

    Peavey is cute and at least you know there won't be 10 other Peavey's in her kindergarten class!

  16. Hi!!! I hate writers block!!! I always end up writing about fashion LOL!!!

    Congrats on your award!!! And THANK you soooo much for voting for me!!!! You are a doll!!! I'm so happy to have such wonderful friend!!!!!;)

  17. MitchA Joint decision would be a good move. I just want that name for now.... hahahaha, such a unique name...I really hate writer's block.

    MichelleWow, picking name for the children is really important. But I really like the way how you had their names, especially the third one. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    You give me a better reason to pick Peavey, it so unique.

    Island GalThanks and I am glad to have you too!!! I am hoping for the best for you:)

  18. awards are wonderful b/c they mean someone thought of you.

    that never gets tiring.
    lovely to meet you!

  19. The Empress thanks for visiting my blog again! Thank you so much! I am so happy whenever I received new award :)

  20. Hi lady, new reader here. I just stumbled on your blog and will definitely be adding you to my daily must reads. I'm in the transition period between writing for myself (literally) and joining this great, worldwide blogging community and it's so neat to read about someone else's experience of the same thing.

    I've never heard of the name Peavey, so I guess that makes it unique! My favorite name right now(for if and when motherhood comes my way) is Avis for a girl.

  21. megwrites Thanks!!! I think "Avis" is a great name, so unique!


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