April 30, 2011

The Tale of the most sought after Victim of Frauds

I am always a victim. The most sought after victim of fraudulent people. Today history repeats itself.

Yesterday, my colleague transferred a client to me. I need to seal the deal. There's no waste of time in convincing him, he doesn't have any issues with the price, with the additional expedited cost, he just wanted the materials to arrive on the earliest date possible. For him not to have any issues is a clear sign of fraud, because most of the time our legit clients haggle with pricing except for our valued customers.

Without any hassles the transaction was closed but any transaction closed without hassles is a possible fraud. After the conversation, I had the gut feeling, however I never paid attention to it because this time complete information was given. With that being said, I forwarded the details to our main office. 

Today, the IT and admin personnel came to me with a great news! I WAS A VICTIM OF FRAUD..... AGAIN! This things happens to me over and over again and history seems to repeat itself. This client was supposed to be handled by the one who's handling the education program however it turned out that he should be under the corporate account that's why he was transferred to me. My colleagues are now convinced that I was destined to have all the clients who are using stolen credit cards to use for their payments and use stolen identities because (according to them) I am the one with the strong feeling to discern who's fraud and who's not. With the same thing happening every time, one day I might believe they are speaking the truth. 

I always have the feeling. I am informing my immediate superiors. I will narrate the reasons why I made such conclusion that it's fraud but we will still forward the details to our main office, give them the warning and they will validate the data and everything. 

So far so good. They tried but they failed. No one slip through the magnifying eyes of the investigators. 

But despite that, we still have so much to be thankful for. This month, each and everyone  reached the quota of US$_ _, _ _ _.00 or Php _, _ _ _, _ _ _. 00. We also received overwhelming positive remarks from our clients who are satisfied and happy with our service. 
That made our heart swells.

April 27, 2011

Yeah, I'm Single!

Today I will let my heart speak for itself regarding Pearl's post's "10 Facts of Being Single".

If you've been a constant Tumblr bystander, you have probably read these reasons and bliss of being single and of course they give solace to an aching heart.

1. You won't be single forever. You'll find the right person sooner or later.
2. Don't worry if you're single. God is looking at you right now saying, "I'm saving this girl/boy 
     for someone special.
3. You're single because God is not yet done writing the perfect love story for you.

and so on.....and so forth....! and I CONFESS...,

With this I may gather different reactions both positive and negative but like what I said, I'll let my heart speak for itself.  I'm turning 20something on the 5th of May and I can attest to the fact that people change their views when they found their mature mental self. If I would be on my teenage years, I'll probably freaked out seeing couples around me but now, I see it in different perspective (the bliss of aging, LOL).

I'm single, it's my choice.  I had a serious conversation with my heart and I know it's not yet ready to commit to another relationship. I don't want to push it to its limit just to show people I'm not alone. Not in any way I would commit to something I don't really want.  Everything has its own time and I don't wanna rush things.

I previously let  a part of myself drift away when I committed myself to loving someone. That is something that shouldn't happen in any kind of relationship and that is one lesson I learned the hard way. I'm not saying you should be selfish but more so do not let yourself be a second choice of yourself.

I am still gathering the few departed debris. When I'm complete and ready, that will be the time I will say yes to someone who have my heart and is eager to wait.  When and where and who is the lucky one, God only knows.

Fact: I love vegetable salad. I love running, hiking and cycling. I love being with my friends even if it would take me long hours inside the bus just to see them. Those are realities I discovered when I suddenly got out from a previous relationship.

Why so late? Because I was busy taking care of "he who must not be named's" (I copied Al's way of naming someone) heart that I forgot to take care of mine.

April 23, 2011

Ride With Judy

Once upon a time I had a "Love and Hate" relationship with the camera. "Hate",  because I don't want to be the subject of the pictures. My friends then gave me the idea that instead of being the subject, why not be the one to capture the moment. Eventually the camera and I developed a "Love" relationship.

From that brilliant idea I created my photo blog "Ride with Judy" on September 2010. It contains all the photos I took out of nowhere unedited and accompanied by a certain quotation that I think best fit with the picture. 

Eventually, I made it private at the same time I made a decision that 14th Street can only be viewed by invited readers only. That is because of a certain incident. But now, I am embracing a new life slowly and surely, I would like to go back to something I love doing. Taking pictures in a point and shoot manner but at least, I captured the moment.

There are three phases to awareness: To look, to see and to perceive. 
A camera looks,
A mind sees,
A heart perceives.

April 19, 2011

My Cross this Lenten Season: One Year After

"Everyone had a cross to bear"

Lenten Season. The season for self denial and self-sacrifices. Upon hearing the gospel, I remember the last post I made last year entitled “My Cross this Lenten Season”.

I can’t remember what I posted, but I know it was something of a burden I so carried heavily. During that time, hopes are with me that somehow I can manage to overcome and surpass everything. I am not going back to that moment again, I just want to analyze how far I was able to travel and the lessons I learned.

I would be a hypocrite to say I totally recovered. I don’t know the missing part but I know the certain link why I can’t totally forget the incident. But during that long year travel on a roller coaster ride, here I am still standing with a sound mind with I guess in a not so sound body but still I can manage.

I don’t have any intentions of awakening the past and scratch the old wound that had healed poorly and let myself be doomed to unmanageable stress, all I want is to share this question I had last year and how I got to find the answer.

Back then, my question is “Why do I have too many mountains and hills to climb in life?” And the answer is “for me to have a better view in life”.

It’s not easy to climb a mountain, but the climb itself is its own reward. Don’t give up. Go slowly, step by step. One day at a time. Don’t rush the climb. Learn from the climb, for he who climbs learns to travel light and leaves luggage behind. So if you are on a mountain climb right now, maybe God is freeing you from the unnecessary attachments and excess baggage that you don’t need in life. (Fr. Jerry Orbos, “One moment”).

If  not for that painful journey, I would never be this strong. What else the world would offer, I can take it with a smile and hope of a better tomorrow.

If not for the criticisms I received I would never learn to take account of other people’s feelings.

I they didn’t judge me I would never learn not to be judgmental and be fair with my perceptions/judgement.

If not for that incident I would never be given the chance for this break and realize the world has so much to offer.


April 15, 2011

My Vocation is the Noblest Profession

Once I heard a story of the professionals who died and and should pass a screening before they could enter the gate of heaven. Each were asked what is the good deed they have done. Each of them answered:

Architect: I designed the most prestigious hotels and buildings in the world.

Engineer: I built all the buildings and hotels designed by the architect.

Doctor: I healed men from contagious and fatal diseases.

Teacher: I neither design/built a building nor cure men from fatal disease but I worked on the precious minds of these people.

Before entering the corporate world I was once a teacher and in my heart I will always be. On a class response, I sworn before my colleagues and mentors that I will practice the noblest profession and vowed to mold thy precious minds. I got lost somewhere in the middle when I decided to take a slight detour but in my heart this vocation will always be remembered and above all be loved.

My heart sank in pain when people talk s*** about my beloved profession. I know there' no money in teaching and if you don't know that, the more reason you should be thankful for the dedicated people out there who still devote their time in teaching. 

Fulfilling this calling isn't easy at all. You can't wear this, you can't do that, you have to be like this and you have to be perfect. People demand that you should be perfect but they will degrade your profession in return. You will always be a subject of criticisms. They criticize this profession but without it, no profession will ever exist. 

Teachers are not perfect, they have their flaws, they are humans and most of all nobody is perfect.

I will give you the rights to criticize and degrade educators if and only you will be doctors, engineers, and architects without passing through a molding hand of a teacher.

April 13, 2011

She Did It!

As promised, I'll tell you what happened during my vacation. This is the first part.

One of the reason why I took a vacation leave was my niece' graduation last March 07, 2011. Probably one of her parent's concerns is her college degree program. Like anywhere in the world, it is very expensive to send a child in a university and it will take hard labor and sweats to have one child finish a course.

But fate and luck is on my niece side because she was chosen as one of the top 10 students in the Philippines. The recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for Luzon to receive a full scholarship (that includes full tuition fees, miscellaneous fees and allowance) for the whole college course of any degree and university of her choice. This is a project of SM foundation and former vice president Noli De Castro together with the Department of Education (DepEd).

I was shocked and teary eyed when I heard the news that she was chosen.  Actually we didn't expect much and for her being on the top 40 is already an achievement. All her hardship were being paid off. After a week of exams, essay writings and interviews by the DepEd officials and the panels  she finally did it, not to mention the rigorous paper works and ranking she had gone through.  Finally the awarding was held last March 28, 2011at GSIS building but I wasn't able to attend because I was sick.

She was also featured in Inquirer Lifestyle Beta when she bagged the Best Debater award during the Oxford-Oregon Debate from the 3rd  Student Leaders Congress organized by the National Association of Secondary Schools in the Philippines (NASSPhil) which was held in Baguio.

She marched as Valedictorian of Class 2010-2011 and her father cried right there on the stage when awards were given to her.  I am really clueless how she managed to be on the top of her class since nursery. She's not a nerd nor a weirdo but rather a cool girl and until now, I'm still  in the state of shock. The whole community celebrated for her and were there during the small gathering her parents organized.

 I am thankful that she's starting to reach  her goals. I remember the day she talked to me on how she wanted to pursue her college degree in Manila. Now everything is settled including the university where she will study.

April 12, 2011

23 Days to go

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you
never look any older? hahaha!

I saw the calendar, counted the days and poooop, it's 23 days before her birthday. When that day strikes on the calendar, she's always out of her mind and that severe excitement leads her to doing nothing at all. Was her birthday ever forgotten? Nope. It's always a day which calls for celebration --- greetings and wishes pouring but to the celebrant it is becoming prevalent. 

On the celebration of another year of existence, this girl would like to make it something special than any other birthdays.  She doesn't want a big party as always but wanted to make this extraordinary so not to feel life is passing her by.

She wants to share more, but there's this inner thought that's holding her back. She wants to share however reluctant to people. On her upcoming birthday, she wish to write an open letter and not password protected.  If you would like to share or say something to her, leave your comments. 

April 8, 2011

Question: The mind of A Criminal

Ms. G once asked me to answer a given scenario which goes like this:

There was this funeral when the mother of a girl died (cause unknown). In the said funeral she saw a man (who's not known to everyone) whom she feel in love with but never seen him again.  After a month, the girl killed her sister.

Question: Why did the girl killed her sister?

(note: this is a scheduled post. I'll reveal the answer when I'm back from vacation. sorry if I can't visit your blogs now.)

April 6, 2011

The Cosmopolitan Chick is going home

First and foremost, I am not a chick (if  your definition of chick is sexy and head turner - just saying). I just can't think of a better title, so there you go.

I am enjoying my life in the city but lately my feet are itching to go home so I filed for a vacation leave and guess what....................drum rolls.........................IT WAS APPROVED!

this is home, the hot air balloons,
the giant lanterns every Christmas,
and the air bases.

This wasn't a pure vacation because the real intent of this leave is for me to rest and free my mind of the stress we endure everyday in the office. Don't get me wrong. I love my job and the work is really easy if you love what you're doing but everyone deserves a break and this is my time to shine.

There goes with this escapade leave is a long list of things to do:

1.  Bonding time with my family
2. To catch up with some old goody antique friends (yes antique, cause were friends since      
3.  Visit the old place where we used to live and see how it goes now.
4.  Witness my niece breathtaking graduation ceremony (yup, I'll post about it later).
5.  Do some hiking.
6.  Jog around the park
7.  More practice on riding the motorcycle.
8.  Relax and Rest
9.  Finished the first phase of making a webpage ( i'm serious folks, so help me God. I was 
      kinda dreaming about tags, html, syntax and everything).
10.Be back in time for the fun run.
11. and so on and so forth, etc.......

I have to prepare my self for a longer list of escapades and work  when I come back.  You see it's just a month now and it will be my birthday and I am hoping to do more things so that I could accept that another year will be added to my number and my number is aging for a good reason with right purpose and with substance.

I'll try to visit and read your posts but I won't make any promises. I'll catch up with you as soon as I'm back to civilization but I scheduled one question post for you guys. 

Till then, Ciao for now.

April 4, 2011

The Fun Run Addict

Note: You can find the answer to the two possibilities at the end of this post.

There will be a fun run at the Seaside Boulevard of SM Mall of Asia on April 10, 2011. This is a benefit run for the worthy cause of tree planting and the construction of water distribution and sanitation for public schools in the Philippines. Runners have the option to run for 3K, 5K and 10K with a registration fee of  300, 500 and 700 pesos respectively. This is a project of GMA 7 to be headed by the environmental advocate Richard Gutierrez.

This news made my feet go itchy. I'm an avid fan of fun run not only for the healthy cause but for the worthy cause of helping others. I'm not alone with this craziness because my office mates are with me. There was one time we had a practice after shift but our tired and sleepless body couldn't endure that, so we have to opt for a new schedule and that is every night before work. The place where we work is very conducive for jogging and seeing the professional runners every night always gives us the motivation we need. Besides who could say no to this place?

 I called this buildings twin towers...make your guess which one is our building
 cars usually doesn't pass by here and that made it a good place for jogging
i thought these are cherry blossoms but they're not. flowers were falling with the wind
the park where bicycle fanatic do some tricks at night

The answers to the question of two possibilities:

Nowadays, when you see a man opening the car door for a woman there are two possiblities:

1. The car is new; and
2. The wife is new

I am hoping that married couples would have the long lasting sweetness they had since the day  they said I dos' and exchange vows in the altar before God and mankind. May they always respect each other and not let temptations break the promise of loving each other for better or for worst.

April 2, 2011

Question: Sweet Moments

They say that newly married couples can't stop holding hands because of love. But after some years of marriage the only time they touch each other's hand is when they use it for self-defense!

After some years, they say that when you see a man opening the car door for the woman, there are two possibilities. 

The question: What are the two possibilities?

(Note: This is a story I read from the book  "Just a Moment" written by Father Jerry Orbos.)